Sunday, November 8, 2009

Baylor 40, Mizzou 32

Wow...didn't see that one coming.

But then again, since the B12 conference season started, Mizzou football has been a season of surprises.

From the 27 points surrendered to Nebraska in the 4th quarter to ZERO touchdowns scored by the Mizzou offense in the second half of any conference game this year. In the non-conference games, Mizzou was a 2nd half team. Remember the comeback against Bowling Green? Seems like a distant memory now.

I'm thinking Mizzou is gaining a reputation as a choke artist the way they keep coughing up leads in the 2nd half of games. Baylor was not only considered a must-win, but by many it was also considered a "can't lose." At this point, MU goes into its game with conference leader kansas St next week with a 1-4 conference record. It's still possible, assuming Mizzou beats k-St, for MU to tie for the B12 north. Probably not very likely, but its possible.

This season is starting to remind me of the 2004 squad - a year that the division as a whole was having a down year and the B12 championship was there for the taking. Mizzou went into a 5 game slide, I think it was and lost to teams they had no business losing too. Personally, I'd say that at 5-4, Mizzou needs to quit worrying about the B12 north and start focusing on becoming bowl eligible.

At least basketball season is right around the corner....

Save the season, save the world...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mizzou 36, Colorado 17

Guess those Tigers got that monkey off their backs, huh? Wanted to watch, but our satellite system doesn't carry FSM so I had to follow along with Gametracker again - which froze up with about 10 minutes to go in the first half. Glad to see the offensive breakthrough, but I would be lying if I said I hadn't been concerned about how easily the Buffaloes seemed to be scoring points in the 2nd half! But the defense held tough and Mizzou got the "W". Baylor is up next, in Columbia and with a little more luck Mizzou can start to put a little win streak together.

Some folks are giving scenarios showing how Mizzou could wind up winning the Big 12 North again, but personally I think they lost too many games too soon. Kansas State looks strong, and Mizzou would have to win out to even have a shot at it, plus MU would need help from other teams in the league to have a shot. My thought is that one of the two kansas schools will win the B12 North this year (I think I just threw up a little typing that) but it would be nice. Doesn't really matter though, I guess because Texas will likely steamroll whoever plays them in the conference championship game.

I missed my Sunday night cartoons this week....I am seriously in need of a fix on Family Guy (ummm, new episodes please?). I was searching for episode guide info earlier tonight and it seems the long awaited Empire Strikes Back parody has been pushed back to May, possibly a season ender? A parody of Return of the Jedi is also listed for season 8, but I don't see them running both this year.

World Series...Seriously?? Whatever happened to tradition of day games in the Fall Classic? Why must all of the games be played at night now? And don't give me the excuse of TV ratings because you can't tell me that everyone across the country wants to watch the Yankees and Phillies. Being a fan of the NL myself I will root for Philadelphia, but I can find better uses of my time than listen to broadcasters sing the praises of the Yankee players and organization for 4 hours a night.

Finally tonight, I want to say Happy Birthday to my son, Tom Hendricks, who turned 20 today. Another year and he can legally have a beer! Also happy birthday to my girlfriend's daughter Sarah who turned 16 today. And we've entered the home stretch for the true birthday of my first grandchild. My daughter Kaitie is due to deliver any day now...she was hoping for yesterday. Trick or Treat!!

Save some birthday cake and Save the world...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Heroes Update

Another good show this week...I'm kinda liking the idea of not summarizing the entire episode of Heroes. It makes typing (and watching the show) much easier. Here are a few thoughts to ponder while we wait for next week...

It appears Sylar will get to have some fun afterall as he as taken over Matt's body. Question: Is it technically cheating for Matt's wife to have sex with Sylar, even though Sylar is using Matt's body to do it?

So I kinda got the impression Claire kinda liked that kiss. Becca's cover is blown and I'm sure Gretchen and Claire will likely pass off Claire's "injuries" as part of a joke, as she was never really injured. I just want to see Gretchen and Claire deal with what is happening without someone interrupting them...or trying to injure one of them.

Shame about Jeremy's situation...vigilante justice could have been addressed, but it seems Samuel had the problem well in hand in the long run. And what of Samuel's attempt to draw Tracy into the carnival? Do you think she'll head there as well?

So next week we are treated to Hiro & Charlie, part Deux. I'm looking forward to it, but I've read a few spoilers about the episode that makes me wonder how it's going to play out. Hint: Hiro kills Sylar.


Now to change the channel for a moment, I'll leave you with this burning question:

Does anyone not on the east coast actually give a damn about a Yankees/Phillies world series? Discuss...

Save my fingers, Save the world...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Been a while...what the hell happened?

My apologies for the lack of information coming from this page! Just one of those things, I guess...

Combining work and school are one thing and adding in some real life is another. But I digress.

On the subject of Heroes...after the 1st week back of the new season, when I summarized the first two episodes, I began to wonder just what the heck I was setting myself up for! I don't remember last season being anywhere near as fast paced as this season has been. By the time the next week rolled around I was a bit under the weather and since then I have been doing good just to keep up with the show. So instead of summarizing, I think maybe I'll just throw in a few key thoughts and go from there. Feel free to jump into the discussion...

So how about that kiss between Claire and Gretchen?

Will Sylar/Gabriel be redeemed or is it time to kill him off? I think if he is not going to be redeemed a villainous character deserves to go out in a blaze of glory. Not necessarily one of those deaths or explosions where the body is never recovered, leaving us to wonder about his fate, but something more resembling the battle at the end of season 1, where all of the "good guys" took a turn in the battle. I don't think they could send him off to prison just because his abilities would never allow him to be held.

Will Sylar turn on his new friends? If Samuel pisses him off, or if he wakes up and realizes just who he is, I think Sylar could find a smorgasboard of abilities ripe for the picking.

How the hell is Peter going to heal Hiro? Will Peter hold on to his current ability until Hiro comes back (anxiously awaiting the scenes with Jayma Mays, aka Charlie, again!)

And appears to me that Heroes characters don't die. They just move over to Glee on Fox (Jayma Mays, Jessalyn Gilsig, even Elle's dad "Bob" is over there now.)

Mohinder will be back, or so I've read....


Well, it has been 3 games since I last blogged about Mizzou football. I really thought we had a chance to win at least 1 of the next three games, possibly two. Did we? Nope...try 0 for 3. And not just losing them, but losing them in grand fashion. I mean, I went to bed at the start of the 4th quarter of the Thursday night game with Nebraska with MU winning 12-0. I wake up the next morning and Mizzou has lost 27-12?? WTF?? Then there was Oklahoma State last week and Texas this week. Here's a tip for the MU defense. When you have the opposing quarterback (or any other opposing team member who happens to have the ball) wrapped up in your arms, PUT HIS ASS ON THE GROUND!!

And Style Points?? Excuse me?? Seems like when Mizzou was winning the past two years by large margins, Mizzou was being unsportsmanlike. But when Oklahoma did it to people, including Mizzou, Texas did it to MU last night, it was "Style Points" and they get applauded for it. What a crock.

So MU is now 4-3 and are still 2 wins away from being bowl eligible. I still think they can get there and honestly the next 5 games are winnable. Its' a weird season this year. I mean, Iowa State won at Nebraska? Texas A&M beat Texas Tech? I was slightly surprised to see kansas lose to Oklahoma yesterday too. With Bradford out, and Reesing at QB for the beakers, I expected a closer game. Even winless Ball State got their first win of the year yesterday. So a lot can happen still...

Give me your thoughts, or at least something to talk about.

Save my mind, Save the World...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mizzou 31, Nevada 21

As much as I wanted to plop myself down in front of the tv last night to watch this game (for FREE), I was unable to do so because I had homework to do for my math class. So, as before, I just followed along with GameTracker on the internet.

GameTracker left me confused at times as to just what was going on, but it appeared to me that Nevada put everything they had into stopping the rushing offense of Mizzou. They pretty much succeeded in doing that as the running game was almost non-existant, minus a 42 yard run by Derrick Washington. Mizzou countered as expected with Blaine Gabbert's passing game.

Let me repeat.

Blaine. Gabbert's. Passing. Game.

This dude has an arm. 414 Yards?? Are you kidding me?

Gabbert is going to force teams to defend against the pass, and this SHOULD open some running lanes for the rushing game. I say should because through 4 games this season, I have yet to hear about many huge gains on the ground.

But at least Mizzou did survive again and came away from a quality opponent ON THE ROAD with a win. Yes, Nevada is now 0-3, but look at who else they've played. Nevada is going to really surprise any team who takes them lightly.

Bye week next week, then it's a Thursday night game in Columbia against Nebraska. Words that have been unable to be said for quite some time regarding these two teams can now be said with a smile: Nebraska has lost 3 straight in Columbia, and 2 straight against the Tigers. Now if Mizzou can just put together 23 more straight wins against the Huskers, I'll be a happy man. But just one more win against Nebraska will be just fine too.

So after another undefeated non-conference season, let's ask: Is Mizzou for real? Did the Tigers truly reload instead of rebuild? The next 3 games will answer that question and I would expect MU to win 2 of the next three. What is your opinion? (only serious discussion please. Any attempts at flaming will be deleted, no questions asked.)

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Double Helping of Heroes

Heroes is back!

Season 4....Volume 5 "Redemption", Ch 1 "Orientation"

It's been a long summer, filled with relocation, job searches, concerts, and college classes. Fall can mean one thing....Heroes is back!

We open at a funeral seen in an open field; a man in a pine box is being eulogized by who we are lead to believe is his brother. He talks about being different from everyone else and we are shown scenes of Peter, Claire, Sylar, and Nathan. Tracy, Matt, and Hiro. Return to the funeral as he pulls out a compass stating that these people will soon search them out and come join their family. Tossing the compass into the grave, the man says, "Find your way home brother." Then with a lift of his arms, the earth moves in and covers the coffin. The group slowly turns and walks away, a carnival in the distance.

