Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Platforms, Boos (no, not booze), Majestic Wingspans and ....Ah, ya know what, I just don't care.

Elimination Spoiler Below - Don't read if you haven't watched yet and don't want to know!

Megan is the first contestant I’ve ever seen smile big and wave when called out as one who should be concerned about leaving.

Ford commercial was the most creative I’ve seen in a while.

Group song…I liked it. I thought Allison seemed a little weak on her lines, but Kris, Megan, Anoop, Danny, and Adam all sounded great on theirs.

Idols imitating Idols….perhaps a new fox reality show?

OK, time to divide up the contestants into groups.

Group 1 – Matt, Megan, Kris
Group 2 – Adam, Lil, Allison
Group 3 – Anoop, Danny, Scott

Who is safe? Who is the bottom 3? Will Ryan pull one from each group? Why am I talking in questions? Who is Xavier Cougat? (sorry, I was channeling Drew Carey and Ryan Stiles for a moment)

At any rate, its time for a performance from the reigning American Idol, David Cook! Another great performance from him (I like that song Come Back to Me) and a platinum record presentation to boot! Congrats to David!

Back to the eliminations; its not a group of 3 safe or not grouping afterall.

Group 1 – Kris and Matt are safe. Megan flaps her wings and lands in the bottom 3.
Group 2 – Lil and Adam are safe, Allison moves to the bottom 3.
Group 3 – Danny and Scott are safe, Anoop is in the bottom 3.

While the 3 sit and wonder which one is leaving, Lady Gaga performs…what the hell is this? Men in Black meets Madonna? Is that a group Vogue up there?

So back to the bottom 3, let’s make it a bottom 2 by saving Allison. Good call!

Going home is Megan. A little late, perhaps, but I think she saw the writing on the wall. Allison gave her the Caw-Caw salute from the safety of the couch. She didn’t particularly care about the judges’ comments last night, so Simon rightfully returned the favor. And over the past 3 weeks now, Idol has eliminated 3 parents. Anyone left that has kids?

Next week’s theme: Songs from the year they were born.

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