Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Idol Semi-Shocker (Don't Read if you Don't Want to Know!)

Who will get RATTED out? Which contestant will PACK it in? We'll find out tonight on American Idol! (I wish they'd pay me to write this stuff...)

The rain storms are just moving into the area so I'm waiting for our cable to go out. Of course it does, then my internet and phone will be out too, so lets hope for the best.

I've made a habit of checking in with Dial Idol each week to see how they call things and lo and behold, their predictions list the finishing order identical to what I did last night which means...anyone could go home.

Ford commercials have officially lost their appeal with me. What, did they hire the writer guys who almost ruined Heroes to come up with the Ford ideas? Bring back the Muppet commercial from Season 4! Good God, its getting to where I'm looking forward to the group lipsynch, er, song more than the Ford commercial!

Gotta give props to Danny's $6000 cleaning bill for the mess the group made at the Idol mansion. Speaking of, that segment looked kinda fun; gives me a few ideas actually. Wonder if there was a group shower afterward?

OK, results time....All 5 idols take the stage and Matt is sent to stage right while Danny is sent to stage left. Allison joins Danny, while Kris joins Matt. Adam gets his recap from Ryan and then asked to pick which group he thinks he belongs in. Adam picks Allison and Danny, and walks over to join them. Ryan says, THIS is NOT your bottom 3, then ushers Adam over to Matt and Kris and says THIS is your bottom 3.

Millions of women are now staring at their tv screens in disbelief.

Natalie Cole performance. I've heard past songs from her and she has sounded great in the past, but to quote Simon, she is sounding a lot like a lounge singer in a hotel somewhere.

Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks is sounding great; love the song :)

Time to send someone back to safety from the bottom 3 and going back to the couch is....Kris.

Millions of women have now just shit themselves simultaneously.

Jamie Foxx gets his turn at the mic now singing Gay Fish, er, Blame It. Sorry, it just sounded a lot like a song from South Park a few weeks ago. Does he agree with America's voting? Did America get it right? Jamie says it doesn't matter now because what is important now is the journey after Idol and it is time to make it happen and also he has a new movie out. Way to deflect, Jamie.

So how bad would it be for Matt to go home on the night of his best musical genre? How many women will refuse to watch any more Idol if Adam leaves. Memories of Chris Daughtry's exit, perhaps?

Without further delay, Ryan tells Adam that he is safe. Matt's luck has run out.

Millions of women have just collapsed with a huge sigh of relief.

Next week: Rock n Roll for the Final 4, and the special guest (mentor?? I'm a bit confused) is Slash. Yes, that Slash. Should be interesting.

American Idol Potential Spoiler - Who's Going Home?

Given Dial Idol's propensity for being off the mark the past few weeks, it may be safe to say that my predictions last night are way off base. But then again...

Dial Idol has predicted the order of finish this week as 100% identical to my prediction last night as well. Which means, if correct, it will be Matt Giraud going home tonight.

Oh, they also had Danny above Adam too. :)

We should know in about 8 hours or so...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Performance Notes (Insert Alternate Witty Title Here)

Well....I don't know that I can give a valid review and opinion of tonight's performances. Truth is, this is not one of my favorite genres of music, but I suppose it's my turn to feel what the non-country fans feel for one week each season (unless you want to consider season 4, when Miss Carrie won it all!).

We're in the top 5 now and at this point, I suppose it doesn't matter who they send home because all of the contestants (yes, even Matt) have proven they belonged. Simply by the style of music tonight though, I'd say they all sucked. A couple of them just sucked considerably less than the rest.

For what its worth, here are my rankings tonight, from first to worst. I don't have song titles because I just don't.

1) Danny
2) Adam
3) Allison
4) Kris
5) Matt

Tomorrow night, looks like our television choice is President Obama's speech on the other channels, or Taylor Hicks and American Idol's elimination show on Fox.

Decisions, Decisions....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another reminder that things are not always as they appear!

Heroes Fugitives -

Episode 12: An Invisible Thread

We flashback to last week's closing moments when our Heroes were rounded up, amongst a few other highlights from this season.

Angela dreamed of their capture so Noah pulls over and lets Angela and Claire out just before the stop. Noah is alone when he pulls up and officers with flashlights search the car as a van load of agents approach.

Back in Nathan's office, we see a repeat of Sylar walking out of the bathroom as Danko puts a knife in the back of his head. Sylar stands up and says "That hurt" as Danko looks on in surprise. Sylar sends Danko flying against the wall. Danko says go ahad and get it over with, his men will be there shortly and Sylar says he has plans for him. Sylar tells of his plan to meet the President, as Nathan, and waits to shake his hand. Danko tells him to kill him now and Sylar says he doesn't have to because in 30 seconds there isn't a person alive who will believe a word he says. Sylar then transforms into Danko and fires shots at the approaching team of agents. He re-enters the room and changes into Agent Taub, who yells, I've got him, he's in here! Agents enter the room holding guns on Danko, who simply looks at Sylar and calls him a son of a bitch.

In the nation's capitol, Angela and Claire are walking and talking. They arrive at Nathan's office and Angela says Claire is on her own, she has to go find Matt Parkman. In the office we see Sylar telling Nathan to wake up, but Nathan is still drugged and doesn't move. Nathan's secretary enters and says that his daughter is here to see him. Sylar transforms into Nathan and says send her in. Claire seems suspicious of Nathan's identity and asks how she knows its him and not Sylar. Sylar touches the necklace Claire is wearing and suddenly gains the knowledge of Claire and Nathans' trip to Mexico. She wants to go with him to his press conference and Nathan/Sylar agrees.

Hiro and Ando are watching as Danko is ushered into the prison of building 26. Hiro says he is feeling better, but he is a little shaken at his nosebleed from earlier. Everyone stands and watches as Danko is brought through the building and shoved into a holding cell, where he hears a familiar voice say "Fancy meeting you here." Danko turns and sees that it is Noah.

Back in Nathan's office, Nathan wakes up and is rather groggy as Peter walks in. Nathan says, "Sylar - we have to stop him."

Danko and Noah are talking, and Noah realizes he is Danko. Noah wants to get a spike into Sylar's head, but Danko says it won't work. Thanks to his new shapeshifting ability, Sylar moved the "spot". As the men are talking, they suddenly freeze and Hiro and Ando walk through. Everyone in building 26 is frozen and they realize they have the run of the place. That's when Ando notices that Hiro is bleeding from his ear.

They continue their search and find a room full of poeople on hospital gurneys. Hiro says Holy Crap. As they rescue a few of their friends, and replace their friends with the guards, Hiro utters that Payback is very bitchy and suddenly loses his focus. Time resumes and everyone starts to walk around again. Noah and Danko awake and see the open door and wonder if its a trick. Mohinder is examining Hiro and asks him a few questions about symptoms.

Nathan/Sylar and Claire walk through a security checkpoint and get onto an elevator. Claire says, I thought you were a righty. Sylar/Nathan says I'm ambidextrous.

Noah and Danko are still trying to make sense of the situation at building 26 just as Hiro shoves a needle into Danko's neck, who suddenly collapses to the floor. Noah runs out of the room and calls Claire. She answers her cellphone after several rings and Noah asks her where she is and she replies, "with Nathan." Noah asks if she is sure and she walks across the room with her finger pursed to her lips, saying "shhhh." Noah asks again how she knows its Nathan. Suddenly, Claire morphs back into Sylar and says, "Because it's me." Claire stands next to him looking a bit scared and unsure of what is going on.

Claire opens a bottle of champagne as Sylar uses Doyle's puppetmaster ability to move her around the room. Sylar delights in telling her all the people that are going to die. Claire says that he will die, she'll make sure of it. Sylar says one day, she may even love him. She says she'll keep trying to kill him for the rest of her life. Sylar says everyone needs a hobby.

Nathan and Peter arrive and are told they cannot go up to see the president because he's already up there. Security teams are with them and Nathan talks his way into being allowed to go up. The door opens as Claire comes flying through the door. Nathan and Peter look at her as she stares back at them saying "Go!" Sylar is inside the room, tossing sparks from his hand as Peter and Nathan attack. There is a ruckus in the room as Claire comes back inside and gets Peter who tells her they went out the window. Claire and Peter leave the room as Nathan and Sylar come back inside. Suddenly Nathan uses a finger motion and we see Nathan's throat has been sliced open. Sylar smiles and says "Claire is going to be so mad at me!" as Nathan collapses to the floor, dead. Sylar transforms back into Nathan and silently walks out of the room.

We see Matt Parkman get off a bus in DC, and Angela Petrelli finds him. She tells him that Nathan is in trouble, and Matt says he can't, he has his own situation to take care of. Angela tells him that they want the same thing.

Claire and Peter are back in the lobby and Noah is holding a gun to them. Claire tells Noah that Peter got Sylar's powers. Matt and Angela enter the building and using the "These are not the droids you're looking for" approach, they walk into the battle scene and find Nathan dead.

Sylar/Nathan finds the security team, who is escorting the president outside of the building. Sylar meets up with the lead security agent and assumes his identity as he continues his pursuit of the president. Sylar/Liam enters a vehicle containing President Worf (Star Trek's Michael Dorn is playing the President), where he is anxious to shake his hand. they shake hands, we find that it's not really the president - It's Peter who manages to revert Sylar back to his original form before injecting a syringe into Sylar's throat.

Back to the battle room, we have Sylar, drugged and unconscious with Angela and Noah trying to convince Matt to get into Sylar's head and make him think he's Nathan, so that he can tell the President he made a mistake. Matt is against the idea, but the pleas work. Matt agrees and begins to work on Sylar, telling him that he is no longer Sylar, Gabriel Gray is dead. Sylar is dead. Instead he is Nathan Petrelli. Sylar begins to convulse and choke and shift and when its all over, he is transformed back into Nathan, convinced of his new identity.

