Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol Performance Notes (Insert Alternate Witty Title Here)

Well....I don't know that I can give a valid review and opinion of tonight's performances. Truth is, this is not one of my favorite genres of music, but I suppose it's my turn to feel what the non-country fans feel for one week each season (unless you want to consider season 4, when Miss Carrie won it all!).

We're in the top 5 now and at this point, I suppose it doesn't matter who they send home because all of the contestants (yes, even Matt) have proven they belonged. Simply by the style of music tonight though, I'd say they all sucked. A couple of them just sucked considerably less than the rest.

For what its worth, here are my rankings tonight, from first to worst. I don't have song titles because I just don't.

1) Danny
2) Adam
3) Allison
4) Kris
5) Matt

Tomorrow night, looks like our television choice is President Obama's speech on the other channels, or Taylor Hicks and American Idol's elimination show on Fox.

Decisions, Decisions....

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