Monday, April 27, 2009

Another reminder that things are not always as they appear!

Heroes Fugitives -

Episode 12: An Invisible Thread

We flashback to last week's closing moments when our Heroes were rounded up, amongst a few other highlights from this season.

Angela dreamed of their capture so Noah pulls over and lets Angela and Claire out just before the stop. Noah is alone when he pulls up and officers with flashlights search the car as a van load of agents approach.

Back in Nathan's office, we see a repeat of Sylar walking out of the bathroom as Danko puts a knife in the back of his head. Sylar stands up and says "That hurt" as Danko looks on in surprise. Sylar sends Danko flying against the wall. Danko says go ahad and get it over with, his men will be there shortly and Sylar says he has plans for him. Sylar tells of his plan to meet the President, as Nathan, and waits to shake his hand. Danko tells him to kill him now and Sylar says he doesn't have to because in 30 seconds there isn't a person alive who will believe a word he says. Sylar then transforms into Danko and fires shots at the approaching team of agents. He re-enters the room and changes into Agent Taub, who yells, I've got him, he's in here! Agents enter the room holding guns on Danko, who simply looks at Sylar and calls him a son of a bitch.

In the nation's capitol, Angela and Claire are walking and talking. They arrive at Nathan's office and Angela says Claire is on her own, she has to go find Matt Parkman. In the office we see Sylar telling Nathan to wake up, but Nathan is still drugged and doesn't move. Nathan's secretary enters and says that his daughter is here to see him. Sylar transforms into Nathan and says send her in. Claire seems suspicious of Nathan's identity and asks how she knows its him and not Sylar. Sylar touches the necklace Claire is wearing and suddenly gains the knowledge of Claire and Nathans' trip to Mexico. She wants to go with him to his press conference and Nathan/Sylar agrees.

Hiro and Ando are watching as Danko is ushered into the prison of building 26. Hiro says he is feeling better, but he is a little shaken at his nosebleed from earlier. Everyone stands and watches as Danko is brought through the building and shoved into a holding cell, where he hears a familiar voice say "Fancy meeting you here." Danko turns and sees that it is Noah.

Back in Nathan's office, Nathan wakes up and is rather groggy as Peter walks in. Nathan says, "Sylar - we have to stop him."

Danko and Noah are talking, and Noah realizes he is Danko. Noah wants to get a spike into Sylar's head, but Danko says it won't work. Thanks to his new shapeshifting ability, Sylar moved the "spot". As the men are talking, they suddenly freeze and Hiro and Ando walk through. Everyone in building 26 is frozen and they realize they have the run of the place. That's when Ando notices that Hiro is bleeding from his ear.

They continue their search and find a room full of poeople on hospital gurneys. Hiro says Holy Crap. As they rescue a few of their friends, and replace their friends with the guards, Hiro utters that Payback is very bitchy and suddenly loses his focus. Time resumes and everyone starts to walk around again. Noah and Danko awake and see the open door and wonder if its a trick. Mohinder is examining Hiro and asks him a few questions about symptoms.

Nathan/Sylar and Claire walk through a security checkpoint and get onto an elevator. Claire says, I thought you were a righty. Sylar/Nathan says I'm ambidextrous.

Noah and Danko are still trying to make sense of the situation at building 26 just as Hiro shoves a needle into Danko's neck, who suddenly collapses to the floor. Noah runs out of the room and calls Claire. She answers her cellphone after several rings and Noah asks her where she is and she replies, "with Nathan." Noah asks if she is sure and she walks across the room with her finger pursed to her lips, saying "shhhh." Noah asks again how she knows its Nathan. Suddenly, Claire morphs back into Sylar and says, "Because it's me." Claire stands next to him looking a bit scared and unsure of what is going on.

Claire opens a bottle of champagne as Sylar uses Doyle's puppetmaster ability to move her around the room. Sylar delights in telling her all the people that are going to die. Claire says that he will die, she'll make sure of it. Sylar says one day, she may even love him. She says she'll keep trying to kill him for the rest of her life. Sylar says everyone needs a hobby.

Nathan and Peter arrive and are told they cannot go up to see the president because he's already up there. Security teams are with them and Nathan talks his way into being allowed to go up. The door opens as Claire comes flying through the door. Nathan and Peter look at her as she stares back at them saying "Go!" Sylar is inside the room, tossing sparks from his hand as Peter and Nathan attack. There is a ruckus in the room as Claire comes back inside and gets Peter who tells her they went out the window. Claire and Peter leave the room as Nathan and Sylar come back inside. Suddenly Nathan uses a finger motion and we see Nathan's throat has been sliced open. Sylar smiles and says "Claire is going to be so mad at me!" as Nathan collapses to the floor, dead. Sylar transforms back into Nathan and silently walks out of the room.

We see Matt Parkman get off a bus in DC, and Angela Petrelli finds him. She tells him that Nathan is in trouble, and Matt says he can't, he has his own situation to take care of. Angela tells him that they want the same thing.

Claire and Peter are back in the lobby and Noah is holding a gun to them. Claire tells Noah that Peter got Sylar's powers. Matt and Angela enter the building and using the "These are not the droids you're looking for" approach, they walk into the battle scene and find Nathan dead.

Sylar/Nathan finds the security team, who is escorting the president outside of the building. Sylar meets up with the lead security agent and assumes his identity as he continues his pursuit of the president. Sylar/Liam enters a vehicle containing President Worf (Star Trek's Michael Dorn is playing the President), where he is anxious to shake his hand. they shake hands, we find that it's not really the president - It's Peter who manages to revert Sylar back to his original form before injecting a syringe into Sylar's throat.

Back to the battle room, we have Sylar, drugged and unconscious with Angela and Noah trying to convince Matt to get into Sylar's head and make him think he's Nathan, so that he can tell the President he made a mistake. Matt is against the idea, but the pleas work. Matt agrees and begins to work on Sylar, telling him that he is no longer Sylar, Gabriel Gray is dead. Sylar is dead. Instead he is Nathan Petrelli. Sylar begins to convulse and choke and shift and when its all over, he is transformed back into Nathan, convinced of his new identity.

The group of characters stand around a makeshift funeral pyre and the original shapeshifter who had died assuming Sylar's form is burned. They discuss the meeting with the President and how the President agreed to a new "Company". volume 4 comes to a close as Volume 5, Redemption opens. It is six weeks later and former building 26 agent Kent Harper arrives home to a flooded kitchen. The water is running into the living room where it suddenly rises up into the form of a nude Tracy, whom we all thought had died several weeks ago. Tracy stands there and says to the stunned agent, "You're number 4."

Angela enters Nathan's office and says she's there for lunch. Nathan appears to be staring off into space and Angela asks if he's heard anything she has said. He walks over to a cabinet where he looks at a clock and says, it's off by a minute and a half. Angela gets a concerned look on her face for a moment as Nathan turns around and heads for the door. "You said something about lunch?" he asks her...

So there we have it...another season of Heroes is in the books, er, can, or whatever they call tv shows when they are completed. Looks like we'll have to wait until August to find out what happens next. Meanwhile I will just have to get Tammy brought up to speed so that she won't be completely lost when it does return.

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