Friday, July 31, 2009

Time for a new chapter....

I am trying not to drop down to one post a week again, if that much, but it seems there isn't much else I can do. Life since my move to Indiana has been fairly busy, despite having time on my hands. I find I don't get online a whole lot - ok, I do get on for an extended time - but online priorities have changed somewhat.

How, you ask?

Job searches for one. You would think that being able to apply for a job online would simplify things. They don't. I swear, sometimes I think companies use the online applications as a chance to ask for more information, sometimes even duplicating questions just to see if you'll answer the question in the same way. These things seem to take forever to fill out and out of the ones I did a few weeks ago, I still haven't heard a word. My references have all received (and completed) reference surveys about me, but still nothing.

Not that it matters anymore though. I will be beginning a new career soon. You see, on Monday, Aug 3, I begin my next class with Univ of Phoenix (Accounting), then on Monday, Aug 10, I will start a basic math class - but that's not really important right now. On Aug 3, I also have to take my son to the local high school to get him enrolled for his junior year. But before I do that, I have another appointment.

You see this morning, I was offered an opportunity to become an agent for an insurance company. Out of several people interviewed, I am one of two offered this chance. It means that in addition to my other classes, on Aug 3 I have to enroll in a state-required insurance course, complete it with an 80% on their exam. Then take a state exam and pass it, then get licensed, and finally get certification for long-term care policies. That whole process should take about two weeks. After that, I should be officially employed again.

How much time that will leave for writing, blogging, and participating in some of life's more exotic and erotic pleasures (i.e. hypnosis, porn reviews, etc...) is beyond me. But keep checking in with me. Email me if you want (, hell I'm even open to receiving your dirty pictures if you want to send them. (No? OK, well it was worth a shot...) I will keep posting updates as time allows and maybe, just maybe, it will be something entertaining.

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