Friday, May 30, 2008

A Day Without You

Here's a little something I came up with last night. It could probably use some fine tuning, but I'm ok with it.

A Day Without You
SDH - 5/29/08

A day without you
is like a day without sunlight
or a day without laughter
Might as well turn off the soft blowing breeze too
If I have to spend a day without you

A night without you
is nothing but dark and cold
emptiness and lonliness
when you are not there to hold
The absence of your kiss will leave me feeling blue
If I have to spend a night without you

A week without you
I would be lost in a daze
wandering alone in a forest
like a mouse in a maze
taking each lonely step like there are rocks in my shoes
If I have to spend a week without you

A month without you
feels more like a year
Its like living in exile, abandoned and alone
in a cold winter's rain, chilled to the bone
Soon I would grow desperate, not sure what to do
If I have to spend a month without you

A year without you
I'd never survive
I'd spend each day wandering the streets
People would say its a miracle that I'm even alive.
Only the memory of your love would carry me through
If I have to spend a year without you

A lifetime without you
I just can't imagine
never feeling your touch
Or to experience your sweet embrace
I'm so very thankful you're a part of my world
Cause I'd never want to spend a lifetime without you

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