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Heroes Summary - Sylar-Centric

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am noticing a big difference in the writing since the change in writers earlier this season. Last weeks' episode was good - it explained a lot, but this week was simply awesome. Emmy nomination for Zach Quinto? Maybe, maybe...time will tell. Here's the summary for tonight's show. If you haven't watched yet, you don't want to miss it!

Chapter 11: I Am Sylar

Recap of the Petrelli and Bennet clans having dinner in the cafe and watching Sylar as Nathan on TV. Suddenly, it's 18 hours earlier...(This episode is taking place in the same time span as last week's chapter, 1961.)

Sylar wakes up in the form of another of Danko's agents and wonders why this keeps happening. He changes back into himself and pulls a tooth. Huh.

Matt is on the phone talking to his ex wife, Janice, telling her that the baby is ok and that he'll see her soon. They hang up and Ando & Hiro are talking with him. Matt has realized he has new priorities and Hiro & Ando try to talk him into helping take down Danko and Building 26. Matt doesn't want to be a part of it and thinks our other heroes should just give it up and stay safe. Matt pulls away and Hiro says, "A hero never admits defeat."

Danko and Sylar are talking outside about how the world thinks Sylar is dead. Sylar fears he is losing himself, thanks to his new shapeshifting ability. Danko says he should just stay as Agent Taub because as Agent Taub, he can come and go, even kill, as he pleases. But as Sylar, he has no choice but to hunt him down. Sylar changes back into Taub. After doing so, he uses his finger to cut into his arm: I AM SYLAR. His healing ability kicks in and the wound fades away.

We return from commercial to Richmond, VA, and the home of Tom Miller who has just received a message from Rebel to get out, now. Sylar suddenly appears on Tom's couch. Sylar talks to him and tells him he wants to see Tom's ability. Tom takes a statuette and sets it across the room and as Sylar watches, Tom turns it to dust. Sylar gives him a choice, choose the agents or choose Sylar. Tom chooses Sylar, who says "Good Choice" before slicing Tom's head open and taking his power. As agent Danko arrives, the words "I Am Sylar" are scrawled in blood on the wall.

Danko is back in the office now, talking to Sylar, who laments the fact that his eyes stayed a different color for 8 hours. Danko tries to tell him he is simply having an identity crisis and needs to find an anchor, something to hold onto and remind him who he is. Danko shows him an old watch that used to be his fathers. Sylar takes a look at it and holds it close telling Danko that its 3 minutes fast, gaining half a second every hour.

Hiro and Ando are trying to access Isaac's loft and are discussing what it means to be superheroes. Ando feels that Hiro doesn't treat him as an equal, but as a subordinate, or bait. Once in the room, the two are looking around before they are interrupted by agents, guns drawn. Hiro and Ando fall down and Hiro manages to stop time. He gets up and looks around and is stunned when he sees Ando get up as well. Ando realizes that he isn't frozen and is excited to know that he doesn't have to be the bait!

Sylar, disguised as Agent Taub, receives a delivery of evidence from the local police requested from the scene of his mother's death. We see flash back scenes from the first season and Ellen Greene playing the role of Virginia Gray. Sylar and his mother are talking in what appears to be modern day. Sylar talks to her about how things have gotten this way and wants to know why he feels so lost. Virginia tells him he isn't lost, that he is her son, even though she didn't give birth to him. He feels guilty that he killed her and and she says thats because there is no one left to love him anymore. She says and now, she's back. There's a knock at the door and Virginia turns back into Sylar. It's Danko, saying they found Rebel.

Hiro and Ando continue to talk among the frozen agents, trying to figure out who they are in the superhero scheme of things. Ando thinks of himself as a Batman type while Hiro is like Superman. Hiro sees Ando as "The Crimson Arc" and Ando doesn't appreciate that name. Hiro walks out of the room as Ando say's I'm not your sidekick! Hiro says softly, "I'm sorry," then starts time again just as the agents open fire and shoot several darts into Ando. Hiro stops time again and looks at the agent, saying "Just my size."

