Sunday, October 25, 2009

Been a while...what the hell happened?

My apologies for the lack of information coming from this page! Just one of those things, I guess...

Combining work and school are one thing and adding in some real life is another. But I digress.

On the subject of Heroes...after the 1st week back of the new season, when I summarized the first two episodes, I began to wonder just what the heck I was setting myself up for! I don't remember last season being anywhere near as fast paced as this season has been. By the time the next week rolled around I was a bit under the weather and since then I have been doing good just to keep up with the show. So instead of summarizing, I think maybe I'll just throw in a few key thoughts and go from there. Feel free to jump into the discussion...

So how about that kiss between Claire and Gretchen?

Will Sylar/Gabriel be redeemed or is it time to kill him off? I think if he is not going to be redeemed a villainous character deserves to go out in a blaze of glory. Not necessarily one of those deaths or explosions where the body is never recovered, leaving us to wonder about his fate, but something more resembling the battle at the end of season 1, where all of the "good guys" took a turn in the battle. I don't think they could send him off to prison just because his abilities would never allow him to be held.

Will Sylar turn on his new friends? If Samuel pisses him off, or if he wakes up and realizes just who he is, I think Sylar could find a smorgasboard of abilities ripe for the picking.

How the hell is Peter going to heal Hiro? Will Peter hold on to his current ability until Hiro comes back (anxiously awaiting the scenes with Jayma Mays, aka Charlie, again!)

And appears to me that Heroes characters don't die. They just move over to Glee on Fox (Jayma Mays, Jessalyn Gilsig, even Elle's dad "Bob" is over there now.)

Mohinder will be back, or so I've read....


Well, it has been 3 games since I last blogged about Mizzou football. I really thought we had a chance to win at least 1 of the next three games, possibly two. Did we? Nope...try 0 for 3. And not just losing them, but losing them in grand fashion. I mean, I went to bed at the start of the 4th quarter of the Thursday night game with Nebraska with MU winning 12-0. I wake up the next morning and Mizzou has lost 27-12?? WTF?? Then there was Oklahoma State last week and Texas this week. Here's a tip for the MU defense. When you have the opposing quarterback (or any other opposing team member who happens to have the ball) wrapped up in your arms, PUT HIS ASS ON THE GROUND!!

And Style Points?? Excuse me?? Seems like when Mizzou was winning the past two years by large margins, Mizzou was being unsportsmanlike. But when Oklahoma did it to people, including Mizzou, Texas did it to MU last night, it was "Style Points" and they get applauded for it. What a crock.

So MU is now 4-3 and are still 2 wins away from being bowl eligible. I still think they can get there and honestly the next 5 games are winnable. Its' a weird season this year. I mean, Iowa State won at Nebraska? Texas A&M beat Texas Tech? I was slightly surprised to see kansas lose to Oklahoma yesterday too. With Bradford out, and Reesing at QB for the beakers, I expected a closer game. Even winless Ball State got their first win of the year yesterday. So a lot can happen still...

Give me your thoughts, or at least something to talk about.

Save my mind, Save the World...

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