Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, would you look at that...

It appears I've touched a nerve!

Apparently a few readers out there neglected to read the first line of my last post, which clearly states "This post is not my original work." Looking back at my traffic feed, I can see that most people who have found that post were from Kansas, so maybe reading isn't one of their strong suits. But still they made it through the blog post and there were no pictures to help them along, so I must give them some credit.

Seriously though -- I didn't write it. I found it posted on Tigerboard. It also clearly states that it is not meant to state a complete picture of things at KU.

I posted it for one reason and one reason only. The difference in media coverage between Missouri and Kansas sports is highly laughable. If somebody so much as sneezes wrong at Mizzou, the entire free world hears about it. A football player runs down a teammate at Kansas, causing head injuries and sending him to the hospital and its completely covered up and ignored by media.

I know Mizzou is not perfect in the way things are done. No program is. I can accept that. But when Kansas and their fans can own up to the fact that their beloved bird can get away with so much shit, and can pretty much break any NCAA rule around without so much as a slap on the wrist when in fact there should be serious consequences, I will find an ounce of respect for their program.

If you want to comment or criticize me for posting this go right ahead. I welcome them. But let's keep the personal slanders out of this shall we? You want to bring up the past problems at Mizzou? Fine, but how about this little nugget: try limiting it to an NCAA violation that was swept under the rug or perhaps Mizzou got away with. I don't think you're gonna find one.

Oh, and the Carmelita Floyd comments and Ricky Clemons jailhouse experience doesn't count. It wasn't an NCAA violation and Ricky was already off the team at that point.

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