The group of characters stand around a makeshift funeral pyre and the original shapeshifter who had died assuming Sylar's form is burned. They discuss the meeting with the President and how the President agreed to a new "Company". volume 4 comes to a close as Volume 5, Redemption opens. It is six weeks later and former building 26 agent Kent Harper arrives home to a flooded kitchen. The water is running into the living room where it suddenly rises up into the form of a nude Tracy, whom we all thought had died several weeks ago. Tracy stands there and says to the stunned agent, "You're number 4."

Angela enters Nathan's office and says she's there for lunch. Nathan appears to be staring off into space and Angela asks if he's heard anything she has said. He walks over to a cabinet where he looks at a clock and says, it's off by a minute and a half. Angela gets a concerned look on her face for a moment as Nathan turns around and heads for the door. "You said something about lunch?" he asks her...

So there we have it...another season of Heroes is in the books, er, can, or whatever they call tv shows when they are completed. Looks like we'll have to wait until August to find out what happens next. Meanwhile I will just have to get Tammy brought up to speed so that she won't be completely lost when it does return.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weird News, aka Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Something I have always enjoyed reading was weird news items. Maybe its because of the satisfaction I get in knowing that there is someone in the world who is far more messed up than I am. And for those who actually know and hang out with me, they should take it as a warning that hey, it could be worse.

If you'd like to visit their website, simply click on this: News of the Weird

Here is a sampling of this week's weird news...

Spanish researchers at Autonomous University of Madrid reported in February that wolves (and almost surely dogs), when relieving themselves, deliberately seek out the most conspicuous places they can find (both as to sight and smell), to assure maximum territorial signaling. Male wolves prefer tall trees (and dogs, prominently located fire hydrants) and try to leave urine as high up as they can to increase its wind-carry, according to a Discovery Channel summary. [Discovery News, 2-26-09]

Biologist Michelle Solensky, of Ohio's College of Wooster, reported late last year in the journal Animal Behavior that male monarch butterflies are such calculating inseminators that they even decide the optimal level of sperm necessary for reproductive advantage. While injecting fluid, the male can "selectively" determine how much of it will be fertility cells, depending on how much residual sperm the female holds from previous suitors (and thus to always inject more than the other guys did). Solensky told New Scientist magazine that the penis acts as a kind of "dip stick" to check the quantity already present. [New Scientist, 1-7-09]

In March, because of budget cuts, the Municipal Court in Mount Gilead, Ohio, ordered its clerk to accept no new filings of any kind (including criminal cases) unless the filer brings his own paper for printing the legally required copies to be distributed. [Columbus Dispatch, 3-14-09]

London's Daily Mail reported in March that among the recession-themed business start-up grants awarded by the Welsh Department of Work and Pensions was the equivalent of about $6,600 to the Accolade Academy of Psychic and Mediumistic Studies. One of the Academy's owners defended the award, noting that parents who have lost a child need to know that the child is safe. [Daily Mail, 3-26-09]

Vinyl Lust: A 23-year-old man was arrested in February and charged with a series of break-ins at sex shops in downtown Cairns, Australia, in which the intruder inflated plastic dolls, had sex with them and left messes. (In the break-ins at Laneway Adult Shop, the perp appeared to be sweet on "Jungle Jane.") [Cairns Post, 1-7-09]

George Bartusek Jr., 51, was arrested in February in Cape Coral, Fla., in his car in the parking lot of a Publix supermarket. He had parked next to the front door, apparently to obtain the optimal audience, and was having sex with two blow-up dolls in the front seat. He told police he had come to the shopping center to buy clothes for his gals. [Fort Myers News-Press, 2-5-09]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Top 7 Elimination - Part Deux

Well, Dial Idol has done its part to put a little drama in tonight's elimination show. Thanks to the save of Matt Giraud last week, 2 people will go home tonight. That's 28% of this week's contestants if you're keeping track. After last night's performance show, the choices seemed rather cut and dried. But maybe not...

The open collars and chains around the neck make an appearance for disco week finally; they were conspicuously absent last night (not necessarily missed though, lol!) and for the group song its painfully obvious that the lipsynching is back and in rather poor form too. On the plus side, Paula did teach the 7 some moves and I'm looking forward to reading Tammy's post tonight too, if she ever recovers from watching Adam perform said moves.


Lil Rounds is the first one pulled off the couch tonight and the first of two to be sent home tonight :) So much for Dial Idol's "prediction"!

Music time again for guest performers Freda Payne (Band of Gold), Thelma Houston (Don't Leave Me This Way), and KC of KC & the Sunshine Band (Get Down Tonight). Entertaining, yet I'm kinda glad its over. I just noticed that KC kinda looks like the singer Meatloaf. Now THERE would be a guest mentor and theme week: The songs of Meatloaf! Paradise by the Dashboard Light would make a great group song, but with Allison being the only female left, and being only 16, I could see some issues being taken with that. But then again, Flo Rida was on recently and did his song Right Round, which is nothing more than a tribute to oral sex.

The results return...

Kris, Adam, and Danny are safe. Anoop takes a stool in the bottom 3, leaving Matt & Allison left for the final spot in the bottom. Allison moves to the bottom 3, as America's impression of Matt has improved over last week.

Back to the show and a guest performance from David Archuleta.

Back to the results and tonight's final elimination sends Anoop home.

This leaves a top 5 of Adam, Danny, Kris, Matt, and Allison to set up for whatever theme gets thrown at them. I missed Ryan's closing due to the crashing clanging sounds my sons tend to make whenever I need them to be quiet. Come on, I've paid my penance for my teenage years, haven't I???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to the Donna Summer Tribute Concert! (AKA Disco Week at the American Idol Top 7 Performance Show)

No save this week, 2 are going home. Who has the "balls" to survive Disco Week?

Wasting no time, the performances start. Let's divide tonight's performances into two groups:

Disco Inferno (On Fire, Hot Stuff, well, you get the idea):

Kris Allen - She Works Hard for the Money (Donna Summer) - Not a big fan of Kris, but gotta say this is the best I've heard from him all season. Took a completely different approach to the song and reminded me a little of Jason Castro with it. Sounded great to me. He won't see the bottom 3 this week.

Danny Gokey - September (Earth Wind and Fire) - OK, Danny has been sounding so much better the last couple weeks after breaking away from the country songs. Yes he's versatile, but he is more rocker than country boy. This song was a perfect example, too. Safe, safe, safe...

Allison Iraheta - Hot Stuff (Donna Summer) - She's still under 18, right? You wouldn't know it by this performance. Great opening, I thought it was great start to finish; Kinda like Billie Jean for David Cook last year, she could have a hit with that song today.

Adam Lambert - If I Can't Have You (Yvonne Elliman) - from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Adam is going with a look that has served him well lately. As for the song, had its moments. In fact I thought it started out great and like everything else he does, he made it his own. There is only one thing I wish he hadn't done and that was that high-pitched shrill note that he hit towards the end.

Disco Ducks (Quack, Quack):

Lil Rounds - I'm Every Woman (Chaka Khan) - No, she isn't. Thank goodness.

Matt Giraud - Staying Alive (Bee Gees) - Appropriate song choice after being saved last week by the judges. Good rythym, good vocals, but 10 to 1 Paula tells him how good he looks first. It was a'ight, but too many better performances tonight to make it to the top of the list. Is it enough to avoid being one of the two sent home this week?

Anoop Desai - Dim All the Lights (Donna Summer) - Anoop has a good voice, but this song seemed to fall by the wayside for me, borderline boring. I hate to see it, but Anoop may have just saved Matt from elimination.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Heroes Summary - Sylar-Centric

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am noticing a big difference in the writing since the change in writers earlier this season. Last weeks' episode was good - it explained a lot, but this week was simply awesome. Emmy nomination for Zach Quinto? Maybe, maybe...time will tell. Here's the summary for tonight's show. If you haven't watched yet, you don't want to miss it!

Chapter 11: I Am Sylar

Recap of the Petrelli and Bennet clans having dinner in the cafe and watching Sylar as Nathan on TV. Suddenly, it's 18 hours earlier...(This episode is taking place in the same time span as last week's chapter, 1961.)

Sylar wakes up in the form of another of Danko's agents and wonders why this keeps happening. He changes back into himself and pulls a tooth. Huh.

Matt is on the phone talking to his ex wife, Janice, telling her that the baby is ok and that he'll see her soon. They hang up and Ando & Hiro are talking with him. Matt has realized he has new priorities and Hiro & Ando try to talk him into helping take down Danko and Building 26. Matt doesn't want to be a part of it and thinks our other heroes should just give it up and stay safe. Matt pulls away and Hiro says, "A hero never admits defeat."

Danko and Sylar are talking outside about how the world thinks Sylar is dead. Sylar fears he is losing himself, thanks to his new shapeshifting ability. Danko says he should just stay as Agent Taub because as Agent Taub, he can come and go, even kill, as he pleases. But as Sylar, he has no choice but to hunt him down. Sylar changes back into Taub. After doing so, he uses his finger to cut into his arm: I AM SYLAR. His healing ability kicks in and the wound fades away.

We return from commercial to Richmond, VA, and the home of Tom Miller who has just received a message from Rebel to get out, now. Sylar suddenly appears on Tom's couch. Sylar talks to him and tells him he wants to see Tom's ability. Tom takes a statuette and sets it across the room and as Sylar watches, Tom turns it to dust. Sylar gives him a choice, choose the agents or choose Sylar. Tom chooses Sylar, who says "Good Choice" before slicing Tom's head open and taking his power. As agent Danko arrives, the words "I Am Sylar" are scrawled in blood on the wall.

