Friday, June 12, 2009

Today is the First day of...

Today, I took the first step in changing my life. It was my last day on the job at MU.

Some people would think I was nuts, but really, I think this change is for the better. In fact, I can now focus on the next step I want to accomplish - finishing the science class I am taking for college. There are only 4 weeks to go, so it shouldn't be much of a challenge but I do have about a week's worth of travel coming up during that time span so I really have to get down to business and get a few assignments done early.

Following this class, I need to get my divorce settled. I have been trying to keep my marriage issues private and not air any dirty laundry out of respect for her, but today she threw the first stone by publicly stating her wish that she would get served with divorce papers. While I am willing to oblige her with that request, I will simply state for the record that she is the one who first chose to walk away from this marriage. That said, my intention is to get the ball rolling on that over the next week and hopefully it will be resolved relatively soon.

Step 3 is trying to find a new job. In this economy, it's going to be tough enough. However, I am expanding my search zone, so to speak. For more details, see step 4.

Step 4: Moving to Indiana. Those who have been paying close attention are probably already aware of this step, but the move is scheduled. In just a few very short weeks, I shall be loading up and heading east to Muncie, IN. After 16 years with MU and all of the crap that has taken place in my life last year, I think a fresh start is definitely in order, and what better place to do that than in another state with someone who lets me know in no uncertain terms everyday just how much I mean to her. And in return, words from me cannot express just how much she has meant to me and still does each and every day.

Hang in there Tammy. I'll be home soon.

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tammy said...

you made me cry at work. :)

thank you for everything.

i can't wait til you get home!