Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Top 7 Elimination - Part Deux

Well, Dial Idol has done its part to put a little drama in tonight's elimination show. Thanks to the save of Matt Giraud last week, 2 people will go home tonight. That's 28% of this week's contestants if you're keeping track. After last night's performance show, the choices seemed rather cut and dried. But maybe not...

The open collars and chains around the neck make an appearance for disco week finally; they were conspicuously absent last night (not necessarily missed though, lol!) and for the group song its painfully obvious that the lipsynching is back and in rather poor form too. On the plus side, Paula did teach the 7 some moves and I'm looking forward to reading Tammy's post tonight too, if she ever recovers from watching Adam perform said moves.


Lil Rounds is the first one pulled off the couch tonight and the first of two to be sent home tonight :) So much for Dial Idol's "prediction"!

Music time again for guest performers Freda Payne (Band of Gold), Thelma Houston (Don't Leave Me This Way), and KC of KC & the Sunshine Band (Get Down Tonight). Entertaining, yet I'm kinda glad its over. I just noticed that KC kinda looks like the singer Meatloaf. Now THERE would be a guest mentor and theme week: The songs of Meatloaf! Paradise by the Dashboard Light would make a great group song, but with Allison being the only female left, and being only 16, I could see some issues being taken with that. But then again, Flo Rida was on recently and did his song Right Round, which is nothing more than a tribute to oral sex.

The results return...

Kris, Adam, and Danny are safe. Anoop takes a stool in the bottom 3, leaving Matt & Allison left for the final spot in the bottom. Allison moves to the bottom 3, as America's impression of Matt has improved over last week.

Back to the show and a guest performance from David Archuleta.

Back to the results and tonight's final elimination sends Anoop home.

This leaves a top 5 of Adam, Danny, Kris, Matt, and Allison to set up for whatever theme gets thrown at them. I missed Ryan's closing due to the crashing clanging sounds my sons tend to make whenever I need them to be quiet. Come on, I've paid my penance for my teenage years, haven't I???

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