Danko is back in the office now, talking to Sylar, who laments the fact that his eyes stayed a different color for 8 hours. Danko tries to tell him he is simply having an identity crisis and needs to find an anchor, something to hold onto and remind him who he is. Danko shows him an old watch that used to be his fathers. Sylar takes a look at it and holds it close telling Danko that its 3 minutes fast, gaining half a second every hour.

Hiro and Ando are trying to access Isaac's loft and are discussing what it means to be superheroes. Ando feels that Hiro doesn't treat him as an equal, but as a subordinate, or bait. Once in the room, the two are looking around before they are interrupted by agents, guns drawn. Hiro and Ando fall down and Hiro manages to stop time. He gets up and looks around and is stunned when he sees Ando get up as well. Ando realizes that he isn't frozen and is excited to know that he doesn't have to be the bait!

Sylar, disguised as Agent Taub, receives a delivery of evidence from the local police requested from the scene of his mother's death. We see flash back scenes from the first season and Ellen Greene playing the role of Virginia Gray. Sylar and his mother are talking in what appears to be modern day. Sylar talks to her about how things have gotten this way and wants to know why he feels so lost. Virginia tells him he isn't lost, that he is her son, even though she didn't give birth to him. He feels guilty that he killed her and and she says thats because there is no one left to love him anymore. She says and now, she's back. There's a knock at the door and Virginia turns back into Sylar. It's Danko, saying they found Rebel.

Hiro and Ando continue to talk among the frozen agents, trying to figure out who they are in the superhero scheme of things. Ando thinks of himself as a Batman type while Hiro is like Superman. Hiro sees Ando as "The Crimson Arc" and Ando doesn't appreciate that name. Hiro walks out of the room as Ando say's I'm not your sidekick! Hiro says softly, "I'm sorry," then starts time again just as the agents open fire and shoot several darts into Ando. Hiro stops time again and looks at the agent, saying "Just my size."

Danko and Sylar (as agent Taub) are outside a building with several other agents and a quick entry and search bring Sylar face to face with Micah, aka "Rebel". Sylar looks at Micah and is surprised at who he finds. Micah tells Sylar that he has a problem and that he can help him. Sylar tells him too late, he joined the other side. Micah says they don't know him and don't know how special he is, and that Sylar can save them all.

Hiro is on a transport disguised as an Agent and wakes up the drugged Ando. Another agent notices Hiro's glasses and questions them. Ando lets loose a burst of energy and the two make their escape, taking a GPS unit with them.

Micah is running and being chased by a team of agents. He is cornered on a pier as Danko orders his men to take him down. An agent argues back that he's just a kid. Danko says take him down now. They fire and Micah falls into the water. But it wasn't Micah, it was Sylar, having shifted into Micah's appearance as Micah made his escape. Sylar walks back onto the pier after most of the others have left, standing behind Danko. Danko tells him this wasn't like him and again asks him to be the hunter or the prey. Sylar chooses to be the hunter and Danko says he better start getting into character then.

Micah goes back to Sylar's apartment where he witnesses a Sylar/Virginia conversation. They discuss Sylars new ability and Micah tells Sylar that he can make things right, as Nathan Petrelli he can tell the president that he made a mistake. Sylar starts to get upset and tells Micah to get out and not come back. If he sees him again, he might have to kill him.

We enter Nathan Petrelli's office and see Sylar going through Nathan's desk. Sylar holds another discussion with his mother as he takes a walk around the office, looking at the pictures and awards. Sylar is still feeling guilty about killing his mother and Virginia tells him that that must be how he lost himself and that she forgives him. She tells him that he can be anything he wants, even president. Sylar then shifts into Nathan.

Matt is arriving back at Janices' home carrying the baby. He walks around the house talking to the baby about hos he didn't expect to fall in love. Janice runs in, excited to see the baby. As they have a moment, Matt knows they are being watched. Together they devise a plan of where they should go. Matt admits its crazy and Janice simply says they have a lot to talk about.

Sylar/Nathan is seen giving his speech regarding trying to meet with the president and says that once he gets a chance to do that and shake his hand, there will be some changes. We see Danko, Hiro, Ando, and the real Nathan all watching on tv.

Nathan and the others discuss what they just saw and Noah says they need a plan. Nathan wants to do this alone, but the others all say its a bad idea. Nathan says he must get to the president before Sylar does. Peter wants to go with him, but Nathan says, "I started this, I gotta end it."

Hiro and Ando discuss their new partnership aggreements and upon reaching one, Hiro prepares to time travel using Ando's "Crimson Arc" as a booster. Suddenly Hiro gets a big headache and falls to his knees, and lowering his hands, reveals a nose bleed.

Matt has found his old badge and tells Janice he can't go with her. They discuss the reasons behind it

Nathan is back in his office and is confronted by Sylar. Nathan tells him to get the hell out of his body. They discuss events and abilities, including one that Angela gave Sylar - the ability to know an items history simply by touching it. Nathan and sylar have more words and Sylar says that he will be better than Nathan and raises the magic finger. Suddenly a shot rings out and its Danko, who has just shot Nathan with tranquilizers.

As the closing monologue is given, we see the other characters rounded up - Mohinder is shot with darts, Agents close in on Matt, Janice, and Matt Parkman, Jr., and Noah, Claire, Peter, and Angela are pulled over at a road block with a van load of agents right behind them.

We return to Nathan's office where Danko is telling Sylar that he needs him back as Agent Taub. Sylar starts to walk away, stating that he wasn't interested in what Danko wanted anymore. Suddenly we hear a thud as Sylar falls to the ground, a knife sticking out of the back of Sylar's head. As he lays on the ground, Danko radios to his men that he will need some cleanup assistance but as Sylar starts to stir, Danko says "Check that". Sylar stands up in front of Danko and reaches around to pull the knife out of his head. He stares at the knife, then looking at what would have to be a very nervous Danko simply says, "That hurt!"

With that, we are left with previews for next week's season finale...It's gonna be a great conclusion to Volume 4! The story is there is supposed to be a death next week that will stick - who do you think it will be???

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wow - I thought you guys wanted me to let it go?

I've become a thorn in the side of KU fans. Cool.

But to be such a thorn, I have to keep in mind that some (note: I did not say ALL) KU fans have selective reading, which is quite similar to selective hearing. Meaning they only read or hear certain words or phrases.

The initial comments I received from the repost of an article I didn't even write encouraged me to just let it go, move on, quit carrying such a hatred, blah blah blah. I've tried. This is actually my third blog entry since then, but the comments, they keep on coming. And sometimes, they get personal. Let's stick to the subject at hand, shall we?

It's sad to a point, and eventually it just gets so dang ridiculous that maybe it is best to acknowledge that debating write and wrong with some people is like banging your head against a brick wall.

Let's look a little closer at two player situations: Darrell Arthur of Kansas and Keith DeWitt, an MU signee from Charis Prep School in North Carolina.

As some of you may know by now, it's been reported for the last few months that the NCAA was looking into the academic program at Charis Prep. It's been reported for awhile now that DeWitt may not make it through the NCAA Clearinghouse and be allowed to play basketball at Mizzou this in 2009-10. Yes sir, the NCAA really cracked down on this one!

Arthur, on the other hand, "graduated" from South Oak Cliff HS in Texas, and was cleared by the clearinghouse to play basketball for the Jayhawks of Kansas. According to the official KU website, Arthur was the 4th leading scorer on the team during his freshman season (2006-07) and started in 7 out of 38 games. Coming out of high school, he was tournament MVP his junior and senior years as his team won back to back state championships in class 4A. Sounds like a great player anybody would want on their team, right? In May of 2008, after 2 years of playing basketball at Kansas, WFAA-TV in Texas investigates and discovers the grade changing scandal at South Oak Cliff HS and learns that Arthur likely should not have graduated, therefore being ineligible to play basketball at Kansas. Here's a link to the story at WFAA:

Grade questions could void another SOC title

Now lets stop for a moment and emphasize a point. Missouri Head Coach Mike Anderson is not resposible for DeWitt's course selection or grades at Charis Prep. Neither is Bill Self responsible for the grade change situation involving Arthur and South Oak Cliff. The high schools are the ones submitting the transcripts to the NCAA and its up to the NCAA to clear the students to play. My argument today is with the NCAA.

Mizzou loses out on a player because the NCAA won't accept his core courses and rightfully so. Meanwhile, KU has a player on the court for them for 2 YEARS and it takes a Texas tv station to discover he didn't make the grade? Where was the NCAA clearinghouse looking on that one?

Mizzou is not perfect, I'll give you that. But in the past when Mizzou has tried to bend the rules a little bit, MU got caught and punished for it, often immediately. And I will say that I am thankful they did get caught in the past because when Mizzou gets to the final 4 and wins a national championship, then Mizzou fans can truly appreciate the journey of getting there and winning with honesty and integrity.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hot Blonde Streaker at Rugby Match

Now for something a little more on the lighter side of things....

Sports Videos, News, Blogs

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, would you look at that...

It appears I've touched a nerve!

Apparently a few readers out there neglected to read the first line of my last post, which clearly states "This post is not my original work." Looking back at my traffic feed, I can see that most people who have found that post were from Kansas, so maybe reading isn't one of their strong suits. But still they made it through the blog post and there were no pictures to help them along, so I must give them some credit.

Seriously though -- I didn't write it. I found it posted on Tigerboard. It also clearly states that it is not meant to state a complete picture of things at KU.

I posted it for one reason and one reason only. The difference in media coverage between Missouri and Kansas sports is highly laughable. If somebody so much as sneezes wrong at Mizzou, the entire free world hears about it. A football player runs down a teammate at Kansas, causing head injuries and sending him to the hospital and its completely covered up and ignored by media.

I know Mizzou is not perfect in the way things are done. No program is. I can accept that. But when Kansas and their fans can own up to the fact that their beloved bird can get away with so much shit, and can pretty much break any NCAA rule around without so much as a slap on the wrist when in fact there should be serious consequences, I will find an ounce of respect for their program.

