Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the delays - Moving Update (part deux)

Yet another week has gone by and I am about 95% unpacked here in Indiana. I still have a few boxes I am not sure where its contents will go. When I moved, I gave up my computer desk (no room) and a majority of the things I have left to arrange used to sit in or on that desk.

I attempted to get my son registered for school last week, but the guidance counselor was out and I was told to call back this week and schedule an appointment. Apparently, this is the week that all of the current students will come to get their schedules (or maybe it's next week - I forget), but the school didn't seem too concerned about having enough time to get my high schooler enrolled. I tried to tell them the folks back in Missouri may be a little slow at sending out transcripts, but it didn't bother them. So I called the school this morning to make an appointment, got voicemail, and left a message. I'm still waiting for a call back.

The job front is....proceeding. That's about all I can say at this point. I interviewed last week for one position and have been expecting to hear something soon about another. I submitted another application with a local hospital who is attempting to fill an Insurance Verification Specialist position. I have experience with that (about 3 1/2 years worth), which I did back at MU in the late 90's. I left that position in January 2001. Not too excited about doing it again, but there are worse jobs out there.

And we arrived here last week to learn that we also have new upstairs neighbors. They just moved to Muncie as well. From Columbia, MO. Small freakin' world, huh? But it doesn't end we were getting our sodas and snacks from a convenience store in Columbia last Tuesday morning, I was talking to the cashier about the move. She is also moving - to Muncie - in a few weeks.

Columbia, MO....taking over the world, one city at a time.

Save the blogger, Save the world...

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