Friday, July 31, 2009

Time for a new chapter....

I am trying not to drop down to one post a week again, if that much, but it seems there isn't much else I can do. Life since my move to Indiana has been fairly busy, despite having time on my hands. I find I don't get online a whole lot - ok, I do get on for an extended time - but online priorities have changed somewhat.

How, you ask?

Job searches for one. You would think that being able to apply for a job online would simplify things. They don't. I swear, sometimes I think companies use the online applications as a chance to ask for more information, sometimes even duplicating questions just to see if you'll answer the question in the same way. These things seem to take forever to fill out and out of the ones I did a few weeks ago, I still haven't heard a word. My references have all received (and completed) reference surveys about me, but still nothing.

Not that it matters anymore though. I will be beginning a new career soon. You see, on Monday, Aug 3, I begin my next class with Univ of Phoenix (Accounting), then on Monday, Aug 10, I will start a basic math class - but that's not really important right now. On Aug 3, I also have to take my son to the local high school to get him enrolled for his junior year. But before I do that, I have another appointment.

You see this morning, I was offered an opportunity to become an agent for an insurance company. Out of several people interviewed, I am one of two offered this chance. It means that in addition to my other classes, on Aug 3 I have to enroll in a state-required insurance course, complete it with an 80% on their exam. Then take a state exam and pass it, then get licensed, and finally get certification for long-term care policies. That whole process should take about two weeks. After that, I should be officially employed again.

How much time that will leave for writing, blogging, and participating in some of life's more exotic and erotic pleasures (i.e. hypnosis, porn reviews, etc...) is beyond me. But keep checking in with me. Email me if you want (, hell I'm even open to receiving your dirty pictures if you want to send them. (No? OK, well it was worth a shot...) I will keep posting updates as time allows and maybe, just maybe, it will be something entertaining.

Save the Diet Dew, Save the World

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the delays - Moving Update (part deux)

Yet another week has gone by and I am about 95% unpacked here in Indiana. I still have a few boxes I am not sure where its contents will go. When I moved, I gave up my computer desk (no room) and a majority of the things I have left to arrange used to sit in or on that desk.

I attempted to get my son registered for school last week, but the guidance counselor was out and I was told to call back this week and schedule an appointment. Apparently, this is the week that all of the current students will come to get their schedules (or maybe it's next week - I forget), but the school didn't seem too concerned about having enough time to get my high schooler enrolled. I tried to tell them the folks back in Missouri may be a little slow at sending out transcripts, but it didn't bother them. So I called the school this morning to make an appointment, got voicemail, and left a message. I'm still waiting for a call back.

The job front is....proceeding. That's about all I can say at this point. I interviewed last week for one position and have been expecting to hear something soon about another. I submitted another application with a local hospital who is attempting to fill an Insurance Verification Specialist position. I have experience with that (about 3 1/2 years worth), which I did back at MU in the late 90's. I left that position in January 2001. Not too excited about doing it again, but there are worse jobs out there.

And we arrived here last week to learn that we also have new upstairs neighbors. They just moved to Muncie as well. From Columbia, MO. Small freakin' world, huh? But it doesn't end we were getting our sodas and snacks from a convenience store in Columbia last Tuesday morning, I was talking to the cashier about the move. She is also moving - to Muncie - in a few weeks.

Columbia, MO....taking over the world, one city at a time.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Update: It's Moving Day (Part 1)

Wow, it's been a whole week already?

Just a quick update to let you know why you haven't heard from me in so long. It's been a very long and productive week with packing and trying to get kids motivated and getting utilities taken care of here in Missouri. I haven't really had time for much of anything else.

But today is the beginning of an end, I suppose. Today (in just a few minutes, in fact), I will be taking down my internet modem and cable box and dropping them off with Mediacom. From there, I am off to U-Haul to pick up the moving truck. Then it's back here for a fun-filled day of hoping nothing expensive gets broke! Then it's meet-with-the-landlord time and return keys and back to U-Haul to have an auto-transport unit hooked up to the truck and load my car up on it.

Finally, tomorrow morning I am off to Indiana. So I'll be offline for a day or two while we get things loaded, transported, and unloaded. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vintage vs Retro

Like everyone else, I have a few minor irritants. No, not THAT kind of irritant! But rather a few things that if I really sit down and think about it, things that can really annoy me.

Imagine driving down the road and you find a good oldies station on the radio. Yeah, songs from people like Jan and Dean, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Temptations...all the great groups from the 50's and 60's. And then without warning, the next song you hear on that same station...Hotel California by the Eagles. Or maybe even Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. It's enough to make me want to hit the brakes and scream, "These are NOT oldies!!"

Now, how's this for a segue...

Did you know there is a market for vintage porn?

