Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Idol Top 8 Performances (Don't read if you don't wanna know!)

Songs from the year they were born...

The Good --

Adam Lambert - 1982 & Mad World - In a manner becoming of Adam, he made this song his own and gets a standing ovation from Simon. Great style and composure, calm cool collected and intense all at once. Awesome performance for him tonight.

Allison Iraheta - 1992 & I Can't Make You Love Me - Should a 16 year old rocker chic really be singing the lines, Turn down the lights, turn down the bed? Doesn't matter I guess...I like her voice, I like her style, and I love the performance. Randy says she's one of the best of the night, and I agree.

Anoop Desai - 1986 & True Colors - So it turns out that the Noop Dawg shares a birthday with the reigning champ, David Cook. Too bad he doesn't share his vocal abilities as well. A little nasally I thought just before he went into the ending, but otherwise not too bad. Much better than last week.

The "It was just A'ight, Dawg" --

Danny Gokey - 1980 & Stand By Me (Mickey Gilley) - interesting, but the song definitely ended better than it started. Not bad, I guess...

Scott MacIntyre - 1985 & The Search is Over - A long forgotten song by Survivor, one of my favorites. And this performance tonight is one of my favorites tonight so far. Scott has a punk side? Who knew! Maybe next week, he'll come out wearing Sanjaya's Faux Hawk.

The "What the hell was I thinking?" --

Kris Allen - 1985 & All She Wants to Do is Dance - did not excite me at all. Tammy loved it, so he's probably safe.

Lil Rounds - 1984 & What's Love Got to Do With It - Well, I like it, but it seems a bit too much like the original. Dare I call it "Karaoke"? Paula started off with how Hot lil looked...can't be good...Yup, Paula used the "K" word too.

Matt Giraud - 1985 & Part Time Lover - Yawn. Wake me when he's done. WTF is up with the judges? Were we watching the same singer? They seemed kinda quick on the draw with all the kudos they gave him. Which tells me they were pimping him to be safe this week.

Who's going home? Wish it were Matt, but it won't be. Lil is certainly a candidate and she might pull the judges save if its her. Despite a good performance from Anoop, he could end up there as well. Guess we'll find out tomorrow night. Should be another good results show tomorrow, Kellie Pickler will be performing.

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