If you want to comment or criticize me for posting this go right ahead. I welcome them. But let's keep the personal slanders out of this shall we? You want to bring up the past problems at Mizzou? Fine, but how about this little nugget: try limiting it to an NCAA violation that was swept under the rug or perhaps Mizzou got away with. I don't think you're gonna find one.

Oh, and the Carmelita Floyd comments and Ricky Clemons jailhouse experience doesn't count. It wasn't an NCAA violation and Ricky was already off the team at that point.

FWD: The Undressing of Bill Self: A look back at Kansas Basketball

NOTE: This post is not my original work. I wish it were. It was originally found on, a message board for the use of fans of the Missouri Tigers.

To visit Tigerboard, you may not know it was for MU fans, by the sheer number of Kansas Jayhawk posters there, but trust me - it's a Mizzou site.

I'm copying and pasting the following from that site because it involves a detailed account of activities within the Kansas basketball program. Seems like when something negative occurs within the KU program, most media sources tend to hide it, or at least bury it until it becomes so old that no one really cares anymore. So in the name of Truth, Justice, and the Tiger way, please enjoy the following:

The Self Years

**Note – this is not meant to represent a complete picture. It only contains information that has publically been brought to light.
2003 offseason

After going on national television and proclaiming “I don’t give a **** about North Carolina, Roy Williams in a surprise move takes the knife which he has used to stab anyone in reach in the back with the last 10 years and plunges it squarely in KU fans hearts - proclaims the KU head coaching job to be a stepping stone job by leaving for North Carolina, just as his predecessor did. Tears are shed by all parties.

In an ironic twist of fate, after being chastised by KU fans for coaching a brand of basketball that is a disgrace to the game and not really basketball after hammering KU out of the 2001 NCAA tournament, Bill Self leaves Illinois and is introduced as Kansas basketball coach

Darnell Jackson becomes Self’s first commit to Kansas as after receiving over $5,000 in illegal benefits during his recruitment.

2003-2004 Season

Kansas, under Bill Self, after only two games becomes ranked #1 in the Nation;

In its first game thereafter, #1 Kansas promptly loses to Stanford (64-58] surrendering its No. 1 ranking; Next, Kansas is blown out by Nevada (75-61); A week and a half later, Kansas suffers humiliating defeat AT HOME against Richmond (69-68];

Another week and a half later, Kansas loses to Iowa State (68-61); then is crushed by Oklahoma State (80-60), crushed by Nebraska (74-55) and crushed by Texas (82-67)

After finishing 3rd in the conference Kansas loses again to Texas in second round of Big 12 tournament (64-60);

Kansas loses to Georgia Tech (79-71) in NCAA tournament after beating heavyweights UIC, Pacific and Alabama-Birmingham;

2004 offseason
Departing players receive customary graduation checks from appreciative boosters. Team sets off on illegally organized barnstorming tour where they receive the gate money to supplement their income.

Omar Wilkes, Moulaye Niang, David Padgett announce they are transferring from Kansas basketball program;

Kurtis Townsend hired as assistant basketball coach; Townsend’s experience includes being a member of the staff at California (1993-1997) during one of the largest NCAA recruiting violation investigations in history which landed the school on 3 years probation. He followed that up as an assistant at Michigan (1998-2001) during the greatest recruiting scandal in the history of the NCAA, which resulted in four years of major sanctions for the school; As a bonus to the Kansas basketball program, Townsend brought along with him recruit C.J. Giles, formerly committed to USC when Townsend was coaching there. However, when Townsend left USC for Miami, G.J. Giles transferred along with him to Miami. Once Townsend was fired at Miami, C.J. Giles again transferred with him, this time to Kansas.

Julian Wright commits to Kansas without ever visiting campus; Wright, who had previously eliminated Kansas from his list apparently and inexplicably changed his mind and committed on the spot during a Self and Townsend in-home visit; Scheduled visits to various other schools are abruptly cancelled;

Perhaps not surprisingly, Rodrick Stewart, another one of Townsend’s former players and recruits, transfers to Kansas from USC;

2004-05 regular season

Kansas blown out in 20 point loss (83-62) to Villanova;

Kansas loses three in a row to Texas Tech (80-79); Iowa State AT HOME (63-61); to Oklahoma (71-63);

Kansas loses to rival Missouri (72-68];

In a strange and somewhat sad tradition, KU finishes second in conference Oklahoma but in an attempt to appear something they are not claim a conference championship despite losing the tiebreaker to them. Kansas knocked out of Big 12 tournament (78-75) in loss to Oklahoma State;

Self manages to accomplish something that hasn’t been done at KU since 1978, as Kansas is shocked in first round of NCAA tournament (64-63) by 14th seed BUCKNELL. It is the first NCAA tournament victory ever for Bucknell’s entire conference, and the first win by a 14 seed since 1999. The preseason #1 team ends its season by losing to a team with only 5 scholarship players.
Benefiting from having a game day coach and tactician, Illinois goes 37-2 and reaches the NCAA title game.

2005 Offseason
Departing players receive customary graduation checks from appreciative boosters. Team sets off on illegally organized barnstorming tour where they receive the gate money to supplement their income.
Alex Galindo and Nick Bahe announce they are transferring from Kansas basketball program;

Only 300 fans show up for Kansas basketball awards ceremony; Majority of seating for 2,024 remains empty; “The ones who didn't show up can sit behind their desk, their computers or whatever and complain till next season," said always-quotable Keith Langford.

Highly publicized bar fight involving starting guard J.R. Giddens occurs. Multiple witnesses report that Giddens was the primary instigator in an attack that saw 10-12 people beat Olathe resident Jeremiah Creswell with fists, bricks and bottles. Saying he was trying to defend himself, Creswell brandished a knife and stabbed Giddens and four others. Witnesses said KU forward C.J. Giles also threw a punch and tossed bricks at Creswell as he lay defenseless on the ground getting stomped.

At some point in June, Kansas athletic department receives anonymous tip regarding improprieties centering around J.R. Giddens and NCAA recruiting violations
Ronnie Chalmers, previously a high school coach in Alaska with only 5 years of experience, but more importantly, recruit Mario Chalmers’ father, is announced as Director of Kansas Basketball Operations; his son also elects to come to Lawrence

Keith Langford and Aaron Miles, never able to adjust to Bill Self’s slow and methodical hi-low offense, go undrafted in the 2005 NBA draft
Known for his lack of sportsmanship and being on scholarship despite stealing felony amounts of merchandise from Wal-Mart, J.R. Giddens has developed into a one dimensional player and is thus becoming expendable given all the off the court issues he brings to the table. Giddens announces he is leaving the Kansas basketball program under request from Self to get a fresh start elsewhere.
With only walkon Christian Moody ever avging more than 1 rebound a game at the D1 level as returning players, CJ Giles receives no similar treatment and remains on KU’s team.

Among other undisclosed violations and disclosed violations, such as the discovery of massive and rampant academic fraud within Kansas’ football program, Kansas announces that it also discovered that its basketball staff had traditionally engaged in a practice of allowing monetary payments to graduating players and other Jayhawk players who had exhausted their eligibility in violation of NCAA rules; A self-imposed two year probation is levied against their athletic department; Other sanctions are levied against women’s basketball and men’s football; Curiously, men’s basketball escapes all (self-imposed) punishment;

Rodrick Stewart suffers gash on head after getting having a bottle smashed over his head during a fight at a Lawrence, Kansas bar

Not exactly clear when, but Brandon Rush commits to Kansas basketball program. Rush narrowed his college choices to Illinois and Oklahoma. Then he couldn't qualify at Illinois. Then he couldn't qualify at Oklahoma. He decided he would have to enter the draft straight from high school as he couldn't qualify at a D1 university, except it looked as though he wouldn't be a first round selection, something his brother had already have happen to him. His brothers talked him out of it. Two weeks after school started he got into KU and even though he at times carried a 0.0 GPA in high school managed to get a 3.6 at KU while missing the first two weeks of classes. This strangely coincided with the same time frame which their compliance department was noted to be severely understaffed and inadequate by the NCAA and academic fraud was occurring.

Sherron Collins commits to Kansas amidst various media reports that he was steered by his coach/street pimp Anthony Longstreet, considered by Chicago Public League coaches as the new Landon “Sonny” Cox for his ability to recruit players to Crane; Scheduled visits promised to various other schools are abruptly cancelled; Afterward, Longstreet, without being prompted or even accused of taking money, bizarrely challenged local sportswriters to “get the proof, produce the canceled check.'' Thereafter, Longstreet refused to ever speak again on the subject. He explained, "Right now, I've been told to be quiet because this stuff is getting too ugly.”

Darnell Jackson ruled ineligible by NCAA Eligibility Committee for 9 games for receipt of $5,000 in benefits from a Kansas booster over a three year period while being recruited by Kansas;

A article suggests that J.R. Giddens is also ultimately wrapped up in the Darnell Jackson scandal, questioning: “Did Don Davis also have a "relationship" with Jackson's best friend and former AAU teammate, J.R. Giddens, the McDonald's All-American who signed with Kansas in 2003? Because if the answer is yes, Kansas has a big, big, big problem.”

2005-2006 Season
The Bill Self led Kansas Jayhawks start the 2005-2006 season unranked in the polls for the first time in 14 years;

Arizona, despite shooting 28% from the field, defeats Kansas (61-49);

The very next day, Kansas loses to Arkansas (65-64) dropping the program to 1-2 for the first time since 1987; "This is the worst-case scenario for us…" Self said. "I'm disappointed about it. I'm sure our players are. We can't change it."

