Monday, June 1, 2009

Rumor: Upset Schwarzenegger to make new Terminator movie after term of office is up?

Today I logged into my blogger account hoping to get some advice regarding Google AdSense from one of my co-workers. Unfortunately, he had never heard of AdSense so he couldn't help me. I tried to explain a little bit about to him because I have not really had any major success with it and was hoping maybe he could give me some pointers.

But when I pulled up my AdSense account, I saw something I hadn't expected to see: Money.

$0.01, in fact! Woohoo!!!

Apparently, during some recent time period, 502 page impressions were made. This gave me a bright shiny new penny. But where did those page impressions come from? Well, probably from you, dear reader. And quite possibly from a few people west of Missouri in Jayhawk land.

You see, I get people coming here for many reasons, but only one post has been inspiring enough to draw comments from readers. It was my post on alleged NCAA violations committed by Bill Self at the University of Kansas (don't get your panties in a bunch, I said alleged!). Now I have no idea if the violations are true or not, but when you read them all lumped together like that, they are sure to piss off even the most casual KU fan.

So I have a theory. That theory is that what will draw the readers in, to stick around and read what I write and comment about it, are rumors. So let's give this a shot, shall we?


This just in...California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is supposedly very disappointed with the new Terminator Salvation movie and wants to direct and star in a new version of this chapter after his term of office has ended. The title - Terminator Resurrection.

True or not? Hmmmm....wouldn't it be interesting?

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