Clair-Bear goes to college! Arriving in her new dorm room, she is greeted by her new roommate, Annie (Rachel Melvin, formerly Chelsea on Days of Our Lives) and the two get to know each other. Annie likes to talk apparently, and has lots to say as she demonstrates how she has her entire life all mapped out.

Tokyo, Japan now and Hiro & Ando have formed their own company..."Dial A Hero". Business ain't exactly booming as no calls have come in. The two reminisce over a photograph from the past and Ando talks about how he fell for Hiro's sister Kimiko and how she started hating him. Enter Kimiko who isn't exactly thrilled with how Hiro & Ando spent 50 million yen on Heroes for Hire.

Moving on to New York City, Peter is exiting a cab in a traffic jam and running between the cars. Climbing walls and staircases reminiscint of Spiderman (minus the webbing), Peter makes his way over a garbage truck to a traffic accident. Peter rips the door off of a vehicle saying to the injured man inside, "Hi. I'm here to save you."

Clair is entering a lecture hall as an excited Annie sees her and gets her attention, waving her over. Enter the professor who introduces them to Linear Geometry, shows them a problem on a board and says they have 45 minutes to finish it. Clair is sweating as she notices a red laster on her chest....she stands to run but is suddenly shot by tranquilizer darts...then she awakes, realizing she was daydreaming and leaves, saying the class wasn't for her.

Peter is at the hospital, learning that the pregnant woman he just brought in from the accident is going to be fine. Peter is changing clothes as his partner asks where he's going. Peter answers that he is about to cover for someone, even though he just came off a double shift. Peter's partner tells him, "Dude. There is life outside of this building."

Hiro and Ando are on a case to save Muffin Man, a small kitten trapped up on top of a building sign. Ando bravely climbs up to save him as a little girl yells "Be careful! She doesn't like strangers!" The cat lurches and Ando falls off the building. Hiro stops time and freezes him just before Ando would have gone splat.

Noah Bennet and Angela Petrelli are talking about the situation behind Agent Danko and Tracy Strauss. Noah is in a hurry to get to see Clair on her first day of college. Noah spies a newspaper headline in his car about a series of drowning victims when his car won't start. Suddenly water comes pouring out of the vents, filling the car up and trapping Noah inside as ice starts to form around the door frame on the outside of the car. Noah manages to break out a window in the car so the water can drain out. As Noah pulls himself out and to his feet, he looks up and sees Agent Danko, who had been responsible for breaking Noah's window. Danko says it looks like the work of Tracy Strauss. Danko wants to continue the hunt, but Noah isn't interested. Danko asks if he's back in business with the Petrellis and Noah denies it. Later after Danko leaves, Noah watches the water drain into a sewer.

Clair is walking across campus where she meets another new friend, Gretchen. Gretchen recognizes Clair's name from the headlines in Odessa Texas a few years back and Clair just wants to forget about it.

Angela is dreaming about meeting up with Nathan for lunch. It's Nathan's voice, but Sylar's face. She realizes its a dream and goes into the restaurant. This time Nathan approaches and Angela handles it better. She still appears shaken (obviously remembering the events from last season's finale). Nathan is soul searching, and Angela is counseling him, advising him to find a new car and a younger woman.

Matt Parkman and his young son are playing when Angela calls him up, to tell him that she believes "Sylar" is returning. Matt tells her he is done, he is out. Angela says he can't be out, you are never "out". Matt says its not "our" problem, good luck with it.

Nathan reaches across a desk for a coffee mug and it comes to him. He looks confused as he knows he doesn't have the ability of telekinesis. Then he looks at his hands as blue sparks come flying out and he jumps in surprise at these newfound abilities, unsure of where they came from.

Noah and Annie are having a talk in the door room as Clair walks in. Noah explains his lateness and says Annie was just catching him up, as she excuses herself to go play Guitar Hero 3. Clair talks about how she was recognized (if in name only) as a survivor of the Odessa Homecoming Massacre.

Back to the carnival as a woman walks into a tent, takes off her top and the man giving the eulogy from the opening of the episode says show me who he is. An image of Agent Danko appears on the girls back, as if it were a tattoo. The man tells an accomplice to find Danko and kill him. The accomplice doesn't want to do it, so the man grabs a tattoo pen and injects ink into his hand. The ink travels up his arm and forms a hand around his neck and begins to strangle him. The man finally calls off the "attack" and gets his point across.

Noah and Tracy Strauss are meeting in a cafe. Tracy tells her side of things after she explains why she was killing people. Noah offers her his help and she is suspicious. He asks if they have a deal. Tracy says You wish it was that easy as she gets up and walks out.

Danko and Noah are meeting in the old Bldg 26. Noah offers Danko a chance to start over, courtesy of the US Govt. Danko turns him down saying he will get what he wants. Danko turns around as his head is covered by the Haitian who then does what he does best. Noah smiles.

Nathan is calling Peter, leaving a message on an answering machine as Nathan expresses his suspicions that something is happening to him. Peter is listening to the message as he pins up a newspaper clipping of the saved pregnant woan on the wall.

Danko is going into his apt, as Tracy confronts him. He doesn't recognize her as she realizes "they made you forget." He walks inside the apt where he is confronted by the "accomplice" from the carnival. The man tells Danko "they want it back" and when Danko doesn't know what he is talking about, the guy starts slicing and dicing. Literally. He is moving around with super speed, swinging long blades, and when he is done, Tracy watches as Danko falls to floor, dead. The man sees Tracy and tries his abilities on her, only to discover that knives don't work too well on water. Tracy grabs his wrist and freezes the knife, shattering it before the accomplice manages to run away.

Clair is at the rec center watching, walking in as Annie plays Guitar Hero. Clair spies her new friend Gretchen being a wallflower and goes over to talk to her, trying to explain her situation. Annie sees Clair and calls her over, Clair and Gretchen start playing Guitar Hero ("Superstition", if you really need to know!)

Ando wheels Hiro back to the office on a 2-wheel dolly, where Hiro finally comes back to present time. Hiro notices a nose bleed and Ando thinks he should get checked out. Hiro says he already has and the news isn't good. He's dying, maybe soon. He doesn't know. Hiro reminices over the photo again, remembering when it was taken. Ando thinks they should go back and change that night, Hiro says he must never change the past. As he is talking to Ando, Hiro disappears.

Hiro reappears 14 years in the past, at the carnival.

The topless woman develops a new tattoo of Hiro as she explains to the boss who Hiro is. It's a little rough to blog this part because we don't really know names yet, but the boss talks to an elderly man, asking him he thinks he may have found someone who can help them change the past. He needs the man to send him back, about 14 years.

Clair goes back to her dorm room, expecting to find Annie, but she isnt' there. The window is open, and when Clair goes to shut it, she sees Annie lying on the pavement below.

Matt Parkman goes to check on his son, but can't find him. Instead Matt turns around to find Sylar holding his son, saying, "I want my body back."

NOTE: Previews show that next week, we can delve deeper into the world of Lydia, who apparently is the topless woman who can form tattoos of people on her skin.

A lot of action to keep up with this week, but its a lot of new morsels that have been missing from the show for a while. If the first episode is any indication, it's going to be an exciting ride...

Oh but wait...there's more! Tonight it's a 2-hour episode!!

Chapter 2 "Jump Push Fall"

Sylar is talking to Matt about how he wants his body back, when Janice enters the room. Little Baby Parkman is back in his crib as Matt begins to debate whether Sylar was real or not. Inside, he knows the truth.

Noah is in his apartment, living the single life and staring at a nearly empty refrigerator. He makes a bowl of cereal and picks up his cell phone to call his ex-wife Sandra. A man answers and Noah isn't happy and hangs up. His phone rings back and its Tracy. Noah now pays a visit to Dankos apartment where Tracy says "I didn't do it."

Hiro is at the carnival, realizing where he is. He is approached by his younger self, who hands him a camera, asking him to take a picture. He then snaps "the picture" that was obsessed over in episode 1. Hiro tries to return home, but his ability just doesn't want to cooperate. The boss (Samuel) calls out to Hiro by name, telling him he thinks they will be great friends.

Clair is being questioned by police over Annie's apparent suicide. Clair swears the suicide note wasn't there before and the officer asks police to get the "gawkers" out of there as we see them trying to snap pictures of the room with their cell phone cameras.

Samuel talks to Hiro and explains that he also has powers. Samuel points to young Hiro and asks if its him. Hiro explains yes, but he cannot interfere because of the Butterfly Effect. Samuel tells him he has the power to change things, he shouldn't be afraid to do that. Samuel pushes Hiro backwords where he knocks Kimiko out of the way of Ando's fallen drink. The drink lands on adult Hiro instead, and Hiro teleports back to present day and in the office wiht Ando. Kimiko enters and informs Hiro of his rent increase. Hiro leaves as Kimiko and Ando kiss. Hiro: "Yatta!"

Tracy and Noah are talking in Danko's apartment as Tracy tries to explain what happened. Noah examines Danko's body as they wonder why Danko was killed. Revenge? they reason. No, had to be something else. Noah gets an idea and fishes around, finding a key somewhere within Danko's innards.

Matt Parkman is getting dressed for work as the water delivery guy is playing with Matt, Jr. Matt talks to Janice about Roy the Water Boy and tells her why he is pissed about it. The two talk and get things calmed down as they kiss, Matt telling her he has things under control.

Noah goes to Peter's apartment, wanting to talk. The two make small talk about their lives, how they've adjusted since "the company". Noah tells Peter that Danko is dead and shows him the key. Noah thinks he knows where the key goes and says he needs a partner on this, telling Peter the guy is super fast and good with knives. Peter: "How fast?"

