Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Idol Semi-Shocker (Don't Read if you Don't Want to Know!)

Who will get RATTED out? Which contestant will PACK it in? We'll find out tonight on American Idol! (I wish they'd pay me to write this stuff...)

The rain storms are just moving into the area so I'm waiting for our cable to go out. Of course it does, then my internet and phone will be out too, so lets hope for the best.

I've made a habit of checking in with Dial Idol each week to see how they call things and lo and behold, their predictions list the finishing order identical to what I did last night which means...anyone could go home.

Ford commercials have officially lost their appeal with me. What, did they hire the writer guys who almost ruined Heroes to come up with the Ford ideas? Bring back the Muppet commercial from Season 4! Good God, its getting to where I'm looking forward to the group lipsynch, er, song more than the Ford commercial!

Gotta give props to Danny's $6000 cleaning bill for the mess the group made at the Idol mansion. Speaking of, that segment looked kinda fun; gives me a few ideas actually. Wonder if there was a group shower afterward?

OK, results time....All 5 idols take the stage and Matt is sent to stage right while Danny is sent to stage left. Allison joins Danny, while Kris joins Matt. Adam gets his recap from Ryan and then asked to pick which group he thinks he belongs in. Adam picks Allison and Danny, and walks over to join them. Ryan says, THIS is NOT your bottom 3, then ushers Adam over to Matt and Kris and says THIS is your bottom 3.

Millions of women are now staring at their tv screens in disbelief.

Natalie Cole performance. I've heard past songs from her and she has sounded great in the past, but to quote Simon, she is sounding a lot like a lounge singer in a hotel somewhere.

Season 5 champ Taylor Hicks is sounding great; love the song :)

Time to send someone back to safety from the bottom 3 and going back to the couch is....Kris.

Millions of women have now just shit themselves simultaneously.

Jamie Foxx gets his turn at the mic now singing Gay Fish, er, Blame It. Sorry, it just sounded a lot like a song from South Park a few weeks ago. Does he agree with America's voting? Did America get it right? Jamie says it doesn't matter now because what is important now is the journey after Idol and it is time to make it happen and also he has a new movie out. Way to deflect, Jamie.

So how bad would it be for Matt to go home on the night of his best musical genre? How many women will refuse to watch any more Idol if Adam leaves. Memories of Chris Daughtry's exit, perhaps?

Without further delay, Ryan tells Adam that he is safe. Matt's luck has run out.

Millions of women have just collapsed with a huge sigh of relief.

Next week: Rock n Roll for the Final 4, and the special guest (mentor?? I'm a bit confused) is Slash. Yes, that Slash. Should be interesting.

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