Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Love - A Response to Dream Lover

Last week, I posted an erotic poem called Dream Lover that I wrote back in Sept 2007. Earlier this week, I received a response to that poem - written by a woman who has become very special to me. Below is her reply to Dream Lover:

My Love
by TJH - 5/25/08

When nighttime falls
and i see you lying there
to your side i fly
rushing through the air

i can't bear the thought
of you spending a night alone
with no one to hold you close
or in ectasy to writhe and moan.

your eyes speak more to me
than any mere mortal words could express
your kiss tells me more
as i lay there undressed.

with words unneeded
our actions will speak
our love grows and lingers
as my knees grow weak.

you fill me with love,
with your wondrous passion
as together we ride the night
lost in our obsession.

i hold you tightly
as we both reach new worlds
we know that this pleasure
is unrivaled and unfurled....

these nights of pure passion
that you ignite in me....
my world comes alive
in every touch you give me.

but just as sure as the dawn
streaks across the morning sky
another day will begin
and another night will go by

and my time here with you
will once again be gone
and i will be forced to run and hide
until the night returns, strong.

for my time with you
is only in the dark.
my life must be lived
without daylight, without larks.

it is not my choice
no.....far be it from that.
but my choices were made
long ago, and i can't change that.

so farewell my love
until the next nightfall
please remember me
for in my heart your voice will call.

your love lives within me
your warmth remains on my skin
your orgasmic flow wells up within me
until i see you again.

for i am doomed to be
a dream lover, forever.
until the day you can join me
in dreamland.....forever.

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