Clair and Sandra are at college as she introduces her mom to Gretchen. Gretchen wants to talk about Annie's death, but Sandra isn't wanting to take part, saying goodbye.

Noah and Peter are inside a bank, with Peter posing as Danko. Noah opens a safe deposit box to find a compass and as he discusses it with Peter, there is a knock and the bank employee is standing there. Noah says they'll need a few more minutes and the employee falls to floor, his back all sliced up. Standing behind him is Danko's killer. The ban walks toward Noah where he is stopped by Peter who takes his powre. Peter and the man engage in a speed/martial arts battle with knives before the guy begins to wonder who he is up against and takes off. The bank employee is still alive and as they examine the compass, it goes crazy in Peter's hands, yet stands still in Noah's. Peter wants nothing to do with the compass.

Back at college Gretchen arrives at the student union, carrying a stack of books and takes a seat next to Clair. They discuss the "Jump Push Fall" test and how it relates to an episode of Crossing Jordan. Gretchen wants to test the theory and see if Annie jumped, was pushed, or fell.

Matt is in a therapy group, when Sylar bursts into the room. Of course, no one but Matt can see him. "Hi. My name is Sylar. It's been about 6 weeks since I've seen my body and I want it back!" Matt is trying to talk about how ghosts from his past keep popping up. Sylar continues to taunt Matt as other members just watch and listen to Matt. The group leader tries to get the group to move on.

Hiro is making copies and Ando and Kimiko are making eyes at each other. Hiro brags that he made it happen. Ando talks about their first kiss on a ferris wheel. Hiro realizes that he must go back and right the wrongs he made in his life.

Matt leaves the group session to interrogate someone. Sylar continues to taunt Matt as the prisoner is highly confused. Sylar tells Matt to just use his power, and Matt starts arguing with Sylar, resulting in a thrown chair at the wall. On the plus side, the prisoner gives up the name Matt was seeking.

Peter and his partner wait in the ambulance enjoying some clam chowder (Peter says he knows a guy, lol) as a call comes in. Peter takes off and finds Noah lying on the ground, sliced up. Noah tells Peter, "He took the compass."

Tracy is visiting Noah in the hospital, where Noah is recuperating. He relates the story of the compass and how he lost it to the man with the knives.

Matt is back home where he is greeted by Roy and Janice (Roy just fixed the hot water heater). Matt decides to "convince" Roy that his services are no longer needed, as Sylar laughs silently.

Clair gets up and walks to the window, staring out at the pavement below. Climbing up, she stands there, about to conduct her own test. Clair falls forward, going splat on the pavement, comparing her landing position to Annie's. Clair decides that maybe Annie did kill herself. Gretchen appears in the window above, looking down at Clair in shock. Clair looks up and waves.

Samuel and his accomplice meet back up to discuss future plans. Samuel injects ink into Lydia's back and we see Peter, Sylar, and the face of a woman appear (Tracy? Clair? Sorry...I couldn't tell).

And the credits role....

NOTE: All in all, this looks like a much better season than we've seen the past 2 years. Sylar now exists in Matt's mind, influencing his behavior. Peter is trying to use his abilities to save lives. Hiro is using his to make things right that once went wrong (Quantum Leap, anyone?). Could there be a Tracy/Noah romance budding? And who will be Clair's "experimental game"? Can't wait to find out!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heroes Summaries Return This Week!

With the start of the 4th season of Heroes, I am anxiously awaiting to see what new adventures await! Hiro's disease, Clair-bear's experimentation, Sylar's inhabiting of Nathan's's going to be interesting!

And I am going to do my best to blog episode summaries each week, so if you miss something, come on by and catch up....

Mizzou 52, Furman 12

Now this was the kind of game I expected Missouri to have against an overmatched team. Like last week, I did not actually watch the game, since I am too cheap to shell out $29.95 to watch on pay-per-view (we thought about it, but lower the price a bit, and we'll talk) so I followed along with the help of an occasionally slow updating Gametracker.

Mizzou did take a few series to figure things out and apparently it was time well spent. Mizzou was up 42-0 at halftime. In the second half, I wondered how much time QB Blaine Gabbert would spend on the field. He played the 3rd quarter, while backup Jimmy Costello got the 4th.

Mizzou managed 10 more points in the 2nd half while Furman attempted a comeback with 2 touchdowns, but missed the point-after kick both times.

Now, here's a little bit that has bothered me the last few years. There are people around Missouri who don't like to see the Tigers run up the score on their opponents. I believe Coach Pinkel even subscribes to that notion. But how many years did we watch opponents run up the score against MU? Anyone remember the Norman Conquest? (Oklahoma 77, Missouri 0, in Norman, OK) Last season prior to the Big 12 Championship Game, the Oklahoma Sooners were PRAISED for scoring 60 points or more in so many consecutive games. Yet if Mizzou does it, people think the Tigers are unsportsmanlike? I really think that had OU not been scoring so many points, that the Texas Longhorns would have been ranked higher during all the confusion that had to decide the Big 12 South champion and would have been playing against MU instead. Not to say Mizzou would have beaten Texas, but what bothers me is the notion that the Sooners were granted "Style Points" by the pollsters which gave them the extra little push to put them in line to play for the championship. (end rant).

So next week, Mizzou is on the road for a Friday night game at Nevada. Despite a 3-0 start for Mizzou and an 0-2 start for Nevada (losses against Notre Dame & Colorado State), this game concerns me. First, it's on the road. Second, despite the record, Nevada is a more experienced team (Anyone remember Mizzou @ Troy a few years back?). And 3rd, after this game Mizzou has a bye week before opening the conference with a home game against Nebraska. Can you spell Nevada "T-R-A-P"?? In fact, following Nebraska on the schedule are Oklahoma State (in Stillwater) and Texas (in Columbia).

It may appear that all is well in Tiger Nation for the moment, but how well will be determined over this next stretch of 4 games. Winning 2 of these 4 is a must. Winning 3 of these 4 is possible and would be nice. Winning all 4 would spark - I don't know what. But the Tigers will definitely need to maintain their focus and take one game at a time to get through this stretch.

Where the hell is Spider Burke when you need him?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Missouri 27, Bowling Green 20

I did not get to watch this game. I could have, but I chose not to shell out $29.95 for the pay-per-view broadcast. Just a thing I have, where I disagree with the concept of pay-per-view broadcasts of games against what is supposed to be inferior competition.

I say supposed to be because Bowling Green was anything BUT inferior. I don't know if it was Mizzou believing their hype this week, or enjoying its spot in the rankings, or if Bowling Green is just that well coached and prepared but the Falcons have certainly had Mizzou's number this decade.

I was away from home this afternoon and when I got home this evening, I had some errands to run before the game. I got back home about half an hour after the game started and when I turned on the computer to see how things were going (thank God for Gametracker!) Imagine my surprise to see Mizzou trailing 7-0, followed by a Bowling Green punt that was fielded by Mizzou, then fumbled away. The Tiger defense managed to hold the Falcons to just a field goal, but I still had hopes that it was just a fluke.

That was late in the 1st quarter.

Mizzou actually trailed 13-0 before they managed to put a pair of field goals on the boards to make the score 13-6 by halftime. Incidentally, is anyone going to give props to Mizzou's new field goal kicker, Grant Ressel?? Where the heck did this guy come from? He only has to replace the most prolific kicker in Mizzou history (no pressure though) and so far this season he has been money from over 40 yards out.

In the second half, Bowling Green came out and scored another touchdown on their opening drive to make the score 20-6. Mizzou could have easily quit at that point, but I like to think that these guys saw the moment as a true gut-check and decided right then and there that they were not going to give up. They battled back and scored three unanswered touchdowns to steal the win away from the visiting team. Twice they went for it on 4th down and twice they succeeded in keeping the drives alive.

This team may be full of youngsters, but tonight they showed that they have no quit in them. If they go down, they will go down swinging. From a fan's perspective, I would have preferred to see a blowout, but when I reflect on this game, I think what we ended up with is much more valuable. These Tigers were given a test. A chance to battle back from adversity and fight for respect. Bowling Green had aspirations of coming in to Columbia and scoring an upset on the road (much like Houston did to Oklahoma State) but it wasn't to be. These Tigers passed their test and I would venture a guess they will be better prepared for Furman next week.

I don't think Mizzou will go undefeated this year, but I do think we are looking at something special. The start of something Mizzou fans have been dreaming of for years. Watch for good things to happen as this team begins to gel and barring early defections to the NFL, an undefeated season is certainly possible within the next two years.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mizzou 37, Illinois 9

I guess this should answer one burning question: Is Missouri rebuilding or reloading?

I was pleasantly surprised with today's outcome. Count me among the doubters and those who thought it might be a long and tortuous season. I thought the more experienced Illinois team would come out and put a whoopin on old Mizzou in much the same fashion they do every December in the braggin' rights basketball game.

However, Mizzou's young quarterback making his first collegiate start while playing in his hometown St Louis had other ideas. And so did the normally generous Mizzou defense. Bend, don't break actually held today. I was very impressed with the way they held Illinois to 3 points for most of the game before allowing a touch down in the 4th quarter.

One concern the team might be looking at, I thought, would be rushing. I haven't looked at the box score yet, but I don't recall seeing many decent runs by the Mizzou rushers.

Can't wait till next week! Mizzou at home vs Bowling Green....Should be fun to watch!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So, it's been awhile...and in case you hadn't heard the word yet...

I passed my state insurance exam :)

Additionally, my application for a state insurance license was approved :)

So now I am contracted as an insurance agent with Bankers Life & Casualty.

