Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calimari, Anyone?

American Idol Top 8 Elimination

At the top of the charts the year Simon was born - Venus by Frankie Avalon, who graces the Idol stage as he performs the song for the audience. That was a cool and surprising opening. I think I would have preferred Beauty School Dropout though.

Ryan and Frankie are twins? who knew?

Lip-synching Can't Get You Out of my Head, the Top 8 do their group performance of a song from the year Idol was born (2002)

The behind the scenes segment of the Ford commercial shoot shows that Anoop may have a backup career lined up...(ohh..yes he did!)

Mario Lopez is in the crowd tonight, along with the mayor of Kalamazoo, MI. Wow, the stars are out tonight!

OK, results time....

Adam, Kris, and Anoop are the first 3 to stand. Adam is the first to take a seat, he is safe. Kris and Anoop get their review recaps, and Anoop is sent to the bottom 3, Kris is safe.

Flo Rida is performing his single Right Round. I have to agree with Tammy, he ruined a perfectly good song. At least the screen isn't scrolling his cell phone number across it.

Back to results...

Danny is safe, Matt is also safe. Let me add here that Ryan's psych outs are getting really old and really bad! Scott is next and he is in the bottom 3. Allison and Lil are left. Allison is safe, Lil is in the bottom 3.

Kellie Pickler (Pickles!) is on stage now singing Best Days of Your Life...pardon me while I ogle...It wasn't all that long ago when she had a seat on that couch and was eliminated after acknowledging herself that she butchered her song. She has come such a long long way since then and she looks and sounds great.

Bottom 3 is back out on center stage as Lil is sent back to the safety of the couch.

30,000 votes separated Anoop and Scott. Scott is eliminated tonight and the judges' save is in play as Scott does a reprise of The Search is Over. And the answer from the judges is....


Kara and Paula fought for him, but Simon and Randy weren't convinced. And since the decision must be unanimous, a no was the only way to go. I liked Scott, but truthfully, I don't think he was a strong enough performer to win the competition. He will be on the tour, and I believe he will have a respectable career in music. And he won't have to wear the faux hawk to reflect his punk side either.

Til next week...

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