Danko and Sylar (as agent Taub) are outside a building with several other agents and a quick entry and search bring Sylar face to face with Micah, aka "Rebel". Sylar looks at Micah and is surprised at who he finds. Micah tells Sylar that he has a problem and that he can help him. Sylar tells him too late, he joined the other side. Micah says they don't know him and don't know how special he is, and that Sylar can save them all.

Hiro is on a transport disguised as an Agent and wakes up the drugged Ando. Another agent notices Hiro's glasses and questions them. Ando lets loose a burst of energy and the two make their escape, taking a GPS unit with them.

Micah is running and being chased by a team of agents. He is cornered on a pier as Danko orders his men to take him down. An agent argues back that he's just a kid. Danko says take him down now. They fire and Micah falls into the water. But it wasn't Micah, it was Sylar, having shifted into Micah's appearance as Micah made his escape. Sylar walks back onto the pier after most of the others have left, standing behind Danko. Danko tells him this wasn't like him and again asks him to be the hunter or the prey. Sylar chooses to be the hunter and Danko says he better start getting into character then.

Micah goes back to Sylar's apartment where he witnesses a Sylar/Virginia conversation. They discuss Sylars new ability and Micah tells Sylar that he can make things right, as Nathan Petrelli he can tell the president that he made a mistake. Sylar starts to get upset and tells Micah to get out and not come back. If he sees him again, he might have to kill him.

We enter Nathan Petrelli's office and see Sylar going through Nathan's desk. Sylar holds another discussion with his mother as he takes a walk around the office, looking at the pictures and awards. Sylar is still feeling guilty about killing his mother and Virginia tells him that that must be how he lost himself and that she forgives him. She tells him that he can be anything he wants, even president. Sylar then shifts into Nathan.

Matt is arriving back at Janices' home carrying the baby. He walks around the house talking to the baby about hos he didn't expect to fall in love. Janice runs in, excited to see the baby. As they have a moment, Matt knows they are being watched. Together they devise a plan of where they should go. Matt admits its crazy and Janice simply says they have a lot to talk about.

Sylar/Nathan is seen giving his speech regarding trying to meet with the president and says that once he gets a chance to do that and shake his hand, there will be some changes. We see Danko, Hiro, Ando, and the real Nathan all watching on tv.

Nathan and the others discuss what they just saw and Noah says they need a plan. Nathan wants to do this alone, but the others all say its a bad idea. Nathan says he must get to the president before Sylar does. Peter wants to go with him, but Nathan says, "I started this, I gotta end it."

Hiro and Ando discuss their new partnership aggreements and upon reaching one, Hiro prepares to time travel using Ando's "Crimson Arc" as a booster. Suddenly Hiro gets a big headache and falls to his knees, and lowering his hands, reveals a nose bleed.

Matt has found his old badge and tells Janice he can't go with her. They discuss the reasons behind it

Nathan is back in his office and is confronted by Sylar. Nathan tells him to get the hell out of his body. They discuss events and abilities, including one that Angela gave Sylar - the ability to know an items history simply by touching it. Nathan and sylar have more words and Sylar says that he will be better than Nathan and raises the magic finger. Suddenly a shot rings out and its Danko, who has just shot Nathan with tranquilizers.

As the closing monologue is given, we see the other characters rounded up - Mohinder is shot with darts, Agents close in on Matt, Janice, and Matt Parkman, Jr., and Noah, Claire, Peter, and Angela are pulled over at a road block with a van load of agents right behind them.

We return to Nathan's office where Danko is telling Sylar that he needs him back as Agent Taub. Sylar starts to walk away, stating that he wasn't interested in what Danko wanted anymore. Suddenly we hear a thud as Sylar falls to the ground, a knife sticking out of the back of Sylar's head. As he lays on the ground, Danko radios to his men that he will need some cleanup assistance but as Sylar starts to stir, Danko says "Check that". Sylar stands up in front of Danko and reaches around to pull the knife out of his head. He stares at the knife, then looking at what would have to be a very nervous Danko simply says, "That hurt!"

With that, we are left with previews for next week's season finale...It's gonna be a great conclusion to Volume 4! The story is there is supposed to be a death next week that will stick - who do you think it will be???

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