So little time, so much to learn!

Still studying via online learning modules and I have to complete all of those before I can get paid; they are certainly time consuming, so I'll be around when I get the chance.

Hope this finds everyone doing well!

Save the paperwork, save the world...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Insurance Exam Update

I've completed everything in the insurance course, scored well on all the practice quizzes and today took the simulated exam, needing an 80% to pass before I can move on to the state exam on Wednesday.

I took the simulated exam twice today, missing my 80% target both times.


I'm not sure why this exam was kickin my ass today. Tired? Maybe. Information overload? Probably. But I'll try again tomorrow, when all the kids are gone to school (yay for 1st days!), although noise and outside disturbances weren't really a problem today. This exam has 160 questions and takes about 90 to 120 minutes to complete. The official exam on Wednesday will allow up to 3 hours to finish. But first things first.

Attempt number 3 begins at approximately 9am tomorrow - once I get fully awake, that is. Stay tuned...

Save my brain, save the world...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Time for a new chapter....

I am trying not to drop down to one post a week again, if that much, but it seems there isn't much else I can do. Life since my move to Indiana has been fairly busy, despite having time on my hands. I find I don't get online a whole lot - ok, I do get on for an extended time - but online priorities have changed somewhat.

How, you ask?

Job searches for one. You would think that being able to apply for a job online would simplify things. They don't. I swear, sometimes I think companies use the online applications as a chance to ask for more information, sometimes even duplicating questions just to see if you'll answer the question in the same way. These things seem to take forever to fill out and out of the ones I did a few weeks ago, I still haven't heard a word. My references have all received (and completed) reference surveys about me, but still nothing.

Not that it matters anymore though. I will be beginning a new career soon. You see, on Monday, Aug 3, I begin my next class with Univ of Phoenix (Accounting), then on Monday, Aug 10, I will start a basic math class - but that's not really important right now. On Aug 3, I also have to take my son to the local high school to get him enrolled for his junior year. But before I do that, I have another appointment.

You see this morning, I was offered an opportunity to become an agent for an insurance company. Out of several people interviewed, I am one of two offered this chance. It means that in addition to my other classes, on Aug 3 I have to enroll in a state-required insurance course, complete it with an 80% on their exam. Then take a state exam and pass it, then get licensed, and finally get certification for long-term care policies. That whole process should take about two weeks. After that, I should be officially employed again.

How much time that will leave for writing, blogging, and participating in some of life's more exotic and erotic pleasures (i.e. hypnosis, porn reviews, etc...) is beyond me. But keep checking in with me. Email me if you want (, hell I'm even open to receiving your dirty pictures if you want to send them. (No? OK, well it was worth a shot...) I will keep posting updates as time allows and maybe, just maybe, it will be something entertaining.

Save the Diet Dew, Save the World

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the delays - Moving Update (part deux)

Yet another week has gone by and I am about 95% unpacked here in Indiana. I still have a few boxes I am not sure where its contents will go. When I moved, I gave up my computer desk (no room) and a majority of the things I have left to arrange used to sit in or on that desk.

I attempted to get my son registered for school last week, but the guidance counselor was out and I was told to call back this week and schedule an appointment. Apparently, this is the week that all of the current students will come to get their schedules (or maybe it's next week - I forget), but the school didn't seem too concerned about having enough time to get my high schooler enrolled. I tried to tell them the folks back in Missouri may be a little slow at sending out transcripts, but it didn't bother them. So I called the school this morning to make an appointment, got voicemail, and left a message. I'm still waiting for a call back.

The job front is....proceeding. That's about all I can say at this point. I interviewed last week for one position and have been expecting to hear something soon about another. I submitted another application with a local hospital who is attempting to fill an Insurance Verification Specialist position. I have experience with that (about 3 1/2 years worth), which I did back at MU in the late 90's. I left that position in January 2001. Not too excited about doing it again, but there are worse jobs out there.

And we arrived here last week to learn that we also have new upstairs neighbors. They just moved to Muncie as well. From Columbia, MO. Small freakin' world, huh? But it doesn't end we were getting our sodas and snacks from a convenience store in Columbia last Tuesday morning, I was talking to the cashier about the move. She is also moving - to Muncie - in a few weeks.

Columbia, MO....taking over the world, one city at a time.

Save the blogger, Save the world...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Update: It's Moving Day (Part 1)

Wow, it's been a whole week already?

Just a quick update to let you know why you haven't heard from me in so long. It's been a very long and productive week with packing and trying to get kids motivated and getting utilities taken care of here in Missouri. I haven't really had time for much of anything else.

But today is the beginning of an end, I suppose. Today (in just a few minutes, in fact), I will be taking down my internet modem and cable box and dropping them off with Mediacom. From there, I am off to U-Haul to pick up the moving truck. Then it's back here for a fun-filled day of hoping nothing expensive gets broke! Then it's meet-with-the-landlord time and return keys and back to U-Haul to have an auto-transport unit hooked up to the truck and load my car up on it.

Finally, tomorrow morning I am off to Indiana. So I'll be offline for a day or two while we get things loaded, transported, and unloaded. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vintage vs Retro

Like everyone else, I have a few minor irritants. No, not THAT kind of irritant! But rather a few things that if I really sit down and think about it, things that can really annoy me.

Imagine driving down the road and you find a good oldies station on the radio. Yeah, songs from people like Jan and Dean, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Temptations...all the great groups from the 50's and 60's. And then without warning, the next song you hear on that same station...Hotel California by the Eagles. Or maybe even Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. It's enough to make me want to hit the brakes and scream, "These are NOT oldies!!"

Now, how's this for a segue...

Did you know there is a market for vintage porn?

It's true...while surfing recently trying to find some good porn videos, I discovered some vintage porn sites. Sites containing pictures and vids from as far back as the 1920's and 30's. If you need an example, click here. Surprisingly, I found these pictures to be quite simple really. I suppose back in those days, porn wasn't quite so easy to come by (no pun intended!) so just to see something of this nature had to be quite the shock.

So as I'm looking through the pages there, I am reminded of what the time period was like and how people must have faced quite the scandal if word ever got out that the pretty little girl next door posed for that kind of picture. My own grandparents were people who threw society's standards back in it's collective face by choosing to not get married. For them, that was making quite a statement. And then as I look at a few more pics another thought crosses my mind. These pictures were taken over 70 or 80 years ago! My God, these people are grandparents and great grandparents in today's world! Who would have thought that the old couple who cut you off in the buffet line, or was driving real slow in front of you on the highway might have done something like this!

But back to the point of this post. Annoyances. I thought I would search for more vintage porn and I found this clip for vintage lesbians. Go ahead, I'll wait. Just don't forget to come back and read the rest of this post...

Damn, took you long enough! So what was I saying again? Oh yeah....THIS IS NOT VINTAGE!! Retro, maybe, but it's not vintage! Sure, it may have been made many years ago, but it's in color for Christ's sake! So let this be a lesson here...removing the audio track and showing grainy color footage of porn is just bad porn. I don't care how good the action was, if you don't get the whole picture, you are just missing out. Vintage porn is black and white and from a by-gone era. This clip here is vintage. And so is this one. Yes, it might still be grainy...but you have to look at it with a new appreciation. Not for its face value, of course. But for the way these pioneers laid the groundwork and didn't give a damn about what some busybody might think. Well, I know what I think...

Save the porn, Save the world...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Resistance is Futile

I've done my homework today, no celebrities have died (that I know of), and slightly bored this morning. So I went digging into my folder of previous writings and found this erotic poem I came up in 2007. Enjoy...


Resistance is Futile
Scott Hendricks - 2007



I see you across the room

I never knew I was your target

You caught my eye

And from then on I never stood a chance

Your senses zoned in on me

They attacked from all angles

Your eyes captured mine

Your scent overwhelmed me

The touch of your hands sent jolts of electricity throughout my body

The sound of your voice beckoning me was that of an angelic choir calling me home

Your kisses were that of a sweet sweet wine

I would follow you anywhere you wished

I did not know it would be to the depths of despair

As I sit here now longing for your touch

Crying out for the sound of your voice

Aching for just one more kiss

To be inside you again

To feel the heat of your passion

To look into your eyes as I enter you

And to experience a taste of heaven once again

As my seed bursts forth and fills your womb

But you are not here

And you know the pain I am in

You are simply using me to your own ends

I am your pleasure toy

To be at your disposal when you so desire

You have added me to your collection

And I know all too well

That resistance is futile


Save the blogger, save the world...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remembering and Reminiscing

Before I head off to sleep tonight, I wanted to reflect on something and join the other millions of people who paid some sort of retrospect to the memory of Michael Jackson.

Since his death nearly 2 weeks ago, I have avoided all of the tv specials and tributes to him. Why? Cause quite frankly, I wasn't sure I wanted to listen to all these people who had been bad-mouthing him do an about face and start talking about what a good person he was.

Not knowing the man personally, I confess to having my doubts about his innocence when the charges of child molestation came out and he was taken to court over them. Was he guilty? Except for the supposed victims, the world will never know.

My 19-year-old son tonight summed it up perfectly. It wasn't all that long ago that people were putting him down for his questionable appearance, health, and "sexual appetite" for lack of a better term. And now here are a lot of the same people praising him for the man he was.

I think we all tend to feel a little guilty inside when we talk bad about someone we know and then something bad happens to them. But at the same time, we have to remember something else that this country's judicial system is based on: Innocent, until proven guilty. Michael was never proven guilty in a court of law. The man is innocent and should forever be seen as such.