It's true...while surfing recently trying to find some good porn videos, I discovered some vintage porn sites. Sites containing pictures and vids from as far back as the 1920's and 30's. If you need an example, click here. Surprisingly, I found these pictures to be quite simple really. I suppose back in those days, porn wasn't quite so easy to come by (no pun intended!) so just to see something of this nature had to be quite the shock.

So as I'm looking through the pages there, I am reminded of what the time period was like and how people must have faced quite the scandal if word ever got out that the pretty little girl next door posed for that kind of picture. My own grandparents were people who threw society's standards back in it's collective face by choosing to not get married. For them, that was making quite a statement. And then as I look at a few more pics another thought crosses my mind. These pictures were taken over 70 or 80 years ago! My God, these people are grandparents and great grandparents in today's world! Who would have thought that the old couple who cut you off in the buffet line, or was driving real slow in front of you on the highway might have done something like this!

But back to the point of this post. Annoyances. I thought I would search for more vintage porn and I found this clip for vintage lesbians. Go ahead, I'll wait. Just don't forget to come back and read the rest of this post...

Damn, took you long enough! So what was I saying again? Oh yeah....THIS IS NOT VINTAGE!! Retro, maybe, but it's not vintage! Sure, it may have been made many years ago, but it's in color for Christ's sake! So let this be a lesson here...removing the audio track and showing grainy color footage of porn is just bad porn. I don't care how good the action was, if you don't get the whole picture, you are just missing out. Vintage porn is black and white and from a by-gone era. This clip here is vintage. And so is this one. Yes, it might still be grainy...but you have to look at it with a new appreciation. Not for its face value, of course. But for the way these pioneers laid the groundwork and didn't give a damn about what some busybody might think. Well, I know what I think...

Save the porn, Save the world...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Resistance is Futile

I've done my homework today, no celebrities have died (that I know of), and slightly bored this morning. So I went digging into my folder of previous writings and found this erotic poem I came up in 2007. Enjoy...


Resistance is Futile
Scott Hendricks - 2007



I see you across the room

I never knew I was your target

You caught my eye

And from then on I never stood a chance

Your senses zoned in on me

They attacked from all angles

Your eyes captured mine

Your scent overwhelmed me

The touch of your hands sent jolts of electricity throughout my body

The sound of your voice beckoning me was that of an angelic choir calling me home

Your kisses were that of a sweet sweet wine

I would follow you anywhere you wished

I did not know it would be to the depths of despair

As I sit here now longing for your touch

Crying out for the sound of your voice

Aching for just one more kiss

To be inside you again

To feel the heat of your passion

To look into your eyes as I enter you

And to experience a taste of heaven once again

As my seed bursts forth and fills your womb

But you are not here

And you know the pain I am in

You are simply using me to your own ends

I am your pleasure toy

To be at your disposal when you so desire

You have added me to your collection

And I know all too well

That resistance is futile


Save the blogger, save the world...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remembering and Reminiscing

Before I head off to sleep tonight, I wanted to reflect on something and join the other millions of people who paid some sort of retrospect to the memory of Michael Jackson.

Since his death nearly 2 weeks ago, I have avoided all of the tv specials and tributes to him. Why? Cause quite frankly, I wasn't sure I wanted to listen to all these people who had been bad-mouthing him do an about face and start talking about what a good person he was.

Not knowing the man personally, I confess to having my doubts about his innocence when the charges of child molestation came out and he was taken to court over them. Was he guilty? Except for the supposed victims, the world will never know.

My 19-year-old son tonight summed it up perfectly. It wasn't all that long ago that people were putting him down for his questionable appearance, health, and "sexual appetite" for lack of a better term. And now here are a lot of the same people praising him for the man he was.

I think we all tend to feel a little guilty inside when we talk bad about someone we know and then something bad happens to them. But at the same time, we have to remember something else that this country's judicial system is based on: Innocent, until proven guilty. Michael was never proven guilty in a court of law. The man is innocent and should forever be seen as such.

I watched footage of his memorial service tonight on NBC Dateline and I saw the person I will remember. Michael Jackson was truly the King of Pop. He was an entertainer and an innovator. It's difficult for young people to know this nowadays, but anyone who was around during most of the 1980's can tell you it was harder then to turn on MTV and not see a Michael Jackson video than it is to turn on MTV now and see any video. I remember trying to get tickets to a 1984 concert in Kansas City, only to find them completely sold out (and well out of my price range). I will remember the man who gave us Thriller (the album AND the video). His music video's alone were must-see. If you haven't seen them, go to YouTube and lookup the videos listed below. I wanted to embed them here, but that feature was disabled at YouTube

Thriller (full version)
Beat It
Billie Jean
Remember the Time (featuring Eddie Murphy and Iman)
Black or White (w/Macauley Culkin and George Wendt)

One video I could embed here is below. The song here is 20 years old, but I think maybe the world has forgotten the message it sends...take a listen...

