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Heroes Summary - You will need a scorecard, and even that may not be enough! (Spoiler Alert)

Time for another lightning round of Heroes summarizing!

Chapter 9: Turn and Face the Stranger

Noah is examining the shapeshifter’s corpse, impressed that Danko was able to bring down Sylar. Noah’s been chasing him for such a long time, and Danko seems to enjoy rubbing it in. An agent comes in to tell Noah that his wife is there to see him. Noah is genuinely surprised.

Hiro and Ando are on a journey to reunite the two Matt Parkman’s. Baby touch and go is crying as the car slows to a stop.

Mohinder and Matt, Sr. are in a hotel room and Matt’s ready to go after Danko for killing Daphne. He tells Mohinder goodbye, he’s been a real friend.

Noah is talking to Sandra asking what she’s doing there. She’s tired of the agents bursting into the house all the time and Noah tells her that Claire is safe. The two have words and Sandra is sick of everything that’s going on. Noah tells her that he is examining a body that he is told is Sylar, but he isn’t buying it. Sandra tells him she is staying at the Regency and she is not leaving until Claire is found.
Sylar was actually impersonating Danko as he was talking to Noah, and now the two Danko’s have a conversation in the men’s room. Danko asks Sylar something about killing Noah Bennet (missed it. My bad). Sylar says he’s going to destroy him.

Noah takes a call from Angela, she tells him she’s had a dream and asks him if he knows about something that happened at the Coyote Sands. She’s spoken with Nathan, he and Claire will meet Angela and Peter. Noah tells her about Sylar, and Angela tells him to leave it alone. Noah notices the body is gone, and he is told it was taken to the crematorium – bbq day.

Mohinder is back at his old apartment, he breaks in and finds all of his things gone. The super tells him it was homeland security. Super tells him some of his old man’s stuff is still in the basement and when he goes, he should take it. Suresh tells him “Show me.”

Hiro and Ando are hitchhiking and are picked up by an asian trucker. As they take off, baby Matt starts crying again and everything on the truck dies. Hiro and Ando look at the baby.

Matt is watching Danko as he looks around. Danko is trying to get into his head, and succeeds, telling him the person closest to him is in danger, go to him. Danko hails a taxi and gets in.

Noah tracks down the faux Sylar and pulls the knife out of the back of his head. As expected, nothing happens.

Danko arrives at a home where he is greeted by a beautiful young girl. Matt watches from the car.

Sandra shows up at Noah’s apartment where she tells him Claire is fine. Sandra presents Noah with divorce papers, he begs her to not throw away 22 years of marriage, offering counseling. Sandra says its too late, she doesn’t love him anymore. He’s a liar and a betrayer. It’s over. Sandra leaves. We later find out that it wasn’t really Sandra after all. It was the shapeshifting Sylar.

Hiro and Ando try to explain about the baby’s ability and the trucker asks them to try getting the baby the hell away from his truck. They do and the trucker leaves. The two try to get the baby to stop crying again and a strange face from Ando does the trick. This distracts the baby long enough that Hiro is able to get the car started and away they go…

Danko is assured that this girl is ok and says he has to get back to Washington as he kisses her goodbye. Matt watches with interest until Danko leaves. Matt then sneaks into the house and points a gun at the woman, before breaking down and backing off. The girl sees him as he about to sneak out. She assumes the escort service sent him, but Matt says he is from Danko’s work. She knows him under a different name.

Noah is scanning computer files, comparing Sandra’s signature and realizes it wasn’t Sandra who came to see him earlier. He also discovers the true identity of the body that looked like Sylar.

Matt and the young woman are talking and she tells Matt what she knows of him. She thinks he loves her, Matt tells her he doesn’t deserve her and that Danko is lying to her. He may think he loves her, but he will only hurt her. She accuses Matt of lying.

Hiro calls Mohinder looking for Matt. Mohinder tells Hiro that Matt has taken a dangerous course. Hiro tries to start the car again and when the baby cries he orders Ando to make the face again.

Nathan and Claire are looking at a map, making their way to coyote sands.

Mohinder is looking at his father’s files and finds a reference to Coyote Sands.

Sandra enters an apartment and senses someone behind her. She says there is money in her person, the voice says he isn’t there for the money, but make the wrong move and they die. The camera turns around and its Noah. Sandra asks Noah what he’s doing and he tells her he knows she isn’t really Sandra. Sandra starts crying, saying she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She doesn’t know about any divorce papers. Noah slams her against a table when a cellphone rings. It’s their son, Lyle, wanting to know where Mr. Muggle’s pills are. Noah gets that sick feeling as he realizes its really his wife. Sandra tells Noah to get out and he tries to explain about Sylar. She believes him, but still wants him out. Noah leaves and he hears the door lock behind him.

The woman shows up at Danko’s apartment, and Danko asks how she found him. Matt says he brought her and points the gun at them both. Matt wants the woman to see what kind of a man her boyfriend really is. Matt gets into Danko’s mind and forces him to tell the truth and the girl can’t believe what she’s hearing. Matt realizes that Danko loves the girl and says it’s the only way he will understand what he did to him. Matt points the gun at the girl and Danko says go ahead. Matt struggles with the task and drops the gun. Danko reaches for his gun and Matt says go ahead, finish it. Danko fires and suddenly everthing freezes as Hiro walks into the room and says, “Whoa, close one!” Hiro puts Matt in a chair and wheels him out. When time restarts, Danko sees that Matt is gone and chases after him, but its too late. The girl looks at Danko and says, “stay away from me” as she leaves the apartment.

Noah walks back into the office to see Danko, minus his glasses. Noah is pretending to be Sylar until Danko is convinced. Noah pulls his gun on Danko and calls him on the act. Noah wants Sylar’s head on a platter. He says he’ll wait.

Hiro and Matt are walking and talking about what Matt was doing until they arrive back at Ando, who is playing with Matt, Jr. Hiro introduces then introduces Matt Sr. to his infant son. Hiro explains to Matt about how they found the baby and that this child has abilities and Matt is amazed that he has a son. And he is every bit the proud papa, as the baby seems happy to be with his dad.

Agent Donner walks in with a team and a body bag, and Noah is convinced that Donner is Sylar. Danko doesn’t vouch for him and Noah shoots the agent, expecting him to heal, but he doesn’t. Danko says it isn’t him. Noah runs out of the room and into the streets, seemingly confused by what’s going on.
Danko circles the body of Donner, stating he didn’t have a lot of options. Turns out it was Sylar after all as he gets up from the pool of blood and spits out the bullet. Danko was impressed, he didn’t know Sylar could bleed like that. Sylar says he squeezed out a little extra for show.

Noah is walking along leaving a voice message for Sandra, telling her he loves her.

Danko is on the phone leaving a message for the woman. He asks her not to give up on him, and tells her that the man she knew is who he wants to be. She is seen getting into a cab.

Peter and Angela are at Coyote Sands. Peter doesn’t understand why they are there and Angela says its where their story begins. Nathan and Claire arrive to join them. Angela never wanted them to see any of this, but to understand the future, they have to understand the past. She opens the back of an SUV and breaks out some shovels, saying if they want the answers, they’ll have to dig. As they dig, they come upon a skull. Angela feels faint and Peter asks if she knew them. Angela says she knew all of them. Nathan asks how many of them are there. Angela says keep digging. A car arrives and as Claire looks to see who it is, Noah gets out and we are then treated to previews for next week’s Chapter 10. Only 3 episodes left for the season…

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