I watched footage of his memorial service tonight on NBC Dateline and I saw the person I will remember. Michael Jackson was truly the King of Pop. He was an entertainer and an innovator. It's difficult for young people to know this nowadays, but anyone who was around during most of the 1980's can tell you it was harder then to turn on MTV and not see a Michael Jackson video than it is to turn on MTV now and see any video. I remember trying to get tickets to a 1984 concert in Kansas City, only to find them completely sold out (and well out of my price range). I will remember the man who gave us Thriller (the album AND the video). His music video's alone were must-see. If you haven't seen them, go to YouTube and lookup the videos listed below. I wanted to embed them here, but that feature was disabled at YouTube

Thriller (full version)
Beat It
Billie Jean
Remember the Time (featuring Eddie Murphy and Iman)
Black or White (w/Macauley Culkin and George Wendt)

One video I could embed here is below. The song here is 20 years old, but I think maybe the world has forgotten the message it sends...take a listen...

I choose to remember Michael Jackson as a man who brought a lot of music and a message of hope to anyone who would listen. I will also remember him as a man who left this world way too soon.

Save the music, Save the world...

Rumor - 'Claire-bear" is switch-hitting?

Wow...oh the hell am I supposed to wait until the 4th season of Heroes starts now??

Here is the rumor/scoop of the month...On the upcoming 4th season of Heroes, the immortal Clair Bennet, is moving into some girl on girl action. As in playing with the home team. It will start off as a kiss with her college roommate (supposedly being played by Rachel Melvin from Days of Our Lives) and will grow into something much more.

I think I need a cold shower already...

Is this an attempt to jump the shark, so to speak? Heroes' fanbase has been dwindling over the past couple of seasons, which wasn't helped by the writers strike during season 2. Perhaps the school of thought is to appeal to a combination of viewers - the gay and lesbian viewers for one, and all the guys out there like me who won't be able to turn away from the screen.

Oh relax, it's network television. How far can they go?

Hint: Anyone remember NYPD Blue?

Save the blogger, Save the world...

25 and 2

Unless you want to get technical and count the former Rolling Stones manager who passed away recently, we've gone 2 days without a major celebrity death :)

And you were worried when news broke of Rupert Grint's battle with Swine Flu!

Today is Day 25 since I left MU and I'm still listed as an active employee. Sigh... So in a little while I am going to head over to Human Resources and see if we can't get things hurried up a little.

Fun times ahead...

Save the blogger, Save the World...

UPDATE: Rumor has it, I have been terminated! (Yes, that's a good thing, LOL). Another hurdle down...

Monday, July 6, 2009

It's been 24 days since my last day of work...

I continue to wait for the Human Resources person at MU to either terminate me in the employee database, call me, or return my email. So far, none of which has happened. The rep I had been working with on the supplemental retirement was also going to call me this morning and we were going to attempt to go meet with HR if necessary, but I haven't heard from him either. Could be just one of those days, but seriously, I don't have very many of those days left.

With any luck, I'll hear from him today and things will be all straightened out. Keep your fingers crossed...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

In the Mood

Know what its like when you find yourself totally in synch with someone? Know what its like to be in a relatively new relationship with someone and you've just spent a week and a half with them and then suddenly you find yourself back home, away from them again?

Yeah, me too.

I miss her. I came back from Indiana on Thursday morning and I am moving there in a little over two weeks (assuming MU's human resources gets their act together) yet my body is wanting to know what happened to all those wonderful sensations I was feeling when I was lying next to her. To be able to roll over and put my around her and for her to do the same. Snuggled up close to me as we drift off to sleep, feeling her breasts against my back and her breath on my neck and shoulder.

I know, some of you are thinking TMI, right? Well, you knew the risks when you came in here, didn't you?

You didn't? Oops...My bad. Well now you do. Coming in here is kinda like knocking on my door at 2am. Chances are you're going to see someone naked. And that's kinda what I'm doing now. Baring myself to you, opening up and telling you what's on my mind.

And yes, I'm naked.

And horny. Might as well throw the whole package out there while we're at it.

Save the blogger, save the world...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Days without a celebrity death: 0

Wow, the turnover (for lack of a better word) in the celebrity world is getting crazy. In the span of a week we lost Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett (yes, I had her poster when I was a kid, even the nude parody poster), Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, and Karl Malden.

Today I read that former NFL Quarterback Steve McNair has been found dead in his home, along with a woman. Both had been shot, and it is being reported that McNair was shot in the head.

McNair began his pro career by playing for the Houston Oilers and continued with Tenessee (Oilers/Titans), before closing things out with Baltimore. McNair was the quarterback for Tennessee's 1999 SuperBowl team that lost to the St Louis Rams.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 20 and Counting...

I felt the need to vent today and since I have this blog, well....why not.

It has been 20 days since I left my job at the University of Missouri. Twenty. As in two zero. Why does it matter you ask? Because they apparently think I still work there.

My employment status is currently listed (still) as active and until it gets changed to terminated, I cannot receive a cash-out check from the 403b plan I participated in. This is important because I need the money to finance my move.

The paperwork has been sent to Human Resources, but the person who is sitting on it tells us that her first priority right now is to assist with Time and Labor implementation. Never mind that there are over 600 people waiting to have their status terminated right now. That, it turns out, is low priority.

So I sit and wait, held hostage by a bureaucratic system that would rather cut costs by employing fewer people to do the mountains of work that waits for...apparently no one. I mean, if she can't get to it now...when will they get to it? Ever?

Sigh...Stay tuned folks...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello...You have reached....

Just popping in to say hello to everyone and apologize for not keeping things up to date. I am currently on the road in Muncie, Indiana as I prepare to move here next month. I just got here yesterday, after spending the first part of the week traveling to Kansas City and back, then to West Plains, MO on Tuesday and back to Columbia on Wednesday. Between homework and traveling and identifying potential new employers, I just haven't had much time to post here.

So bare, er, bear with me and I'll have something new and fun for you to read soon. If you absolutely can't wait for something new, go order a copy of my book, The Erotic Adventures of Steve and Brooke. The link is over on the left me, I really think you'll find it...stimulating...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Streakers in Love

Let me guess...couples that streak together, stay together??

Sad and Strange


Strange, yes...I'll give you that. But sad....not so much! Every so often when I get bored, I will surf the net in search of the strange de-motivational type posters out there. I found this one today.

I am a unique individual and even at 45, I continue to learn more and more about myself everyday. Today I have rationalized part of my lifestyle, in addition to why both of my marriages failed. If I'm right, there is no reason why my current relationship can't last the rest of my life. As soon as I come up with the proper way to express my thoughts, including some pictures to go with it, I'll be back to explain myself further...

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Word of Caution...

If you had information that you truly believed somebody needed to know, yet you knew that the person who needed the info would not believe you for whatever reason, would you still try to tell them?

What if that information was vital to their well-being, their personal safety? What if you knew that someone was entering into what could potentially be a harmful, abusive relationship?

I know that the person I need to tell this to would not believe me. They would make excuses. They would tell me that I was imagining things, that I was just spitting out sour grapes, that I was obviously mistaken. Maybe I am mistaken, but wouldn't you prefer to err on the side of caution?

I have been wrong before, but over the past few years, I have turned out to be a fairly good judge of character. It was assumed however that I was just imagining it.

So let me just throw this out there and if the person who needs to know this is reading then they can take it for what its worth.

Watch your back. Please be careful. And please don't rush into doing something that you will likely regret a few months, if not years, down the road. Regardless of what you may think of me, regardless of what may have transpired, just know that I do care about you and your well being.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Are Getting Sleepy....

One more post regarding hypnosis and I'll let this go...maybe...unless...I...can't....stop....myself...

So last night I gave one of the free samples from a legitimate run as I went to bed. I had a few other samples downloaded from other sites as well to use as a comparison. Some were just straight relaxation, some involved a bit of erotic fun, but the common element among them all was relaxation. Granted, hypnofantasy's sample from Nikki Fatale had the longest run time, but another brief session I found from a woman calling herself Lady Julia (about 15 minutes as opposed to 45-55 minutes for Nikki) was very, um....inspirational. Yeah, that's the word.

Both spent about the same amount of time to bring you into a hypnotic state, but it was Nikki's work that took it's time to build an arousal level to it's highest point before telling you point blank that it was time for release (well, that wasn't the word she used, but you're smart. You can probably guess her actual terminology). Lady Julia's session was titled Red Silk, and the listener was enticed into using only their thought process, imagination (based on her descriptions of what you are to see and imagine), and breathing to instill a trigger into your mind the next time you are intimate with someone.

Both sessions were satisfying, but I have to admit Lady Julia's session had a more lasting impact. I gave the mental trigger a try and i felt myself being taken back to the session and the results that it produced. Even tonight, many hours later, the trigger still works. Thank goodness my self control is still intact! I just wish Lady Julia's session had lasted longer.

These were the free versions, mind you. Full length mp3's of Nikki's sessions can be purchased through her website. (NOTE: I previously implied that sessions were for sale on both ladies' sites. Please see Lady Julia's remarks in the comments section). I can only imagine how entertaining those would be!

However, a word of caution -- These sessions should not be used or listened to by anyone suffering with or taking medications for mental illness. Additionally, remember that the key component to undergoing hypnosis is relaxation. And perhaps it wasn't a good idea to listen to so many sessions in one night (ok, it was like 3 or 4). Afterward, although I felt a little more awake than I had been, my body was so relaxed that I fell to sleep almost immediately once I shut down my computer. I was so relaxed that after I got up and took my son to summer school this morning, I came back home and slept for an additional 4 hours before I could truly get up and start my day.

So, do not take hypnosis lightly. Use it, enjoy it, but respect it. It can be a very addicting experience and leave you wanting to do this again and again, especially if you are of a submissive nature. So as you imagine that spinning crystal or coin, or even the red silk scarf, keep in mind that sending me a donation for directing you to a source of such pleasure would be a wonderful way to submit and give in. Take a deep breath, inhale...hold it...and exhale....and email me for my paypal address...