I choose to remember Michael Jackson as a man who brought a lot of music and a message of hope to anyone who would listen. I will also remember him as a man who left this world way too soon.

Save the music, Save the world...

Rumor - 'Claire-bear" is switch-hitting?

Wow...oh the hell am I supposed to wait until the 4th season of Heroes starts now??

Here is the rumor/scoop of the month...On the upcoming 4th season of Heroes, the immortal Clair Bennet, is moving into some girl on girl action. As in playing with the home team. It will start off as a kiss with her college roommate (supposedly being played by Rachel Melvin from Days of Our Lives) and will grow into something much more.

I think I need a cold shower already...

Is this an attempt to jump the shark, so to speak? Heroes' fanbase has been dwindling over the past couple of seasons, which wasn't helped by the writers strike during season 2. Perhaps the school of thought is to appeal to a combination of viewers - the gay and lesbian viewers for one, and all the guys out there like me who won't be able to turn away from the screen.

Oh relax, it's network television. How far can they go?

Hint: Anyone remember NYPD Blue?

Save the blogger, Save the world...

25 and 2

Unless you want to get technical and count the former Rolling Stones manager who passed away recently, we've gone 2 days without a major celebrity death :)

And you were worried when news broke of Rupert Grint's battle with Swine Flu!

Today is Day 25 since I left MU and I'm still listed as an active employee. Sigh... So in a little while I am going to head over to Human Resources and see if we can't get things hurried up a little.

Fun times ahead...

Save the blogger, Save the World...

UPDATE: Rumor has it, I have been terminated! (Yes, that's a good thing, LOL). Another hurdle down...

Monday, July 6, 2009

It's been 24 days since my last day of work...

I continue to wait for the Human Resources person at MU to either terminate me in the employee database, call me, or return my email. So far, none of which has happened. The rep I had been working with on the supplemental retirement was also going to call me this morning and we were going to attempt to go meet with HR if necessary, but I haven't heard from him either. Could be just one of those days, but seriously, I don't have very many of those days left.

With any luck, I'll hear from him today and things will be all straightened out. Keep your fingers crossed...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

In the Mood

Know what its like when you find yourself totally in synch with someone? Know what its like to be in a relatively new relationship with someone and you've just spent a week and a half with them and then suddenly you find yourself back home, away from them again?

Yeah, me too.

I miss her. I came back from Indiana on Thursday morning and I am moving there in a little over two weeks (assuming MU's human resources gets their act together) yet my body is wanting to know what happened to all those wonderful sensations I was feeling when I was lying next to her. To be able to roll over and put my around her and for her to do the same. Snuggled up close to me as we drift off to sleep, feeling her breasts against my back and her breath on my neck and shoulder.

I know, some of you are thinking TMI, right? Well, you knew the risks when you came in here, didn't you?

You didn't? Oops...My bad. Well now you do. Coming in here is kinda like knocking on my door at 2am. Chances are you're going to see someone naked. And that's kinda what I'm doing now. Baring myself to you, opening up and telling you what's on my mind.

And yes, I'm naked.

And horny. Might as well throw the whole package out there while we're at it.

Save the blogger, save the world...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Days without a celebrity death: 0

Wow, the turnover (for lack of a better word) in the celebrity world is getting crazy. In the span of a week we lost Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett (yes, I had her poster when I was a kid, even the nude parody poster), Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, and Karl Malden.

Today I read that former NFL Quarterback Steve McNair has been found dead in his home, along with a woman. Both had been shot, and it is being reported that McNair was shot in the head.

McNair began his pro career by playing for the Houston Oilers and continued with Tenessee (Oilers/Titans), before closing things out with Baltimore. McNair was the quarterback for Tennessee's 1999 SuperBowl team that lost to the St Louis Rams.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 20 and Counting...

I felt the need to vent today and since I have this blog, well....why not.

It has been 20 days since I left my job at the University of Missouri. Twenty. As in two zero. Why does it matter you ask? Because they apparently think I still work there.

My employment status is currently listed (still) as active and until it gets changed to terminated, I cannot receive a cash-out check from the 403b plan I participated in. This is important because I need the money to finance my move.

The paperwork has been sent to Human Resources, but the person who is sitting on it tells us that her first priority right now is to assist with Time and Labor implementation. Never mind that there are over 600 people waiting to have their status terminated right now. That, it turns out, is low priority.

So I sit and wait, held hostage by a bureaucratic system that would rather cut costs by employing fewer people to do the mountains of work that waits for...apparently no one. I mean, if she can't get to it now...when will they get to it? Ever?

Sigh...Stay tuned folks...