Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Are Getting Sleepy....

One more post regarding hypnosis and I'll let this go...maybe...unless...I...can't....stop....myself...

So last night I gave one of the free samples from a legitimate run as I went to bed. I had a few other samples downloaded from other sites as well to use as a comparison. Some were just straight relaxation, some involved a bit of erotic fun, but the common element among them all was relaxation. Granted, hypnofantasy's sample from Nikki Fatale had the longest run time, but another brief session I found from a woman calling herself Lady Julia (about 15 minutes as opposed to 45-55 minutes for Nikki) was very, um....inspirational. Yeah, that's the word.

Both spent about the same amount of time to bring you into a hypnotic state, but it was Nikki's work that took it's time to build an arousal level to it's highest point before telling you point blank that it was time for release (well, that wasn't the word she used, but you're smart. You can probably guess her actual terminology). Lady Julia's session was titled Red Silk, and the listener was enticed into using only their thought process, imagination (based on her descriptions of what you are to see and imagine), and breathing to instill a trigger into your mind the next time you are intimate with someone.

Both sessions were satisfying, but I have to admit Lady Julia's session had a more lasting impact. I gave the mental trigger a try and i felt myself being taken back to the session and the results that it produced. Even tonight, many hours later, the trigger still works. Thank goodness my self control is still intact! I just wish Lady Julia's session had lasted longer.

These were the free versions, mind you. Full length mp3's of Nikki's sessions can be purchased through her website. (NOTE: I previously implied that sessions were for sale on both ladies' sites. Please see Lady Julia's remarks in the comments section). I can only imagine how entertaining those would be!

However, a word of caution -- These sessions should not be used or listened to by anyone suffering with or taking medications for mental illness. Additionally, remember that the key component to undergoing hypnosis is relaxation. And perhaps it wasn't a good idea to listen to so many sessions in one night (ok, it was like 3 or 4). Afterward, although I felt a little more awake than I had been, my body was so relaxed that I fell to sleep almost immediately once I shut down my computer. I was so relaxed that after I got up and took my son to summer school this morning, I came back home and slept for an additional 4 hours before I could truly get up and start my day.

So, do not take hypnosis lightly. Use it, enjoy it, but respect it. It can be a very addicting experience and leave you wanting to do this again and again, especially if you are of a submissive nature. So as you imagine that spinning crystal or coin, or even the red silk scarf, keep in mind that sending me a donation for directing you to a source of such pleasure would be a wonderful way to submit and give in. Take a deep breath, inhale...hold it...and exhale....and email me for my paypal address...

I really gotta work on those skills, ya think?

NOTE: Want to check out Lady Julia's sessions? Click here!


Lady Julia said...

Thank you for your positive remarks regarding my work. It's always nice to hear someone was "inspired" when listening ;)

You said, "These were the free versions, mind you. Full length mp3's of these sessions can be purchased through the ladies' respective websites. I can only imagine how entertaining those would be!"

Just to clarify - I do not now nor have I ever accepted money for my hypnosis sessions. I enjoy doing them and freely share them with others who have an interest.

You also added, "So, do not take hypnosis lightly. Use it, enjoy it, but respect it. It can be a very addicting experience and leave you wanting to do this again and again, especially if you are of a submissive nature."

I completely agree, so much so that I created a "hypnotic safety net" MP3 that reminds the listener they have the ability to refuse any suggestions they do not wish to accept and to let go of anything that is an unwanted effect. There are a number of people in the hypno world who intentionally try to capitalize on the addiction factor - people who target submissives in particular. As far as I am concerned, every warning to proceed with caution is a welcomed one.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on my work :)

Lady Julia

P.S. You're right - the Silk MP3 was one of my first MP3s and it is relatively short. Some of my later ones are much longer.

Scott's Evil Twin said...

Thank you for your comments! I downloaded the safety net as well and I agree with what you say.

And thank you for clarifying the point on payment for the sessions. I may have misread some of the information presented, but I will make a correction in this blog post.

I look forward to listening to more of your sessions!

Lady Julia said...

Thanks for the correction :) I look forward to reading through your blog as you seem to have a lot to say! :)

Scott's Evil Twin said...

Turned out it was another site that I did not include in this post that was charging for full length sessions. Sorry for the confusion!

I have added a link to your site, The Entranced Realm, as well as the hypnofantasy site in a links section on the left side of my page.