I really gotta work on those skills, ya think?

NOTE: Want to check out Lady Julia's sessions? Click here!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Go Deep...

UPDATED - See Below...

Short but sweet tonight... A few days ago, I blogged about hypnosis and even left a link to a piece of erotic fiction about a woman who unwittingly seduces her co-workers through hypnosis.

Today while searching the web (and YouTube), I found another site that offers erotic hypnosis sessions online AND has a couple of free "test drive" sessions, one where a woman is putting you under, and one where a man is conducting the session. I listened to the woman's session ( and it lasted about an hour. Seriously, don't do this unless you can do it at a time when you will not be disturbed and can give your FULL attention to the session.

The site is and you can reach it by clicking here.

If you do decide to take advantage of these sessions, or better yet register for a membership there, come back and share your experience with us - well, whatever you are comfortable sharing anyway. Is it relaxing? Is it satisfying? Did you enjoy it? Will you try it again?

Let us know!

UPDATE - I did register for a membership, but have not yet been able to log in yet. When I try, I get a message stating that my membership is not yet active. More to follow...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Today is the First day of...

Today, I took the first step in changing my life. It was my last day on the job at MU.

Some people would think I was nuts, but really, I think this change is for the better. In fact, I can now focus on the next step I want to accomplish - finishing the science class I am taking for college. There are only 4 weeks to go, so it shouldn't be much of a challenge but I do have about a week's worth of travel coming up during that time span so I really have to get down to business and get a few assignments done early.

Following this class, I need to get my divorce settled. I have been trying to keep my marriage issues private and not air any dirty laundry out of respect for her, but today she threw the first stone by publicly stating her wish that she would get served with divorce papers. While I am willing to oblige her with that request, I will simply state for the record that she is the one who first chose to walk away from this marriage. That said, my intention is to get the ball rolling on that over the next week and hopefully it will be resolved relatively soon.

Step 3 is trying to find a new job. In this economy, it's going to be tough enough. However, I am expanding my search zone, so to speak. For more details, see step 4.

Step 4: Moving to Indiana. Those who have been paying close attention are probably already aware of this step, but the move is scheduled. In just a few very short weeks, I shall be loading up and heading east to Muncie, IN. After 16 years with MU and all of the crap that has taken place in my life last year, I think a fresh start is definitely in order, and what better place to do that than in another state with someone who lets me know in no uncertain terms everyday just how much I mean to her. And in return, words from me cannot express just how much she has meant to me and still does each and every day.

Hang in there Tammy. I'll be home soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

When I snap my fingers, you shall....

Hypnosis. Fun stuff, huh?

Alas, I bring you no flashing lights, no swirling images, no suggestions that you are getting sleepy or warm or aroused. But if you bare, er, bear with me on this, I'll give you a little bonus material at the bottom of this post.

Still with me? Good....

I have always had an interest in hypnosis, whether it be for clinical use, or entertainment, or even just trying to see if you can get someone to do something they might not normally do (having a "Scrubs' moment as I flash back to my high school years and the crush I had on one of the girls). I have always thought that hypnosis was possible under the right circumstances, following the "You can't be hypnotized if you're not willing to be hypnotized" theory.

That said, I once took part in a hypnosis session. It was about 20 years ago at a bar in Columbia. A hypnotist/entertainer was doing a show and took several volunteers from the audience. A friend and I volunteered while our girlfriends sat in the audience and watched.

The key to hypnosis is total relaxation and allowing yourself to open up to suggestion. The hypnotist worked with all of us and asked us to close our eyes and counting backwards we all entered various stages of relaxation. Some of us literally went limp in our chairs. When he determined we were ready, he put us through our paces and gave each of us various suggestions as to what we would think, say, or do. No one had to get naked and dance on stage because as he said, a hypnotized person can't be made to do something they wouldn't normally do. Of course, that's not to say I wouldn't have danced naked anyway, but still...

So anyway, it was suggested to me that I was completely normal (weird, huh?) except I believed that 3+3 equaled 5. The hypnotist paired me up with a young lady who was told she could not remember her own name. Of course, she knew that 3+3 equaled 6 and found it hilarious that I thought it was 5. During our "performance", we bantered back and forth and she asked me how I could possibly think 3+3 was 5, so I counted out on my fingers - Left hand: 1, 2, 3, right hand, 4, 6, 5! The crowd laughed.

"No, no, NO!" she said. "That's wrong!"

I then responded with, "Look, you don't even know your own name, what makes you think you can add numbers?"

And the crowd went crazy...

We sat down at that point and the hypnotist moved on to someone else.

After it was all done and the hypnotist let us all leave the stage and go back to our seats, he reminded us that hypnosis was simply a deep state of relaxation and a when a person has rested and relaxed for a period of time, they generally wind up refreshed and energized. He wasn't kidding.

I felt like I had just had a full night's sleep. It was a wonderful feeling, after having worked early early that day. If anyone gets an opportunity to try it, I say go for it. Don't worry about having to cluck like a chicken, or get down on all fours like a dog and then sniff someone's butt. Just enjoy it. Maybe it will be your butt that gets sniffed, who knows.

So anyway, you've made it this far, so it's time for that bonus I promised you. This is a story about what else - hypnosis! I found this online last night and while some of you may not care for girl-on-girl action,'s about the journey, not the destination. This has quickly become one of my favorite works of erotic fiction. It comes from a website called mcstories.

Play the Game by Jukebox

Enjoy and remember...relax, breathe deeply, and let the experience come to you....

Friday, June 5, 2009

One little, two little, three little nipples...wait... what?

Ever since Chandler Bing revealed to the world on Friends his secret of having a superfluous third nipple, I wondered if that was even possible. I mean, I've been around in my 45 years and I've never seen or heard of anyone actually having three nipples, unless maybe you count fantasy scenes in movies like Total Recall or Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.

A lot of people who have them, I'm told, wind up having them surgically removed. And that does make sense, because really now...who wants to have a nipple sticking out of their forehead? (Seriously, there have been cases...).

But today I find a you tube video revealing that singer Lily Allen also has a third nipple. In fact, in the video below she even reveals that it gets hard when you touch it - right after the interviewer has stroked it a couple times.

And oh yeah, we are also reminded that The Simpsons' Krusty the Clown also has a third nipple.

Do you have a third nipple? Know of anyone who does? Share your knowledge and post links in the comments section!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a Viewer, Get Me Out of Here!

Is anybody still watching I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!?

Seriously, this show was mildly entertaining on Monday night when it began, but I think even the most casual viewer can see that they are just making things up as they go along. I didn't watch last night - 2 nights were enough for me - and although it really doesn't mean squat to me anymore, I'm hearing that last night's live portion of the show ended with the celebs taking a vote on whether or not the Bratts, er, Pratts (Heidi & Spencer) could return to the show after making what was probably their 27th exit in the first 2 episodes.

I have a major problem with this. These two act all high and mighty and think they are a couple of A-List celebs thrown in with some E-listers. They think they don't deserve to deal with such hardships (it's a jungle, hello!). Then they leave moments before a public vote is taken to see which of the remaining women will have to leave. This little maneuver of Speidi's removed Heidi from the risk of elimination (Patti B had already been saved by the men's team). Now that the public vote was taken, they want to come back? Bull Doggie Snot! If they get back onto the show, whichever woman that gets eliminated is going to have a legitimate beef with the way things are being allowed to run.

Now, that said, in the two nights that I did watch the show, I have to say I'm very impressed with Sanjaya Malakar (American Idol Season 6 contestant) and Patti B (wife of impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich) and how they've handled themselves. Sanjaya pretty much goes with the flow and I don't think he's complained once, even after he has been denied a bed twice. When I heard Patti was going to be on the show (her husband was the one NBC wanted, but the Feds wouldn't let him leave the country), I thought we would see some whiny, spoiled, aristocrat. But she has been nothing like that and lasted longer in the trauma tank Monday night than most of the other women.

Other thoughts? Post in the comments below...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sports: St Louis Cardinals Manager suing Twitter

According to an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, we have learned that after several attempts at contacting Twitter to have a fake twitter page removed, St Louis Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa has filed suit against Twitter for trademark infringement.

As it turns out, someone has setup a twitter account using the manager's name and picture, as well as making several references to the Cardinals (some of them vulgar) and references to two former pitchers, now deceased.

Stay tuned...

Rumor: Rare photo surfaces of kU coach

Sometimes the ideas for these posts just flow right out of the brain and onto the paper, screen, whatever. And other times, you got nothin'. Then there are also those times when something gets passed on to you and you know you should probably just let it die, but you can't. You feel compelled to share it with the world.

Below is a picture of the kU football coach, apparently from his younger days of competition....


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sports Rumor: Yankees to Trade A-Rod to Cardinals

Wow. You'd think with all the controversy surrounding A-Rod and steroids, St Louis would stay away from this one. But the Cardinals need a 3rd baseman and depending on who you talk to A-Rod would love to get out of New York, so there ya go...

Rumor of the Day: Keanu Reeves named in Paternity Suit; children are now adults

Just in - Keanu Reeves has been named in a paternity suit filed by an Ontario, Canada woman who claims that Reeves is the father of her four children, who are now adults. The suit seeks $150,000 a month in back child support retroactive to June 1988.

Says Reeves, "Bogus!!"

Bonus points to the first person to guess the barely hidden movie reference in this post.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rumor: Upset Schwarzenegger to make new Terminator movie after term of office is up?

Today I logged into my blogger account hoping to get some advice regarding Google AdSense from one of my co-workers. Unfortunately, he had never heard of AdSense so he couldn't help me. I tried to explain a little bit about to him because I have not really had any major success with it and was hoping maybe he could give me some pointers.

