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Heroes Summary: Digging Up Bones (Spoiler Alert, if you haven't watched yet!)

Chapter 10: 1961

So Peter, Nathan, Clair, and Noah are all digging in the dirt at Coyote Sands, digging up the bones of the past. Peter finds Angela and asks him what she’s doing. He asks her what happened out there. This is the story of many years before. The story of Coyote Sands Relocation Center.

A young Chandra Suresh (Mohinder’s dad) welcomes a young Angela and her sister, Alice to the compound. We are introduced to a young Dr. Zimmerman as well. Alice questions the guns held by the guards, and Chandra says its for their safety.

A young Charles Devaux, Bob Fisher and Daniel Linderman meet the girls. Alice is nervous about what is going on. Apparently, Alice’s moods can affect the weather. Angela tells how this place is supposed to help her nightmares go away and that everything will be fine.

Back to the present, Angela tells Peter that her parents, her sister…they all died there. And if they don’t do something now, history may repeat itself.

Angela says 1961 was a different time; everyone was patriots and when the government found out about them, the government said they could be cured. Peter asks why are they there? Why not tell the tale in a restaurant. Angela says its because she’d been dreaming about her sister. Angela explains that the Company was first formed there at Coyote Sands; how they did everything they could to hide who they were. Angela tells them that Noah has been doing everything he could to stop Danko and fix the problem, but so far its not working.

Back in the past, Angela wakes up from a nightmare and takes a walk. The men outside see her and talk about her situation. Angela has a scar on her leg, which is suddenly healed by Linderman. Angela tells the men not to trust Dr. Suresh. Alice comes outside and brings Angela back inside. After the girls talk some more, it begins to snow outside.

Claire and Angela are talking back in present day. Angela reveals she was Claire’s age when she arrived at Coyote Sands. She wishes she’d had Claire’s spirit and strength. The wind picks up full force and Angela tells Claire it is what happens in her dream. Angela tells Claire, it’s her; it’s Alice. The two run outside as Angela yells for Alice.

Peter is sitting inside a café when Nathan walks in. Nathan sits down and they discuss the “problem that you (Nathan) created”. Peter reminds Nathan of a time when Nathan went to a Mets game, during the playoffs; and Peter didn’t get to go.

During the storm, someone drags Noah into a building. It is Mohinder. Noah tells him the truth as to why he is here, and Mohinder does the same. The tales of the past return as we see Chandra ask Angela to meet with him. Angela is given a test of psychic abilities as Chandra holds up cards with symbols on the back side and Angela tells him what’s on them. Angela tells him also that she is not psychic, she dreamed of this meeting. She also tells him that he is going to kill all of them. He denies it of course, because that is not his intention. Angela agrees with him that he does not intend to, but that it will still happen.

Angela and Claire are talking again. Angela says Alice is alive and she is angry. Angela wants to go find her and Claire says no, its too dangerous. Angela goes anyway and as Claire follows, the storm stops. Angela however, has vanished.

Mohinder and Noah are outside examining some bones. Mohinder is wondering what kind of a man his father really was. Noah tells him working with the enemy does not make him the enemy. Peter and Nathan find the two and they pair up to look around some more. Peter leaves with Mohinder as the two enter a building. Mohinder continues to expand on his woes, and Peter tries to convince him that he is a good man. Peter tells him that his mother brought them here because she wants to start a new “Company”. Mohinder says he has to believe there is hope for a new redemption.

Noah and Nathan are talking about how they made a mess of things and Noah tells Nathan that Sylar is working with Danko and can shape-shift. Claire enters the scene, picking up a children’s book and asks what the last book was she read because she doesn’t remember. They discuss dreams and growing up and wondering if its even possible.

Back to the past as Alice lies on a bed while Angela and Charles stand together talking. They are discussing a plan to go out and Charles wants Alice to stay behind. Angela tells Charles she promised she would never leave her behind. She needs to keep Alice calm, and tells Alice that she had a dream about her and that she (Alice) would be alright and that she (Angela) would be right back. Suddenly present-day Angela wakes up with a jump. She looks around the room and hears someone coming. Peering around some books, she spies her sister, Alice. The two women stare at each other.

Angela tries to talk to her sister as Alice puts cans on a shelf. Alice leans back as a record plays the Roy Orbison song, Crying. Flashback to Angela, Charles, Bob, and Daniel in the café. Charles asks Angela to dance and she agrees. The chef tries to put a stop to it by stating they don’t allow that in here, dancing with coloreds. We finally learn Charles’ ability – it’s the same as Matt Parkman’s – he can control minds.

Present day Alice tells Angela its really her; she isn’t crazy. Angela asks her why she stayed and Alice says because of Angela’s dream, that she’d be safe. Angela asks what happened that night. Alice tells her that Dr. Suresh came for her and wanted to give her an injection. Alice got scared and nervous and brought a storm down upon the complex. She tried to run away and when Dr Suresh caught up with her, a man intervened and without warning, shooting started. Alice hid underneath an ominous sign: Building 26.

Angela apologizes to Alice and Alice says she did nothing wrong. Angela admits that she lied to her about that night. She thought she was doing the right thing and she wanted to protect her. To put it bluntly, Alice is pissed and conjures up a storm. Peter and Mohinder come in and try to help, but Alice’s wind and lightning throw them both around the room. Angela begs her to stop and she does after Angela tells her it is not their fault, it is her own (Angela’s) fault. Angela wants Alice to come with them, explaining that they are all her family. Alice says no and runs out of the building.

Mohinder stands in the compound when Peter returns to tell him Alice is gone. Mohinder talks about his father again, and Peter shows him a film reel he found that he thinks will give him some answers. Mohinder says he isn’t going with him; he isn’t ready to move on. The graves are all covered up again by the storm. Angela stands in the café as Roy Orbison plays again. Angela stands off to the side watching Claire, Peter, Noah, and Nathan eating and remembers back to the night in the café when she told the 3 boys about her dream of them forming The Company.

Nathan hands Angela a book he found, Alice in Wonderland and asks her come join them. Claire says somebody say something, and Angela responds How are the fries? Peter wants to make it clear that this is not a Company. Nathan says he is going to back to Washington and own up to his mistake. Claire says looks like you already have and motions to the tv where it appears Nathan is holding a press conference. Nathan asks who the hell is that? Noah stares at the screen and provides the answer: Sylar.

Only 1 more episode before the season finale! I’m hearing rumblings that its going to be a good finale. Any thoughts?

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