Kansas thereafter loses to Nevada AT HOME (72-70), falling to a record of 2-3 for the first time in over 30 years; After the game, ESPN TV cameras captured an exchange between Kansas University assistant coach Joe Dooley and 19 year old Nevada player Nick Fazekas. When Fazekas held out his hand to shake Dooley’s in an apparent show of sportsmanship, Dooley instead screamed “F*** YOU!!!!” directly at Fazekas. Afterward, Coach Bill Self reprimanded Dooley stating: "Obviously, in a hotly contested game like this one, emotions were high after the game. Coach Joe Dooley responded in an inappropriate manner to an exchange with a Nevada player.” Coach Dooley added: “"I have great respect for the Nevada team. They played well tonight. I responded in a negative manner to something that was said to me following the game. I certainly apologize to the Nevada program and this is not the manner in which Kansas basketball should be represented." However, replays of the exchange show Dooley’s statement to be less than truthful as Fazekas clearly did not do or say anything to Dooley prior to the exchange other than making the gesture of holding out his hand.

Kansas suffers its second loss in a week falling to St. Joe’s (70-67); The loss drops the Jayhawk’s record to 3-4 on the season and ran their record over the last 16 games to 6-10.

Reports surface regarding NCAA investigation into potential violations involving Kansas freshman Brandon Rush. The potential violations centered around Rush’s involvement with an agent and possible payment of travel expenses by NBA teams the previous summer during Rush’s workouts with the teams.

The NCAA suspends Brandon Rush after the NCAA determined that he had improperly received benefits from an agent after applying for the 2005 NBA draft. An appeal by Kansas is granted within one day and Rush is re-instated without missing any games.

Kansas loses to in-state rival Kansas State at home (59-55); Bill Self sets yet another record at Kansas marking the first time in the last 31 games against KSU and the past 12 years that Kansas has lost against KSU;

2 days later, Kansas loses to rival Missouri in overtime (89-86); This loss puts Coach Self’s record at 0-5 on the year for games decided in the final minute; Additionally, it places Self’s record at Kansas in the last 25 games at 13-12, barely over .500;

Micah Downs announces he is transferring from the Kansas basketball program
In a strange and somewhat sad tradition, KU finishes second in conference to Texas but in an attempt to appear something they are not claim a conference championship despite losing the tiebreaker to them.
Following up the once in the last 20 year accomplishment of losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament….Self manages to again accomplish this feat by losing to Bradley (77-73). Self has taken KU’s proud history of choking in the NCAA tournament and turned it up a notch. Considerable pressure mounts as ‘win at all costs’ goes into full effect when the fan base begins to call for his firing.

2006 Offseason

Christian Moody becomes the first Jayhawk player since the 1980s to not be eligible for his graduation checks from alumni, as the pending investigation causes KU to cease such open forms of paying their players. Later, his agent writes a note requesting video of him missing free throws to lose a game to Missouri be taken down from as he feels it is hindering his client from finding gainful employment…all of which could have potentially been avoided had the NCAA not had rules against paying amateur athletes.

The NCAA responds that KU failed to demonstrate Institutional control and that the minor violations self reported in basketball in KU’s report do not seem to be all-inclusive. KU fans continue to say nothing will come of the allegations, at least those who are aware KU is under investigation as the news media fails to provide any coverage to the story.

KU placed on probation for major violations across multiple sports and for Lack of Institutional Control. The committee seems impressed with KU’s innovative strategy of eliminating the middleman (by electing to not maintain a compliance department, KU didn’t detect or report violations in a timely manner, which resulted in them being able to claim a statue of limitations on many violations and go unpunished), however they are still charged with:
Illegal payments given to potential recruits
Illegal payments given to current players with the approval of coaching staff
Illegal payments given to players after eligibility is exhausted
Providing illegal transportation to recruits
Providing illegal clothing and other benefits to recruits
Providing illegal transportation to family members of recruits
Making special arrangements to facilitate a vehicle for family members of recruits
Academic Fraud
Failure to report violations
Failure to employ a compliance auditor
Negligence to provide adequate oversight
Violation of probationary period
Lack of Institutional Control

KU placed on three years probation. Reduction in the total of grants-in-aid award in the men's basketball program to no more than 12 during the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons; also reduced the total of official paid visits by a total of eight from the maximum number allowed during the 2006-07 and 2007-8 academic years. Dissociation of a representative of the university's athletics interest for a period of four years; annual compliance reporting required -- Summation, probation and a reduction in 2 scholarships to be taken in the years KU chooses for the above violations.

CJ Giles suspended indefinitely for failing to pay child support.

Giles re-instated to team, then 5 days later kicked off team for misdemeanor battery to his girlfriend. No bricks were thrown or heads stomped.

2006-2007 Season

KU loses at home to Oral Roberts (78-71). Midway through the second half ORU forward Caleb Greene begins openly mocking and laughing at the crowd as they become increasingly upset that their All American’s appear helpless to stop him.

KU upsets #1 Florida in overtime. KU fans consider it one of the great regular season wins in school history…until it is revealed that multiple key Florida players had mono and were playing through exhaustion during the game.

KU returns to earth as they lose to Depaul (64-57)

KU’s young nucleus gels, and they win their first real conference championship under Bill Self. Unhappy with actual accomplishments, KU fans claim their third straight conference championship in embarrassing fashion.

Despite what most consider Self’s best coaching job to date, he is under enormous pressure as the NCAA tournament get underway as most feel a repeat of the last two years will cost him his job. While in typical KU fashion they fail to play to seed, Self’s Jayhawks do advance before being knocked out by UCLA (68-55)

2007 Offseason

2007-2008 Season

Brandon Rush arrested for failing to appear in court. The hearing is ultimately delayed until after the basketball season.

Self reaches another legacy milestone, as he leads the Jayhawks to their first lose to KSU in Manhattan in 24 years (84-75).

In a strange and somewhat sad tradition, KU finishes second in conference to Texas but in an attempt to appear something they are not claim a conference championship despite losing the tiebreaker to them. Contrary to Self’s 1 actual title, KU fans claim a fourth straight.

In a perplexing outcome, KU is awarded a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament despite beating zero top 25 RPI teams in the regular season or winning their conference. They benefit by this strange seeding by receiving a draw of playing a 16 seed, an 8 seed, a 12 seed, and a 10 seed to get to the final four.

Self begins to be courted by Oklahoma State to take over their head coaching vacancy. Terrified that their last two coaches have left them for better jobs, KU beings to make a strong push to retain Self despite the distraction it is causing.

The beneficiaries of a historic collapse by Memphis, who led by 9 points with 2 minutes to play and could have done about 5 different things to ensure KU had no chance of getting back in the game, KU wins its second national title* of the modern era. They are the first team ever to win a championship while on probation for cheating, and every player on KU’s roster who played more than 21 minutes in the championship game had a shady story surrounding them:

2008 offseason

Self claims he wants to stay at Kansas, but won’t rule out talking to OSU. Eventually the draw of no oversight and little NCAA interference is too great and he elects to stay at KU.

Reports surface that Darell Arthur, KU’s leading scorer in the championship game, did not actually pass high school and passed through the NCAA clearinghouse by submitting fraudulent transcripts. As an ineligible player, per NCAA rules KU would be required for forfeit all games in which Arthur was a participant....which would result in KU being the first ever 40 loss team in a single season, the worst season in the history of the NCAA.

Listing of NCAA rules he was in clear violation of:

Unethical conduct by a prospective or enrolled student-athlete or a current or former institutional staff member (e.g., coach, professor, tutor, teaching assistant, student manager, student trainer) may include, but is not limited to, the following:
(d) Knowingly furnishing the NCAA or the individual’s institution false or misleading information concerning the individual’s involvement in or knowledge of matters relevant to a possible violation of an NCAA regulation;

(g) Failure to provide complete and accurate information to the NCAA or institution’s admissions office regarding an individual’s academic record (e.g., schools attended, completion of coursework, grades and test scores)

Prospective or enrolled student-athletes found in violation of the provisions of this regulation shall be ineligible for further intercollegiate competition, subject to appeal to the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement for restoration of eligibility. (See Bylaw 10.3.2 for sanctions of student-athletes involved in violations of 10.3.) Institutional staff members found in violation of the provisions of this regulation shall be subject to disciplinary or corrective action as set forth in Bylaw of the NCAA enforcement procedures, whether such violations occurred at the certifying institution or during the individual’s previous employment at another member institution. Unethical Conduct. A prospective or enrolled student-athlete who is found to have engaged in unethical conduct (see Bylaw 10.1) shall be ineligible for intercollegiate competition in all sports.

14.11.1 Obligation of Member Institution to Withhold Student-Athlete from Competition. If a student-athlete is ineligible under the provisions of the constitution, bylaws or other regulations of the Association, the institution shall be obligated to apply immediately the applicable rule and to withhold the student-athlete from all intercollegiate competition. The institution may appeal to the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement for restoration of the student-athlete’s eligibility as provided in Bylaw 14.12 if it concludes that the circumstances warrant restoration.

A judge rules in favor of the women Sherrod Collins sexually assaulted in an elevator in May of 2007, granting damagers in excess of $75,000. She accused him of exposing himself and rubbing against her on May 18, 2007, in an elevator at a University of Kansas apartment complex. Collins does not bother to show up to court. It is the first time the case is made public, allowing Collins to participate in the entire 2007-08 season.

The school district that provided fraudulent transcripts for Darell Arthur for passing grades in classes not attended and work not done conducts and internal investigation on itself. Amazingly, they find themselves not guilty. No follow up investigation or questions are ever asked by the local media.

Lawrence officials elect not to go to trial in Sherrod Collins sexual assault case. The woman files a civil suit as her only option of pursuing justice and Collins remains on the team.