But when I pulled up my AdSense account, I saw something I hadn't expected to see: Money.

$0.01, in fact! Woohoo!!!

Apparently, during some recent time period, 502 page impressions were made. This gave me a bright shiny new penny. But where did those page impressions come from? Well, probably from you, dear reader. And quite possibly from a few people west of Missouri in Jayhawk land.

You see, I get people coming here for many reasons, but only one post has been inspiring enough to draw comments from readers. It was my post on alleged NCAA violations committed by Bill Self at the University of Kansas (don't get your panties in a bunch, I said alleged!). Now I have no idea if the violations are true or not, but when you read them all lumped together like that, they are sure to piss off even the most casual KU fan.

So I have a theory. That theory is that what will draw the readers in, to stick around and read what I write and comment about it, are rumors. So let's give this a shot, shall we?


This just in...California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is supposedly very disappointed with the new Terminator Salvation movie and wants to direct and star in a new version of this chapter after his term of office has ended. The title - Terminator Resurrection.

True or not? Hmmmm....wouldn't it be interesting?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting Over at 45


That about sums up my mood this morning.

For several months I weighed a decision on my mind that I knew would not be an easy one. See, at a time when a lot of people are struggling to find a good job, I am giving mine up. After 16 years at the University of Missouri, I am walking away from at atmosphere that has been somewhat enjoyable, yet maddening all at the same time.

My last day will be Friday, June 12.

This post is not necessarily to discuss the reasons for leaving, but rather how the decision is affecting me. As difficult as it was to make the call and say "That's it," I am wondering how I am going to feel when I walk out these doors for the final time.

I find myself today sitting here at work and wondering what to do with myself. It's raining this morning and that in itself is likely contributing to my mood. I have things I could be doing - homework, for one. But with all the conversation going on around me I can't seem to concentrate on that.

Cleaning out my desk is a project I could get started on, but I was going to hold off on that until next week sometime. Today is Thursday, May 28 and I have today and tomorrow left this week, then Monday though Thursday next week. At that point I accrue 4 new personal days on my anniversary date with MU, so I will use them June 5, 8, 9, and 10. Return to work on June 11 and 12 to finish things out. That's 8 days left if you're counting at home.

I have been with MU since 1993, take away 3 months in 1997, and in this position since January 2001. This is by far the most amount of time I have spent at one job. Well, unless you want to count how long it has taken me to complete the work on my mystery book. That has been going since 1981.

I will feel sadness, I know. Working here has been like being at my home away from home. I will also be feeling a certain anticipation for what comes next. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be packing things up at home as well, preparing for a move to Indiana in July. My next career move remains a mystery so until I figure out what I will be doing for a living, I have the pursuit of my college degree to continue and a mystery book to finish writing.

So in the times we live in, how have you or someone you knew dealt with keeping busy while looking for work? Please share your tips and advice for not going crazy while waiting for that dream job to appear. If I use any of them, I just might send you a t-shirt. I believe I've got a few I'm not wearing anymore....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This One's for All the Marbles...

Here it is Dawg...4 months in the making, countless hours of bad auditions, 30 minutes of fame for Bikini Girl, more bird impersonations than I ever cared to hear, annoying laughter and crying (aka Tatiana), Norman Gentle, and weeks of suspense wondering just who would be going home and whether or not the judges' save would be used.

Tonight its the whole enchilada...Tonight, an American Idol is crowned.

Mikaela Gordon covers the happenings from Conway, AR and Carly Smithson is hanging out in San Diego, CA.

No major summary, but here are a few of my favorite moments...

The top 12, er 13, singing So What. Ok, it wasn't great, but it wasn't lip synched that I could tell. (Don't burst my bubble, ok?)

Kara DioGuardi singing with Bikini Girl, then showing the world that she too can look good in a bikini

Adam's performance of Beth by KISS, but where the hell did he get those platform shoes?

David Cook surprising Adam & Kris with their new Ford Fusions

Celebs singing WITH the Idols:

Queen Latifah & Lil Rounds
Jason Mraz w/Alexis and Anoop
Keith Urban & Kris Allen (great job whoever paired these 2 together!)
Fergie w/the 5 women finalists, then joined by the Black Eyed Peas)
Cyndi Lauper & Allison Iraheta (lovin' the dulcimer)
Lionel Richie & Danny Gokey
KISS & Adam Lambert (ok, one of my personal favorites tonight)
Carlos Santana w/the top 13
Steve Martin w/Michael Sarver and Megan Joy Corkery
Queen w/Adam & Kris

The return of:

David Cook
Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle
Katrina Darrell/Bikini Girl
Kimberly Locke sighting
Carrie Underwood sighting
Rueben Studdard sighting
Bo Bice sighting
Justin Guarini sighting

Things I could have done without:

Golden Idol Awards (ok, bringing back Norman Gentle was a plus, as was Bikini Girl)
Someone went Boom Boom Pow on the graphics switcher during the Black Eyed Peas' performance
A replay of Kara throwing down with Bikini Girl, Katrina Darrell
Being reminded of Adam's Ring of Fire (although Simon paraphrasing Randy Travis into "What the Hell was that?"
The Ford commercial, since it was just a rehash of all the other Ford Failures from this season.
Rod Stewart by himself. What's up with not including the idols like all the other celebs tonight?
Tatiana's 4th performance of Saving All My Love

Saving the best for last, the one thing that this whole crazy season has been for...the results.

Over 100 million votes cast...

The season 8 American Idol is....


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bring it On

And then there were two...

Adam vs Kris

Kris vs Adam

Southern California vs Central Arkansas

Thing 1 vs ... nah, that's not fair...

However you look at it, regardless of your personal preferences I think it is truly anybody's ballgame. Well, maybe not Danny's or Allison's or any of the previously eliminated constestants. But for as popular and pimped as Adam has been all season, Kris came into the competition as a relatively unknown "Dark Horse" and surpassed a lot of expectations as the season progressed. A week ago I figured tonight would be just going through the paces because Adam has been so strong all season long. Kris spent more than one week in the bottom 3, I think, and Adam, although it was likely for suspense purposes only, did spend only one week there.

Again, Idol has chosen to fall back on having both contestants perform the same "coronation" song, No Boundaries, written by Judge Kara. I thought maybe they had given up on that after Jordin & Blake battled with This is My Now back in season 6. In Season 7, the Deuling Davids didn't have to give separate versions of such a song, but we did get to hear David Cook's song following the announcement of his win.

Performances tonight as a whole:


Contestant's choice song: Mad World
Simon Fuller's choice song: Change is Gonna Come
Coronation Song: No Boundaries

For Adam starting off tonight, it was like a flashback to Melinda Doolittle. Week after week Adam has brought it, so while I know his fans will love it, I wonder if the average viewer isn't a bit de-sensitized to him now. While technically perfect, I have to hope that Adam is planning something spectacular later in his next performance.

And he did. His second song, an R&B song from Sam Cooke, was just spectacular. He went high, but reigned it in just enough to keep it from getting out of control. NOt something I would have expected him to do, but it was just another challenge and genre that Adam shows he can handle.

The coronation song was performed true to Adam's style, lots of high notes, but nothing really screechy, not over the top in any way, but something I can imagine being played on the radio. Simon chose to ignore the final song and not judge it, instead he unabashedly proclaimed Adam the champion that the show hopes to find each year.


Contestant's choice song: Ain't No Sunshine
Simon Fuller's choice song: What's Goin On
Coronation Song: No Boundaries

When Kris did his first song tonight, he sounded different. Not so much in his voice, but he just sounded so relaxed and at ease. Randy called it, it was one of his best performances. Simon gives "round 1" to Kris.

When I saw the song title for Kris' second song, the only version I could think of was 4 Non Blondes. Thank God that wasn't the version he was singing! I thought it was true to Kris' style and very well done. Randy's criticism seemed a little unfair because Kris didn't pick the song. Kudos to Kara for reminding everyone that Mr Fuller picked it. Simon thought it was too lite and laid back and not fitting for this stage of the competition and gives Round 2 to Adam. What would this show be without a little suspense?

The coronation song for Kris is difficult to comment on because we just heard it done by Adam. The critique can't go well for him, but I can picture Kris' version being played on country radio. I think it sucks that the judges seem to be writing him off after that performance, basically a "thanks for playing" attitude. Me personally, I liked Kris' version better but then again I like country over male high pitched pop/rock music.

Final Comments:

Wow - is that it? The final competition performances for season 8? We still have Carrie Underwood to come tonight singing Home Sweet Home, and I can listen to her sing all night long...

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, final comments...On the season, I will agree with Simon when he basically said that Adam was the one who consistently brought it week after week. Kris was someone who first came in a bit unsure and really I don't remember his audition or his hollywood performances. Kris hung in there every week and survived despite a few bottom 3 appearances I'm sure he'd like to forget. Had he been voted off during the season, I don't think the judges would have used the save on him.

Tonight, the person who gave best performance will undoubtedly depend on who you talk to. I preferred Kris and I will cast one vote tonight for him. In the overall scheme of things it may not matter, so anyone who cast two votes for Adam will quickly cancel mine out. But Adam has his strong fan base and Kris has his. I think its safe to say that Adam's is probably a bit stronger, so I think what will decide the winner this week will depend a lot on the direction taken by Danny Gokey's fans. How will they divide their support among Adam & Kris?

Last season, the judges declared Archuleta the winner based on the peformances on Tuesday night. But a funny thing happened when all the votes were counted and announced on Wednesday night. More votes went to the bartender/rocker than did the high school crooner. Archie's fans were mostly teen age girls and while their voting power was able to carry him to the finals, teens and tweens have bed times and were not able to keep voting for the full 4 hours after the performance show ended. Cookie's fans however were mostly older, college-aged, bar-going people who probably made a regular habit of staying up til all hours of the night. Staying up and voting and voting and voting was not an issue for them.

