Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mizzou 31, Nevada 21

As much as I wanted to plop myself down in front of the tv last night to watch this game (for FREE), I was unable to do so because I had homework to do for my math class. So, as before, I just followed along with GameTracker on the internet.

GameTracker left me confused at times as to just what was going on, but it appeared to me that Nevada put everything they had into stopping the rushing offense of Mizzou. They pretty much succeeded in doing that as the running game was almost non-existant, minus a 42 yard run by Derrick Washington. Mizzou countered as expected with Blaine Gabbert's passing game.

Let me repeat.

Blaine. Gabbert's. Passing. Game.

This dude has an arm. 414 Yards?? Are you kidding me?

Gabbert is going to force teams to defend against the pass, and this SHOULD open some running lanes for the rushing game. I say should because through 4 games this season, I have yet to hear about many huge gains on the ground.

But at least Mizzou did survive again and came away from a quality opponent ON THE ROAD with a win. Yes, Nevada is now 0-3, but look at who else they've played. Nevada is going to really surprise any team who takes them lightly.

Bye week next week, then it's a Thursday night game in Columbia against Nebraska. Words that have been unable to be said for quite some time regarding these two teams can now be said with a smile: Nebraska has lost 3 straight in Columbia, and 2 straight against the Tigers. Now if Mizzou can just put together 23 more straight wins against the Huskers, I'll be a happy man. But just one more win against Nebraska will be just fine too.

So after another undefeated non-conference season, let's ask: Is Mizzou for real? Did the Tigers truly reload instead of rebuild? The next 3 games will answer that question and I would expect MU to win 2 of the next three. What is your opinion? (only serious discussion please. Any attempts at flaming will be deleted, no questions asked.)

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