Friday, May 23, 2008

The Weekend is Here

Well, almost, anyway. For me it will technically begin in just over 2 hours, around 12 noon central time. Can't go home yet, unfortunately, since I have to wait for my sons to get out of school.

So...anyone have any big plans for the weekend? I imagine travel will probably be down, with the price of gas going up and up and up... As for me, I will probably stay at home this weekend and do some writing. I have a few storylines in mind - let me know what you think. The first one hits close to home...the cost of gas is so high and our main character is broke, so they wind up prostituting themselves for gasoline. Another storyline is a reporter interviewing a phone sex worker - and soon finds himself a part of his own story....

I've tried my hand at erotic poetry and I've found that to be somewhat hit and miss. Sometimes it works just fine and at other times it just isn't there. Ultimately, I'd love to be able to publish an erotic anthology of my work, but its very light on the poetry side of things so I do need to work on that.

I've actually been contemplating starting work on a new series of first-time experiences; if you really think about it, there is a lot of different directions a series like this could go. But I have to stop and think - do I want to stick with a regular, reoccurring character or make it someone new each time. Do I take someone who is completely innocent and let them travel down a road of experience after experience until there is nothing left? It could get interesting. Or do I take average everyday people, someone different each time, and put them in a situation where they experience a sexual situation for the very first time?

And finally, I'll leave you with the following. It is something I wrote when I started playing around with erotic poetry. Personally, its one of the few I've written that I've actually been rather pleased with...I hope you like it too!

Dream Lover
SDH - 9/21/07

When the night is long
And I'm all alone
I think of you
And pick up the phone

In what seems like an instant
You'll be by my side
Ready again
For that naughty ride

I look into your eyes
as they sparkle and shine
It fills me with pride
To know that you are mine

You pick me up
When I'm feeling blue
When it seems no one cares
Except for you

Your touch is golden
Your eyes hypnotic
Your kisses ignite
Something extremely erotic

With you in my arms
I'll hold you tight
You'll keep me comforted
All through the night

Without you here
I'd barely survive
To be your man
I feel so alive

Our passion rises
And my cream it flows
Into your body
As I watch you glow

Too soon it is over
Our bodies want to rest
Can we go again, we wonder
As I caress your breast

But a new day is dawning
And soon you'll be gone
Once again I'll be alone
To carry on.

My memories will sustain me
As they always do
Of another night together
Just me and you

So kiss me my darling
Before you go
Kiss me hard and long
Kiss me nice and slow

I start to awaken
And it's all way too soon
Seems like I had just reached for you
When we started to spoon

I want you again
I need you so
Why oh why
Do you have to go?

One more time
Wrap your legs around me
One more time
Lets find the glory we seek

Take me inside you
Like eagles we will soar
Let me experience again
Love's passionate roar

Orgasms erupt as
We reach that sweet bliss
The feeling I have right now
Is one I will miss

Emptiness surrounds me
as your image fades away
Until we meet again, my love
Is all I can say

Then the reality hits me
And I want to scream
Why must you be
Only a dream?

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