I can see a possible situation this year as well with Adam & Kris. Adam has the teen vote locked up, but Kris is a 23 year old college student....see where I'm going with this? The pair has also been compared to Elvis vs Pat Boone in a recent Newsweek article, with Adam assuming the role of the King and Kris being the more toned down and parental-friendly Boone. Elvis put a lot of folks off before he hit it big, and Adam just might have the same effect on adults today.

But this isn't the 50's anymore and society is much more diverse. Will Adam's adult fans pick up the slack tonight? Will Kris pull off the "upset"?

We'll find out tomorrow...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

American Idol Season 8 - Finally...

Today, I will give you my reasons why either finalist can win the title of Season 8 American Idol

Why Adam Lambert Will Win

Let's face it. Adam has many factors in his corner. He has had the support of the judges all season long. He has experience in musical theatre. He is a showman, a true performer. He knows his vocal range, he has power and he can tone it down when he has to. And he is not afraid to take a chance and try something different. I mean, come on...using a sitar during country music week? Really? Depending on who you talk to, it was either brilliant or a descent into the bowels of hell. Adam is not a bad singer, my only complaint about him is that he spends too much time screeching out those powerful high notes of his. When he does that, he reminds me of two people: Axl Rose (Guns & Roses) and the lead singer of Rush (sorry, I'm too lazy to look that up right now). Both of those people have voices that grate on my nerves yet they have had very successful careers. For the life of me, I don't know why Axl would be allowed back in St Louis after his tumultuous appearances there and his now infamous liner notes ("Fuck You, St. Louis!") but they still love him.

Why Kris Allen Will Win

Kris is like a breath of fresh air. He didn't get a lot of air time in the early audition rounds or during hollywood week. In fact, I think when the top 36 was announced I thought he was just another face in the crowd and wouldn't last long. During country week, I claimed that he was "Cookie Cutter Country", meaning that singers like him in country music come a dime a dozen. But Kris has held his own each week, going up against more talented performers and surviving to compete another week. He has met the challenge each and every week, giving us enough to survive. In the top 3 performances, Kris' stripped-down version of Heartless was truly brilliant and reminded me a little of David Cook and a little of Jason Castro from season 7. It was also about as close as we've come to an "Idol Moment" all season long.

But What About the Voters?

According to Yahoo, Kris, a college-student from Conway, Arkansas, is a favorite among teenage girls. So was David Archuleta if you'll remember right, and teenage girls have bedtimes that can interfere with voting time on a Tuesday night. There was a school of thought last year that this may have been what cost Archie the crown. I think there is no middle of the road where Adam is concerned. You either love him or you hate him. With Kris splitting votes last week with Danny Gokey, we have to wonder where Danny's supporters will turn this week? Will Adam pick them up or will they flock to Kris?


Realizing that this is being written and posted prior to Tuesday night's finale, I think that a lot of voters already have their minds made up. Some will wait and let their decision hinge on the Tuesday performances, but I think the truly hardcore fans have decided. Adam is the better performer and entertainer, while Kris is probably the more "parental-pleasing" choice.

Winner: Adam

Friday, May 15, 2009

Overture....hit the lights...

Expected to appear on Wednesday night Idol finale so far are:

Season 7 winner David Cook, Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana, Cyndi Lauper, Queen Latifah, the Black Eyed Peas and Keith Urban.

If I hear any more names, I will be sure to post them. While Carrie Underwood will be performing on Tuesday night, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see her or other previous winners performing on Wednesday night as well. I'm sure there will be a lot of surprise appearances also, as FOX has been known to do in the past.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Idol Guest Spoiler for Tuesday's Performance Finale

So, I downloaded a new (free) app for my iPod Touch, American Idol Lite, and it gives news and video updates of what's going on in the world of American Idol. In tonight's news, I've learned that Carrie Underwood will be appearing on Tuesday night's show singing this season's elimination song, Home Sweet Home.

Cool :)

Adam Lambert's "streaker" - not so much

For the Adam Lambert fans out there, enjoy.... for the streaking female fans out there....well, better luck next time, although she does make an appearance after his song.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three's a Crowd

So what did I like about tonight's results show?

Actually, this time around I think it was all the little surprises the show offered. The results were almost anti-climactic.

Ryan Seacrest injured in a horrible bikini waxing incident?? Say what?? The Idol Desk will be in the Smithsonian? What the hell?

Thanks to Ben Stiller, we might have never known...

Oh wait, it's just a movie promo for Night at the Smithsonian with Ben, Bill Hader, Hank Azaria, and Jonah Hill.

The Ford commercial was good, in fact, I have to say this one is the best one of the season as it is done to Break My Stride (Matthew Wilder). Maybe it's the animation? Hell, of course it is!

Alicia Keys makes a guest appearance talking about more Idol Gives Back stuff. Ah, yes you can text and donate $5! Guest performance from a Rwandan performer, Noah. Wonder if the judges will offer a critique? Nope.

Allison, Scott, and Anoop are in the audience...

Ryan acts as if he's about to start the results and calls Danny to the stage. Now we get to see the footage of Danny's trip home to Milwaukee. He got to hang with his friend and fellow contestant Jamar. THIS is what I had hoped to see last night, but they just didn't have the time. Afterward, Danny gets his review from Ryan and is asked to take a seat on the couch while Kris is called out to the stage. Now its time to for Kris' trip back home to Conway, Arkansas where he is the proud recipient of free cheese dip for life! Just in case you were wondering, Conway is 186 miles from West Plains, MO (which is where my dad and youngest sister lives), about a 3 1/2 hour drive. That would make it a 7 hour drive from here in Columbia. Review time for Kris now before he too takes a seat on the couch.

Jordin Sparks is back to perform her new single, Battlefield. It's gonna be fun traumatizing the kids while I sing along to the radio when its on.

Back to the reviews as Ryan calls Adam Lambert to the stage. Adam talks about his trip to San Diego. Apparently Adam got a VERY warm welcome as a woman took her top off and ran up to the stage to show her, um, appreciation (yeah, that's a good word). Let's see, Kris gets cheese dip for life and Adam gets a female streaker. And she was hot too! On to Adam's review and he too is sent over to the couch after Ryan reminds him that the judges all agreed that he belongs in the finals.

Back from the commercial break and Ryan teases us again with the results one more time before announcing that we will have that AFTER a performance from Katy Perry. Wearing a red and white cape with Adam's name stitched on it. And oh yeah, she's hot too. This is the first time I've seen her perform and wow...Oh, she was singing her new song, Waking Up in Vegas.

Finally, we are back again for the announcement of the final 2....

And moving on is Adam and....Kris. The journey ends for Danny Gokey.

Next week is going to be a whirlwind for contest performances on Tuesday, another (hopefully) outstanding results show and then its off to Indiana for my birthday! Simon says the finals next week have the potential to be a big ding dong. I don't even want to know what that might mean!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 the magic number

Wow, are we really down to the final 3? And Clive Davis did NOT pick a song for the contestants this year? With 2 songs each tonight, should be a quick nite.

I have to admit, I was strangely disappointed by the lack of footage from the contestant's trips back home.

Danny's Judges Choice Dance Little Sister by Terrance Trent Darby, chosen by Paula certainly got off to a great start. Should someone tell Kara this isn't "So You Think You Can Dance"?

I thought Kara might be the odd judge out tonight, but no, she helped Randy pick Kris' song tonight - Apologize by OneRepublic. I didn't recognize this song by name, but once Kris got started I had one of those "lightbulb" moments. You know...where someone flipped the switch inside my brain. Which is probably a good thing because I kinda like the song, and while Kris didn't technically do anything wrong with it, it didn't make me want to applaud as much as the studio audience did. Gotta admit though, I kinda like the way Simon stood up for Kris during the reviews.

Adam is doing One by U2, chosen by Simon. Not posessing a vagina, I don't get a lot of the fuss over Adam Lambert. But, despite a few experiments gone horribly horribly wrong (Ring of Fire), this was another great performance for Adam.

So, it looks like in the race to be Adam's opponent next week in the finale, in my opinion, is currently being lead by Danny by a fraction of a percent. How will round two go tonight? Lets see...

Looks like we couldn't go a whole season without discussing Idol Gives Back. Ryan brings up the fundraising show and how much has been raised and we are shown footage of Exon Mobile sending a past Idol winner to Angola - Carrie Underwood :)

Danny is up again for the Performer's Choice song and Danny has chosen You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker. He's got the chops for this one, can he keep it interesting and turn it into an Idol "moment"? He makes a valiant effort at hitting a high note early. I like this performance for him. It doesn't seem to carry the same pizazz that we felt when Kat McPhee did Somewhere Over the Rainbow a few years ago. The judges liked it as well.

Kris is going to sing Heartless by Kanye West. Oh dear Lord. The arrangement is stripped down, just Kris and the guitar, no vocal synthesizer, no reminders of Gay Fish. I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised with this one. Who gets in tomorrow night now is anybody's guess.

Adam closes things out tonight with Cryin by Aerosmith, says he wants to do Steven Tyler proud. I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm finding that I much prefer Adam's performances when he rocks out and doesn't get all weird on us. This song, in my opinion is better than his earlier song was. who's in the top 2? So barring a complete voter breakdown tonight, Adam is in the finals. The real question should be who will join him. Kris and Danny will split a lot of votes, and I think if voters base their vote on the body of work for the season, then Danny will make the finals. If they base their vote on tonight alone, then Kris could sneak in on the merits of Heartless alone. top 2 is Adam & Danny. But I can live with Adam & Kris.