Monday, October 26, 2009

Heroes Update

Another good show this week...I'm kinda liking the idea of not summarizing the entire episode of Heroes. It makes typing (and watching the show) much easier. Here are a few thoughts to ponder while we wait for next week...

It appears Sylar will get to have some fun afterall as he as taken over Matt's body. Question: Is it technically cheating for Matt's wife to have sex with Sylar, even though Sylar is using Matt's body to do it?

So I kinda got the impression Claire kinda liked that kiss. Becca's cover is blown and I'm sure Gretchen and Claire will likely pass off Claire's "injuries" as part of a joke, as she was never really injured. I just want to see Gretchen and Claire deal with what is happening without someone interrupting them...or trying to injure one of them.

Shame about Jeremy's situation...vigilante justice could have been addressed, but it seems Samuel had the problem well in hand in the long run. And what of Samuel's attempt to draw Tracy into the carnival? Do you think she'll head there as well?

So next week we are treated to Hiro & Charlie, part Deux. I'm looking forward to it, but I've read a few spoilers about the episode that makes me wonder how it's going to play out. Hint: Hiro kills Sylar.


Now to change the channel for a moment, I'll leave you with this burning question:

Does anyone not on the east coast actually give a damn about a Yankees/Phillies world series? Discuss...

Save my fingers, Save the world...

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