Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mizzou 37, Illinois 9

I guess this should answer one burning question: Is Missouri rebuilding or reloading?

I was pleasantly surprised with today's outcome. Count me among the doubters and those who thought it might be a long and tortuous season. I thought the more experienced Illinois team would come out and put a whoopin on old Mizzou in much the same fashion they do every December in the braggin' rights basketball game.

However, Mizzou's young quarterback making his first collegiate start while playing in his hometown St Louis had other ideas. And so did the normally generous Mizzou defense. Bend, don't break actually held today. I was very impressed with the way they held Illinois to 3 points for most of the game before allowing a touch down in the 4th quarter.

One concern the team might be looking at, I thought, would be rushing. I haven't looked at the box score yet, but I don't recall seeing many decent runs by the Mizzou rushers.

Can't wait till next week! Mizzou at home vs Bowling Green....Should be fun to watch!

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