Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rumor - 'Claire-bear" is switch-hitting?

Wow...oh my...how the hell am I supposed to wait until the 4th season of Heroes starts now??

Here is the rumor/scoop of the month...On the upcoming 4th season of Heroes, the immortal Clair Bennet, is moving into some girl on girl action. As in playing with the home team. It will start off as a kiss with her college roommate (supposedly being played by Rachel Melvin from Days of Our Lives) and will grow into something much more.

I think I need a cold shower already...

Is this an attempt to jump the shark, so to speak? Heroes' fanbase has been dwindling over the past couple of seasons, which wasn't helped by the writers strike during season 2. Perhaps the school of thought is to appeal to a combination of viewers - the gay and lesbian viewers for one, and all the guys out there like me who won't be able to turn away from the screen.

Oh relax, it's network television. How far can they go?

Hint: Anyone remember NYPD Blue?

Save the blogger, Save the world...

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