Friday, June 5, 2009

One little, two little, three little nipples...wait... what?

Ever since Chandler Bing revealed to the world on Friends his secret of having a superfluous third nipple, I wondered if that was even possible. I mean, I've been around in my 45 years and I've never seen or heard of anyone actually having three nipples, unless maybe you count fantasy scenes in movies like Total Recall or Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.

A lot of people who have them, I'm told, wind up having them surgically removed. And that does make sense, because really now...who wants to have a nipple sticking out of their forehead? (Seriously, there have been cases...).

But today I find a you tube video revealing that singer Lily Allen also has a third nipple. In fact, in the video below she even reveals that it gets hard when you touch it - right after the interviewer has stroked it a couple times.

And oh yeah, we are also reminded that The Simpsons' Krusty the Clown also has a third nipple.

Do you have a third nipple? Know of anyone who does? Share your knowledge and post links in the comments section!

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tammy said...

FTW, i do not know of anyone who has a third nipple.

just saying...