It becomes apparent that key recruits the Morris twins are not going to qualify academically. Faced with the proposition of having only 1 player on the roster over 6’7, Self arranges for the Morris twins to finish up their high school classes in Lawrence.

Ronnie Chalmers, no longer the son of a KU player after Mario declares early for the NBA draft, vacates the Director of Basketball Operations position. No word yet which upcoming recruit’s family member will fill this vital position.

While living in university paid for housing prior to being eligible for scholarship benefits, 18 year old Markieff Morris drunkenly shoots a lady with a BB gun from his dorm room window. Jayhawk towers is declared a less safe environment for women than Bagdad, as KU players will molest you in the elevators and sniper you as you attempt to flee the building. Deemed too important to next year’s season, no action is taken and KU anxiously awaits the determination if the Lawrence high school replacement classes are enough to clear him academically.

Mario Chalmers and Darell Arthur are kicked out of the NBA rookie camps for smoking marijuana. Both players are fined $20,000 and required to attend next year’s camp over again.

Two weeks after school starts (shades of Brandon Rush before them), the Morris twins are cleared to play ball for KU. "While it may have taken a bit longer than we had hoped, the important thing is that the process worked," Self said regarding having them take classes in Lawrence.

Dallas School District re-opens case regarding Arthur not really being a college eligible player. Ashmore, Arthur’s Math teacher said when Arthur was failing Algebra I as a freshman in the fall of 2002, his coach asked for leniency. Ashmore said when he refused, Arthur was abruptly moved to another class. A closer examination of Arthur's grades reveal that his English III grades of 75, 60, 70 and 65 don't actually add up to a 70 as is reflected on his transcript. In fact, the average should be 67.5, meaning he should have failed the course that is needed to graduate. "Like I said, he [Arthur] just kind of checked out that third six weeks," Yourse, his English teacher said. Melanie Kidd was Arthur's theater arts teacher in the fall of 2004. She said she remembers Arthur failed the course during the final six weeks. Arthur made a grade of 50, she said. According to his transcripts, Arthur's grades for the last six weeks of theater arts are also missing. A block of grades from Arthur's Algebra II were also missing on the transcript from the fall semester of 2005. All that is present is a final grade, which was changed from "failing" to a passing grade of 70 nine months later in September the following year.

2008-09 Season

KU loses to Syracuse in the CBE Classic, allowing Self to add another notch to his belt as he leads KU to their first regular season loss in Kansas City in 25 years.

KU again accomplishes this feat, this time losing to 2-6 UMass in Kansas City. They join Holy Cross and Arkansas-Monticello as the only teams the minutemen have defeated in their 9 games.

Explaining how KU can fall so quickly from championship* to not ranked Self states, “We’re two possessions away from being (10-0) and ranked in the top 10 in the country.” Unfortunately in reality they don’t appear in the top 35 nationally in votes.

Three days later KU gets destroyed by Arizona, and no longer receives any votes of any kind for ranking consideration. Self puts forth no hypothetical’s on where they should be ranked.

During a ‘no contact period’ as defined by NCAA rules, Self pays a visit to the #1 unsigned recruit in the nation, and to demonstrate his respect for NCAA rules states in front of witnesses:
Self: "I'm not supposed to be talking to you, and you know that, but I just wanted to tell you that was a great win."
Quit the bravado for someone piloting a program on serious probation.

Despite holding arch-rival MU to 16 points in the first half, KU goes the last 8 and a half minutes of the game with only 1 bucket from the field and committed 27 turnovers to lose on the last play by 2. "We did such a poor job attacking and we did a bad job with shots," Self said.

Confirmation comes in the Darell Arthur case, that his grades were artificially changed and that his ‘graduation’ from high school wasn’t legit. Per NCAA rules that use of an ineligible player results in forfeiture of all games participated, KU falls to 0-78 for the prior to years – the worst two year record in the history of NCAA basketball. Self falls behind James Naismith for last place all time in winning % at KU with a 0.428.

KU gets crushed by 11th place Tech, losers of their previous 6 games, 84-65.

KU wins its second outright league title under Self. In embarrassing fashion but consistent with ku tradition fans attempt to portray themselves as something they are not, unhappy with actual accomplishments, and claim a fifth straight league title.

KU loses in the first round of the conference tournament to Baylor 71-64. Self notches another first, as KU becomes the first 1 seed to ever lose to a 9 seed in conference tournament history. It is KU’s first opening round loss since 1989.

After huge wins over North Dakota State and Dayton, ku loses to Michigan State. Unable to cope with having a less successful season than their rival, ku fans turn to such bizarre methods as claiming head to head scoring margin and that losing to a team who advanced farther than the team MU lost to actually means they had a more successful season.

No graduation checks are publically distributed.

2009-10 Offseason

After promising more scholarships than he has available, Self pushes two lesser role players out the door to make room for potential incoming recruits.

Sherron Collins elects not to test the European free agent market and barring being jailed announces he will return to ku for the upcoming season. Anthony Longstreet breathes a sigh of relief at remaining on the payroll and he isn’t faced with the ethical dilemma of going public for another year. Elevators everywhere are deemed unsafe for female riders.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Top 7: Now Playing...(Don't read if you don't want to know how it went!)

Top 7 - "Songs from the Cinema"

Guest celebrity - Quentin Tarrentino

Judges will only be speaking 2 at a time; I see this as a good thing; the show will move a little quicker and we won't be subjected to quite as much fluff.

Apparently, Tarrention has been here before, back in season 3. But I don't vote based on the opinions of judges and guests, I vote for who I think did the best. With's my not-so-humble opinion.

Allison Iraheta - “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith. I love this song. I prefer the country version, but this isn't bad. Allison picked one tonight that suited her style, I think. Top 3 performance tonight.

Anoop Desai - “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams. (although the Stewie Griffin version was pretty cool too). Tarrentino advised him to "rough it up". I disagree, but lets see what the Noop Dawg does. Not bad, not bad; but I think Stewie's was better. Borderline top 3 tonight.

Adam Lambert - “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf. Hearing that he was going to do this song, I picture him riding out on stage on a motorcycle.No motorcycle, but Adam quickly takes control of the stage. Millions of women are just wondering if they hit menopause early, thanks to all the hot flashes taking over. Simon has a point with how one segment of the audience will love it, another segment will despise it. I despised his version of Ring of Fire back in country week, so yeah. But still, easily one of tonight's top 3.

Matt Giraud - “To Really Love a Woman” by Bryan Adams. Yawn. Sounds like something I would hear in a piano bar. Matt can go bye-bye now.

Danny Gokey - “Endless Love” by Diana Ross. 1st thought: this could be trouble for him, but in spots, I could almost pick up a little Joe Cocker. Much better performance than it could have been. Best performance from him in several weeks.

Kris Allen - “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard. I have never heard this song before. Never heard of the movie it came from. Had to look it up on YouTube. Potential snoozefest here. Yup. Not his best work.

Lil Rounds - “The Rose” by Bette Midler. So which do we get tonight? The Lil Rounds who wowed us in the beginning? or the Lil Rounds who has been slowly slipping away as a copycat artist (whom we would all LOVE if were at karaoke night, btw). I heard this song many times as a karaoke host, and I think my favorite performance so far was on an episode of Family Guy, by Peter and the rest of the family (minus Stewie). Lil has chosen to put more of a gospel flair into this song and its a wonderful change from her performances over the past few weeks. bottom 3 tonight is a tough call, but I'll say its Matt, Kris, Lil. Based on tonight's performance, I don't think Lil deserves to go home just yet, but I'm guessing it may come down to Matt and Lil.

American Idol Top 7 Song Spoilers

Idol Song Spoilers (Courtesy of

Seriously, don't read any further if you don't want to know!

Allison Iraheta - “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith
Anoop Desai - “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams
Adam Lambert - “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf
Matt Giraud - “To Really Love a Woman” by Bryan Adams
Danny Gokey - “Endless Love” by Diana Ross
Kris Allen - “Falling Slowly”
Lil Rounds - “The Rose” by Bette Midler

This was the performance order during dress rehearsal.

Discuss amongst yourselves or comment below :)

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Heroes Summary: Digging Up Bones (Spoiler Alert, if you haven't watched yet!)

Chapter 10: 1961

So Peter, Nathan, Clair, and Noah are all digging in the dirt at Coyote Sands, digging up the bones of the past. Peter finds Angela and asks him what she’s doing. He asks her what happened out there. This is the story of many years before. The story of Coyote Sands Relocation Center.

A young Chandra Suresh (Mohinder’s dad) welcomes a young Angela and her sister, Alice to the compound. We are introduced to a young Dr. Zimmerman as well. Alice questions the guns held by the guards, and Chandra says its for their safety.

A young Charles Devaux, Bob Fisher and Daniel Linderman meet the girls. Alice is nervous about what is going on. Apparently, Alice’s moods can affect the weather. Angela tells how this place is supposed to help her nightmares go away and that everything will be fine.

Back to the present, Angela tells Peter that her parents, her sister…they all died there. And if they don’t do something now, history may repeat itself.

Angela says 1961 was a different time; everyone was patriots and when the government found out about them, the government said they could be cured. Peter asks why are they there? Why not tell the tale in a restaurant. Angela says its because she’d been dreaming about her sister. Angela explains that the Company was first formed there at Coyote Sands; how they did everything they could to hide who they were. Angela tells them that Noah has been doing everything he could to stop Danko and fix the problem, but so far its not working.

Back in the past, Angela wakes up from a nightmare and takes a walk. The men outside see her and talk about her situation. Angela has a scar on her leg, which is suddenly healed by Linderman. Angela tells the men not to trust Dr. Suresh. Alice comes outside and brings Angela back inside. After the girls talk some more, it begins to snow outside.

