Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So....How ya been?

Forgive me if it seems like I'm whining a little bit today. I certainly don't mean to. But sometimes people just piss me off.

Point 1: Nearly 3 weeks ago, I interviewed with and received a job offer from WalMart. I went and peed in a cup for them and was told I would be contacted soon regarding a start date. A week went by, nothing. I called them and was told they were waiting on my background check to come in. OK, fine. Another week goes by and nothing. Same story. Now it's nearly 3 weeks later and still nothing. I mean, how long should this take? Meanwhile unemployment benefits have run out as congress continues to twiddle their collective thumbs up their asses (or each others, I don't know) and I sit here broke. I interviewed with another company earlier this week and they are doing the background check before sending out for my urine. Let's hope they can move a little faster, shall we?

Point 2: No one is buying my book. GASP! OK, I don't have a professional agent and not a lot of marketing dollars, so there really is no advertising budget. Advertising on this page (below) is just one of the few easier ways I can afford (and now available on as well!). But it is a good story and those who have read it (during the proofreading and editing process) agree with me. But with a facebook fan page of over 80 people not to mention a similar number of friends on facebook, one would think that a few of those people would show some interest in at least reading it via a downloaded copy. I hear from some people "I'm broke, I can't afford to go buy your book right now." Well, I can appreciate being broke, but it's not like I'm asking anyone to fork over a ton of money. Plus broke people buy cd's, dvd's, and books all the time. So what's the difference? Honestly, I'm just trying to use my creative abilities to maintain an income, legally, without scamming anybody so I can try to stay off the welfare system. Take your pick - you can support me by ordering my books and get something in return, or you can support me with your tax money on welfare. It's up to you, America.

Point 3: I have a retirement account from my days at the University of Missouri. When you stop working for them, and if you've been there enough years to be vested in a retiremenbt plan, they tell you how much you have in your retirement account and then give you options of receiving it in a lump sum payout, leaving it invested with them until you are ready to retire, or roll it over into another IRA of some sort. Oh, but you can only receive the lump sum payout IF the amount is below a certain dollar amount. For once in my life, I actually have too much money and as a result, I can't touch it (Cue MC Hammer). At least not until I turn 55 at the earliest. Still exploring other options involving rollovers though.

OK, that's enough of that. I haven't been able to afford my diabetes meds for a few months now, and I seriously think it's starting to have an effect on my eyes, so I may need to rest them. It sucks when collecting unemployment puts you over the income requirements to qualify for medicaid but barely gives you enough to live on. But now that unemployment benefits are exhausted I might have better luck. We'll see...