Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day Without You

Here's a little something I came up with last night. It could probably use some fine tuning, but I'm ok with it.

A Day Without You
SDH - 5/29/08

A day without you
is like a day without sunlight
or a day without laughter
Might as well turn off the soft blowing breeze too
If I have to spend a day without you

A night without you
is nothing but dark and cold
emptiness and lonliness
when you are not there to hold
The absence of your kiss will leave me feeling blue
If I have to spend a night without you

A week without you
I would be lost in a daze
wandering alone in a forest
like a mouse in a maze
taking each lonely step like there are rocks in my shoes
If I have to spend a week without you

A month without you
feels more like a year
Its like living in exile, abandoned and alone
in a cold winter's rain, chilled to the bone
Soon I would grow desperate, not sure what to do
If I have to spend a month without you

A year without you
I'd never survive
I'd spend each day wandering the streets
People would say its a miracle that I'm even alive.
Only the memory of your love would carry me through
If I have to spend a year without you

A lifetime without you
I just can't imagine
never feeling your touch
Or to experience your sweet embrace
I'm so very thankful you're a part of my world
Cause I'd never want to spend a lifetime without you

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Love - A Response to Dream Lover

Last week, I posted an erotic poem called Dream Lover that I wrote back in Sept 2007. Earlier this week, I received a response to that poem - written by a woman who has become very special to me. Below is her reply to Dream Lover:

My Love
by TJH - 5/25/08

When nighttime falls
and i see you lying there
to your side i fly
rushing through the air

i can't bear the thought
of you spending a night alone
with no one to hold you close
or in ectasy to writhe and moan.

your eyes speak more to me
than any mere mortal words could express
your kiss tells me more
as i lay there undressed.

with words unneeded
our actions will speak
our love grows and lingers
as my knees grow weak.

you fill me with love,
with your wondrous passion
as together we ride the night
lost in our obsession.

i hold you tightly
as we both reach new worlds
we know that this pleasure
is unrivaled and unfurled....

these nights of pure passion
that you ignite in me....
my world comes alive
in every touch you give me.

but just as sure as the dawn
streaks across the morning sky
another day will begin
and another night will go by

and my time here with you
will once again be gone
and i will be forced to run and hide
until the night returns, strong.

for my time with you
is only in the dark.
my life must be lived
without daylight, without larks.

it is not my choice
no.....far be it from that.
but my choices were made
long ago, and i can't change that.

so farewell my love
until the next nightfall
please remember me
for in my heart your voice will call.

your love lives within me
your warmth remains on my skin
your orgasmic flow wells up within me
until i see you again.

for i am doomed to be
a dream lover, forever.
until the day you can join me
in dreamland.....forever.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What do you want out of life?

It might be easier to make an itemized list of the things that we want, but ultimately I'm asking overall: What do you ultimately want to achieve in your lifetime?

My answer is simple, as is that of a lot of people I would imagine. I want to be successful.

Ah, see....therein lies the connundrum.

How do we go about defining successful? I define it as being a person that my friends and loved ones can be proud of at the end of the day. I want to be someone who instills honesty and responsibility in my children. I want to be someone who is a strong provider for my family. I want to be someone that my wife would never regret marrying. I want to be someone that can turn a head now and then. I want to be someone who's words are listened to on occasion.

In other words, I want to know that at the end of the day, something I did mattered to someone.

Isn't that what we all strive for? Well...most of us anyway?

To some people, emphasis is placed on the almighty dollar. He who dies with the most toys, wins. To others, the emphasis is on love, for richer or poorer, they don't care as long as they have each other. Of course it is possible to both, I suppose...if you're one of those types who marry for money. Is that win-win? One person has the money and in return the other person will love them. Or at least fuck them silly every now and then.

My point today is that when things don't necessarily go the way we hope, we start an internal reflection that makes us question who we are and what exactly is wrong with us. The answers aren't always clear and it isn't long before negativity starts to set in because things just don't go right. This is the part where we have to step back and take a good look at ourselves and our lives and make what can be a difficult decision. Is a life-change in order? Perhaps a career change? Or maybe a long overdue vacation?

I am reflecting. I am questioning just who I pissed off in the universe to make so many aspects in my life seem like roadblocks. And why some things in life appear to be so easy for some, but nearly impossible to attain for others. Why have I followed the same roadmap traveled by others who achieved great success, yet for me the only reward seems to be a pat on the back and a piece of candy?

Tonight however, at the end of the day, before I drift off to sleep I will remember the positives that I have going on. My 2nd of 3 children is graduating high school this week. I am employed (despite the cost of gas which makes it increasingly difficult to get back and forth). And I have someone in my life whom I know without a doubt can make all the stresses and worries on my mind go away with just a look from her beautiful sparkling eyes and a tender kiss. And I wouldn't trade that for a million dollars.
But what I wouldn't give to be able to be able to treat my loved ones like royalty. To take a holiday and sail around the world. Or an ocean cruise, like on the Love Boat. Just once, before the end of the day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Weekend is Here

Well, almost, anyway. For me it will technically begin in just over 2 hours, around 12 noon central time. Can't go home yet, unfortunately, since I have to wait for my sons to get out of school.