Claire and Angela are talking back in present day. Angela reveals she was Claire’s age when she arrived at Coyote Sands. She wishes she’d had Claire’s spirit and strength. The wind picks up full force and Angela tells Claire it is what happens in her dream. Angela tells Claire, it’s her; it’s Alice. The two run outside as Angela yells for Alice.

Peter is sitting inside a café when Nathan walks in. Nathan sits down and they discuss the “problem that you (Nathan) created”. Peter reminds Nathan of a time when Nathan went to a Mets game, during the playoffs; and Peter didn’t get to go.

During the storm, someone drags Noah into a building. It is Mohinder. Noah tells him the truth as to why he is here, and Mohinder does the same. The tales of the past return as we see Chandra ask Angela to meet with him. Angela is given a test of psychic abilities as Chandra holds up cards with symbols on the back side and Angela tells him what’s on them. Angela tells him also that she is not psychic, she dreamed of this meeting. She also tells him that he is going to kill all of them. He denies it of course, because that is not his intention. Angela agrees with him that he does not intend to, but that it will still happen.

Angela and Claire are talking again. Angela says Alice is alive and she is angry. Angela wants to go find her and Claire says no, its too dangerous. Angela goes anyway and as Claire follows, the storm stops. Angela however, has vanished.

Mohinder and Noah are outside examining some bones. Mohinder is wondering what kind of a man his father really was. Noah tells him working with the enemy does not make him the enemy. Peter and Nathan find the two and they pair up to look around some more. Peter leaves with Mohinder as the two enter a building. Mohinder continues to expand on his woes, and Peter tries to convince him that he is a good man. Peter tells him that his mother brought them here because she wants to start a new “Company”. Mohinder says he has to believe there is hope for a new redemption.

Noah and Nathan are talking about how they made a mess of things and Noah tells Nathan that Sylar is working with Danko and can shape-shift. Claire enters the scene, picking up a children’s book and asks what the last book was she read because she doesn’t remember. They discuss dreams and growing up and wondering if its even possible.

Back to the past as Alice lies on a bed while Angela and Charles stand together talking. They are discussing a plan to go out and Charles wants Alice to stay behind. Angela tells Charles she promised she would never leave her behind. She needs to keep Alice calm, and tells Alice that she had a dream about her and that she (Alice) would be alright and that she (Angela) would be right back. Suddenly present-day Angela wakes up with a jump. She looks around the room and hears someone coming. Peering around some books, she spies her sister, Alice. The two women stare at each other.

Angela tries to talk to her sister as Alice puts cans on a shelf. Alice leans back as a record plays the Roy Orbison song, Crying. Flashback to Angela, Charles, Bob, and Daniel in the café. Charles asks Angela to dance and she agrees. The chef tries to put a stop to it by stating they don’t allow that in here, dancing with coloreds. We finally learn Charles’ ability – it’s the same as Matt Parkman’s – he can control minds.

Present day Alice tells Angela its really her; she isn’t crazy. Angela asks her why she stayed and Alice says because of Angela’s dream, that she’d be safe. Angela asks what happened that night. Alice tells her that Dr. Suresh came for her and wanted to give her an injection. Alice got scared and nervous and brought a storm down upon the complex. She tried to run away and when Dr Suresh caught up with her, a man intervened and without warning, shooting started. Alice hid underneath an ominous sign: Building 26.

Angela apologizes to Alice and Alice says she did nothing wrong. Angela admits that she lied to her about that night. She thought she was doing the right thing and she wanted to protect her. To put it bluntly, Alice is pissed and conjures up a storm. Peter and Mohinder come in and try to help, but Alice’s wind and lightning throw them both around the room. Angela begs her to stop and she does after Angela tells her it is not their fault, it is her own (Angela’s) fault. Angela wants Alice to come with them, explaining that they are all her family. Alice says no and runs out of the building.

Mohinder stands in the compound when Peter returns to tell him Alice is gone. Mohinder talks about his father again, and Peter shows him a film reel he found that he thinks will give him some answers. Mohinder says he isn’t going with him; he isn’t ready to move on. The graves are all covered up again by the storm. Angela stands in the café as Roy Orbison plays again. Angela stands off to the side watching Claire, Peter, Noah, and Nathan eating and remembers back to the night in the café when she told the 3 boys about her dream of them forming The Company.

Nathan hands Angela a book he found, Alice in Wonderland and asks her come join them. Claire says somebody say something, and Angela responds How are the fries? Peter wants to make it clear that this is not a Company. Nathan says he is going to back to Washington and own up to his mistake. Claire says looks like you already have and motions to the tv where it appears Nathan is holding a press conference. Nathan asks who the hell is that? Noah stares at the screen and provides the answer: Sylar.

Only 1 more episode before the season finale! I’m hearing rumblings that its going to be a good finale. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calimari, Anyone?

American Idol Top 8 Elimination

At the top of the charts the year Simon was born - Venus by Frankie Avalon, who graces the Idol stage as he performs the song for the audience. That was a cool and surprising opening. I think I would have preferred Beauty School Dropout though.

Ryan and Frankie are twins? who knew?

Lip-synching Can't Get You Out of my Head, the Top 8 do their group performance of a song from the year Idol was born (2002)

The behind the scenes segment of the Ford commercial shoot shows that Anoop may have a backup career lined up...(ohh..yes he did!)

Mario Lopez is in the crowd tonight, along with the mayor of Kalamazoo, MI. Wow, the stars are out tonight!

OK, results time....

Adam, Kris, and Anoop are the first 3 to stand. Adam is the first to take a seat, he is safe. Kris and Anoop get their review recaps, and Anoop is sent to the bottom 3, Kris is safe.

Flo Rida is performing his single Right Round. I have to agree with Tammy, he ruined a perfectly good song. At least the screen isn't scrolling his cell phone number across it.

Back to results...

Danny is safe, Matt is also safe. Let me add here that Ryan's psych outs are getting really old and really bad! Scott is next and he is in the bottom 3. Allison and Lil are left. Allison is safe, Lil is in the bottom 3.

Kellie Pickler (Pickles!) is on stage now singing Best Days of Your Life...pardon me while I ogle...It wasn't all that long ago when she had a seat on that couch and was eliminated after acknowledging herself that she butchered her song. She has come such a long long way since then and she looks and sounds great.

Bottom 3 is back out on center stage as Lil is sent back to the safety of the couch.

30,000 votes separated Anoop and Scott. Scott is eliminated tonight and the judges' save is in play as Scott does a reprise of The Search is Over. And the answer from the judges is....


Kara and Paula fought for him, but Simon and Randy weren't convinced. And since the decision must be unanimous, a no was the only way to go. I liked Scott, but truthfully, I don't think he was a strong enough performer to win the competition. He will be on the tour, and I believe he will have a respectable career in music. And he won't have to wear the faux hawk to reflect his punk side either.

Til next week...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Idol Top 8 Performances (Don't read if you don't wanna know!)

Songs from the year they were born...

The Good --

Adam Lambert - 1982 & Mad World - In a manner becoming of Adam, he made this song his own and gets a standing ovation from Simon. Great style and composure, calm cool collected and intense all at once. Awesome performance for him tonight.

Allison Iraheta - 1992 & I Can't Make You Love Me - Should a 16 year old rocker chic really be singing the lines, Turn down the lights, turn down the bed? Doesn't matter I guess...I like her voice, I like her style, and I love the performance. Randy says she's one of the best of the night, and I agree.

Anoop Desai - 1986 & True Colors - So it turns out that the Noop Dawg shares a birthday with the reigning champ, David Cook. Too bad he doesn't share his vocal abilities as well. A little nasally I thought just before he went into the ending, but otherwise not too bad. Much better than last week.

The "It was just A'ight, Dawg" --

Danny Gokey - 1980 & Stand By Me (Mickey Gilley) - interesting, but the song definitely ended better than it started. Not bad, I guess...

Scott MacIntyre - 1985 & The Search is Over - A long forgotten song by Survivor, one of my favorites. And this performance tonight is one of my favorites tonight so far. Scott has a punk side? Who knew! Maybe next week, he'll come out wearing Sanjaya's Faux Hawk.

The "What the hell was I thinking?" --

Kris Allen - 1985 & All She Wants to Do is Dance - did not excite me at all. Tammy loved it, so he's probably safe.

Lil Rounds - 1984 & What's Love Got to Do With It - Well, I like it, but it seems a bit too much like the original. Dare I call it "Karaoke"? Paula started off with how Hot lil looked...can't be good...Yup, Paula used the "K" word too.

Matt Giraud - 1985 & Part Time Lover - Yawn. Wake me when he's done. WTF is up with the judges? Were we watching the same singer? They seemed kinda quick on the draw with all the kudos they gave him. Which tells me they were pimping him to be safe this week.

Who's going home? Wish it were Matt, but it won't be. Lil is certainly a candidate and she might pull the judges save if its her. Despite a good performance from Anoop, he could end up there as well. Guess we'll find out tomorrow night. Should be another good results show tomorrow, Kellie Pickler will be performing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Heroes Summary - You will need a scorecard, and even that may not be enough! (Spoiler Alert)

Time for another lightning round of Heroes summarizing!

Chapter 9: Turn and Face the Stranger

Noah is examining the shapeshifter’s corpse, impressed that Danko was able to bring down Sylar. Noah’s been chasing him for such a long time, and Danko seems to enjoy rubbing it in. An agent comes in to tell Noah that his wife is there to see him. Noah is genuinely surprised.

Hiro and Ando are on a journey to reunite the two Matt Parkman’s. Baby touch and go is crying as the car slows to a stop.

Mohinder and Matt, Sr. are in a hotel room and Matt’s ready to go after Danko for killing Daphne. He tells Mohinder goodbye, he’s been a real friend.

Noah is talking to Sandra asking what she’s doing there. She’s tired of the agents bursting into the house all the time and Noah tells her that Claire is safe. The two have words and Sandra is sick of everything that’s going on. Noah tells her that he is examining a body that he is told is Sylar, but he isn’t buying it. Sandra tells him she is staying at the Regency and she is not leaving until Claire is found.
Sylar was actually impersonating Danko as he was talking to Noah, and now the two Danko’s have a conversation in the men’s room. Danko asks Sylar something about killing Noah Bennet (missed it. My bad). Sylar says he’s going to destroy him.

Noah takes a call from Angela, she tells him she’s had a dream and asks him if he knows about something that happened at the Coyote Sands. She’s spoken with Nathan, he and Claire will meet Angela and Peter. Noah tells her about Sylar, and Angela tells him to leave it alone. Noah notices the body is gone, and he is told it was taken to the crematorium – bbq day.

Mohinder is back at his old apartment, he breaks in and finds all of his things gone. The super tells him it was homeland security. Super tells him some of his old man’s stuff is still in the basement and when he goes, he should take it. Suresh tells him “Show me.”

Hiro and Ando are hitchhiking and are picked up by an asian trucker. As they take off, baby Matt starts crying again and everything on the truck dies. Hiro and Ando look at the baby.

Matt is watching Danko as he looks around. Danko is trying to get into his head, and succeeds, telling him the person closest to him is in danger, go to him. Danko hails a taxi and gets in.

Noah tracks down the faux Sylar and pulls the knife out of the back of his head. As expected, nothing happens.

Danko arrives at a home where he is greeted by a beautiful young girl. Matt watches from the car.

Sandra shows up at Noah’s apartment where she tells him Claire is fine. Sandra presents Noah with divorce papers, he begs her to not throw away 22 years of marriage, offering counseling. Sandra says its too late, she doesn’t love him anymore. He’s a liar and a betrayer. It’s over. Sandra leaves. We later find out that it wasn’t really Sandra after all. It was the shapeshifting Sylar.

Hiro and Ando try to explain about the baby’s ability and the trucker asks them to try getting the baby the hell away from his truck. They do and the trucker leaves. The two try to get the baby to stop crying again and a strange face from Ando does the trick. This distracts the baby long enough that Hiro is able to get the car started and away they go…

Danko is assured that this girl is ok and says he has to get back to Washington as he kisses her goodbye. Matt watches with interest until Danko leaves. Matt then sneaks into the house and points a gun at the woman, before breaking down and backing off. The girl sees him as he about to sneak out. She assumes the escort service sent him, but Matt says he is from Danko’s work. She knows him under a different name.

Noah is scanning computer files, comparing Sandra’s signature and realizes it wasn’t Sandra who came to see him earlier. He also discovers the true identity of the body that looked like Sylar.

Matt and the young woman are talking and she tells Matt what she knows of him. She thinks he loves her, Matt tells her he doesn’t deserve her and that Danko is lying to her. He may think he loves her, but he will only hurt her. She accuses Matt of lying.

Hiro calls Mohinder looking for Matt. Mohinder tells Hiro that Matt has taken a dangerous course. Hiro tries to start the car again and when the baby cries he orders Ando to make the face again.

Nathan and Claire are looking at a map, making their way to coyote sands.

Mohinder is looking at his father’s files and finds a reference to Coyote Sands.

Sandra enters an apartment and senses someone behind her. She says there is money in her person, the voice says he isn’t there for the money, but make the wrong move and they die. The camera turns around and its Noah. Sandra asks Noah what he’s doing and he tells her he knows she isn’t really Sandra. Sandra starts crying, saying she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She doesn’t know about any divorce papers. Noah slams her against a table when a cellphone rings. It’s their son, Lyle, wanting to know where Mr. Muggle’s pills are. Noah gets that sick feeling as he realizes its really his wife. Sandra tells Noah to get out and he tries to explain about Sylar. She believes him, but still wants him out. Noah leaves and he hears the door lock behind him.

The woman shows up at Danko’s apartment, and Danko asks how she found him. Matt says he brought her and points the gun at them both. Matt wants the woman to see what kind of a man her boyfriend really is. Matt gets into Danko’s mind and forces him to tell the truth and the girl can’t believe what she’s hearing. Matt realizes that Danko loves the girl and says it’s the only way he will understand what he did to him. Matt points the gun at the girl and Danko says go ahead. Matt struggles with the task and drops the gun. Danko reaches for his gun and Matt says go ahead, finish it. Danko fires and suddenly everthing freezes as Hiro walks into the room and says, “Whoa, close one!” Hiro puts Matt in a chair and wheels him out. When time restarts, Danko sees that Matt is gone and chases after him, but its too late. The girl looks at Danko and says, “stay away from me” as she leaves the apartment.

Noah walks back into the office to see Danko, minus his glasses. Noah is pretending to be Sylar until Danko is convinced. Noah pulls his gun on Danko and calls him on the act. Noah wants Sylar’s head on a platter. He says he’ll wait.

Hiro and Matt are walking and talking about what Matt was doing until they arrive back at Ando, who is playing with Matt, Jr. Hiro introduces then introduces Matt Sr. to his infant son. Hiro explains to Matt about how they found the baby and that this child has abilities and Matt is amazed that he has a son. And he is every bit the proud papa, as the baby seems happy to be with his dad.

Agent Donner walks in with a team and a body bag, and Noah is convinced that Donner is Sylar. Danko doesn’t vouch for him and Noah shoots the agent, expecting him to heal, but he doesn’t. Danko says it isn’t him. Noah runs out of the room and into the streets, seemingly confused by what’s going on.
Danko circles the body of Donner, stating he didn’t have a lot of options. Turns out it was Sylar after all as he gets up from the pool of blood and spits out the bullet. Danko was impressed, he didn’t know Sylar could bleed like that. Sylar says he squeezed out a little extra for show.

Noah is walking along leaving a voice message for Sandra, telling her he loves her.

Danko is on the phone leaving a message for the woman. He asks her not to give up on him, and tells her that the man she knew is who he wants to be. She is seen getting into a cab.

Peter and Angela are at Coyote Sands. Peter doesn’t understand why they are there and Angela says its where their story begins. Nathan and Claire arrive to join them. Angela never wanted them to see any of this, but to understand the future, they have to understand the past. She opens the back of an SUV and breaks out some shovels, saying if they want the answers, they’ll have to dig. As they dig, they come upon a skull. Angela feels faint and Peter asks if she knew them. Angela says she knew all of them. Nathan asks how many of them are there. Angela says keep digging. A car arrives and as Claire looks to see who it is, Noah gets out and we are then treated to previews for next week’s Chapter 10. Only 3 episodes left for the season…

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Platforms, Boos (no, not booze), Majestic Wingspans and ....Ah, ya know what, I just don't care.

Elimination Spoiler Below - Don't read if you haven't watched yet and don't want to know!

Megan is the first contestant I’ve ever seen smile big and wave when called out as one who should be concerned about leaving.

Ford commercial was the most creative I’ve seen in a while.

Group song…I liked it. I thought Allison seemed a little weak on her lines, but Kris, Megan, Anoop, Danny, and Adam all sounded great on theirs.

Idols imitating Idols….perhaps a new fox reality show?

OK, time to divide up the contestants into groups.

Group 1 – Matt, Megan, Kris
Group 2 – Adam, Lil, Allison
Group 3 – Anoop, Danny, Scott

Who is safe? Who is the bottom 3? Will Ryan pull one from each group? Why am I talking in questions? Who is Xavier Cougat? (sorry, I was channeling Drew Carey and Ryan Stiles for a moment)

At any rate, its time for a performance from the reigning American Idol, David Cook! Another great performance from him (I like that song Come Back to Me) and a platinum record presentation to boot! Congrats to David!

Back to the eliminations; its not a group of 3 safe or not grouping afterall.

Group 1 – Kris and Matt are safe. Megan flaps her wings and lands in the bottom 3.
Group 2 – Lil and Adam are safe, Allison moves to the bottom 3.
Group 3 – Danny and Scott are safe, Anoop is in the bottom 3.

While the 3 sit and wonder which one is leaving, Lady Gaga performs…what the hell is this? Men in Black meets Madonna? Is that a group Vogue up there?

So back to the bottom 3, let’s make it a bottom 2 by saving Allison. Good call!

Going home is Megan. A little late, perhaps, but I think she saw the writing on the wall. Allison gave her the Caw-Caw salute from the safety of the couch. She didn’t particularly care about the judges’ comments last night, so Simon rightfully returned the favor. And over the past 3 weeks now, Idol has eliminated 3 parents. Anyone left that has kids?

Next week’s theme: Songs from the year they were born.

Yes! Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter is coming to TV!

OK, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll back up a bit. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter is a series of books written by best-selling St Louis, MO author, Laurell K. Hamilton. There are 16 books in the series and the most recent book, Skin Trade, is due out this summer.

The first book in the series, Guilty Pleasures, has been made into a comic book through Marvel Comics.

Now, here is a link to the big announcement that has me all excited:

Basically, what it means is that the Anita Blake series is coming to television on IFC. Production begins this summer, with the first installment airing during the summer of 2010.

Anita Blake fans have been waiting years for this to happen, anxiously fantasizing about which actors and actresses would be best suited to play the various characters. For the character of Anita, the first actress who comes to mind is Kate Beckinsale (Selene in "Underworld"). She's 5'7" and although the books identify Anita as smaller in stature, I don't think the general public would complain much. Others see someone like Alicia Coppola ("Jericho") in the title role. Maybe...what do you all think?

Then there is the lead vampire, Jean-Claude, and the Alpha lycan, Richard. Sebastian Bach has been suggested for the role of Jean-Claude, but I don't know. As for Richard, David Boreanaz ("Angel") comes to mind, but he is also currently on Bones, and I don't see him leaving that show anytime soon.

Your thoughts?