So...anyone have any big plans for the weekend? I imagine travel will probably be down, with the price of gas going up and up and up... As for me, I will probably stay at home this weekend and do some writing. I have a few storylines in mind - let me know what you think. The first one hits close to home...the cost of gas is so high and our main character is broke, so they wind up prostituting themselves for gasoline. Another storyline is a reporter interviewing a phone sex worker - and soon finds himself a part of his own story....

I've tried my hand at erotic poetry and I've found that to be somewhat hit and miss. Sometimes it works just fine and at other times it just isn't there. Ultimately, I'd love to be able to publish an erotic anthology of my work, but its very light on the poetry side of things so I do need to work on that.

I've actually been contemplating starting work on a new series of first-time experiences; if you really think about it, there is a lot of different directions a series like this could go. But I have to stop and think - do I want to stick with a regular, reoccurring character or make it someone new each time. Do I take someone who is completely innocent and let them travel down a road of experience after experience until there is nothing left? It could get interesting. Or do I take average everyday people, someone different each time, and put them in a situation where they experience a sexual situation for the very first time?

And finally, I'll leave you with the following. It is something I wrote when I started playing around with erotic poetry. Personally, its one of the few I've written that I've actually been rather pleased with...I hope you like it too!

Dream Lover
SDH - 9/21/07

When the night is long
And I'm all alone
I think of you
And pick up the phone

In what seems like an instant
You'll be by my side
Ready again
For that naughty ride

I look into your eyes
as they sparkle and shine
It fills me with pride
To know that you are mine

You pick me up
When I'm feeling blue
When it seems no one cares
Except for you

Your touch is golden
Your eyes hypnotic
Your kisses ignite
Something extremely erotic

With you in my arms
I'll hold you tight
You'll keep me comforted
All through the night

Without you here
I'd barely survive
To be your man
I feel so alive

Our passion rises
And my cream it flows
Into your body
As I watch you glow

Too soon it is over
Our bodies want to rest
Can we go again, we wonder
As I caress your breast

But a new day is dawning
And soon you'll be gone
Once again I'll be alone
To carry on.

My memories will sustain me
As they always do
Of another night together
Just me and you

So kiss me my darling
Before you go
Kiss me hard and long
Kiss me nice and slow

I start to awaken
And it's all way too soon
Seems like I had just reached for you
When we started to spoon

I want you again
I need you so
Why oh why
Do you have to go?

One more time
Wrap your legs around me
One more time
Lets find the glory we seek

Take me inside you
Like eagles we will soar
Let me experience again
Love's passionate roar

Orgasms erupt as
We reach that sweet bliss
The feeling I have right now
Is one I will miss

Emptiness surrounds me
as your image fades away
Until we meet again, my love
Is all I can say

Then the reality hits me
And I want to scream
Why must you be
Only a dream?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Kid on the Block - An Introduction

Wow, so here I this is blogger (or blogspot, or whatever you want to call it), huh? Not bad...not bad at all.

Actually, I've seen a few blogs on this site before and they looked pretty good. I've actually been posting over at MySpace for a little over 2 years now (since early 2006) and it has been a reasonably enjoyable experience. I've made many friends over there and I do intend to keep posting there on a regular basis.

Sure, its had its frustrations as well. Which is partly why I am here at blogger now as well. See, as you get to know me, you will find that from time to time I will post something that some people might consider a little steamy. OK, a lot steamy. I write erotica.

Yeah. You heard me. Sex stories. Erotic fiction. Words to get you all hot and bothered. Apparently, some people think I'm rather good at it. Wanna see for yourself? You can start with the book I just published (there's a link over in the column to the left). It's called The Erotic Adventures of Steve and Brooke. Go ahead. Go order you a copy of it. I'll wait.

Anyway, this is the reason I am also posting here. I set up a website (if you hadn't noticed the link) to promote the book. In my efforts to spread the word and find traffic to the site, I stumbled upon Entre Card, which uses a javascript widget to put an identifying card on your website and allows others to do the same. You can even leave your card on other people's websites. This in turn will hopefully get people to come back here where they will learn about my book and get all excited over it and want to buy a copy for their very own.

The point is, MySpace doesn't allow the javascript widgets on their site. So...if I can't post the widget, I can't get traffic to my MySpace blog and I can't get people all hot and bothered (ummm, yeah. Hopefully you know what I mean.)

So I am here now. You can also find my posts at other sites listed in the column on the left. I'm not an every day poster. I try to post everyday, but it doesn't always work out. Sometimes I'll post 3 blogs in one day, sometimes its 3 to 5 blogs in one week. But I do promise to do my best to make them entertaining.

Your comments are always welcome and I hope you'll keep coming back and seeing what I'm up to. And don't forget to pick up a copy of my book! Seriously, cause that's some good shit...