Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mizzou 52, Furman 12

Now this was the kind of game I expected Missouri to have against an overmatched team. Like last week, I did not actually watch the game, since I am too cheap to shell out $29.95 to watch on pay-per-view (we thought about it, but lower the price a bit, and we'll talk) so I followed along with the help of an occasionally slow updating Gametracker.

Mizzou did take a few series to figure things out and apparently it was time well spent. Mizzou was up 42-0 at halftime. In the second half, I wondered how much time QB Blaine Gabbert would spend on the field. He played the 3rd quarter, while backup Jimmy Costello got the 4th.

Mizzou managed 10 more points in the 2nd half while Furman attempted a comeback with 2 touchdowns, but missed the point-after kick both times.

Now, here's a little bit that has bothered me the last few years. There are people around Missouri who don't like to see the Tigers run up the score on their opponents. I believe Coach Pinkel even subscribes to that notion. But how many years did we watch opponents run up the score against MU? Anyone remember the Norman Conquest? (Oklahoma 77, Missouri 0, in Norman, OK) Last season prior to the Big 12 Championship Game, the Oklahoma Sooners were PRAISED for scoring 60 points or more in so many consecutive games. Yet if Mizzou does it, people think the Tigers are unsportsmanlike? I really think that had OU not been scoring so many points, that the Texas Longhorns would have been ranked higher during all the confusion that had to decide the Big 12 South champion and would have been playing against MU instead. Not to say Mizzou would have beaten Texas, but what bothers me is the notion that the Sooners were granted "Style Points" by the pollsters which gave them the extra little push to put them in line to play for the championship. (end rant).

So next week, Mizzou is on the road for a Friday night game at Nevada. Despite a 3-0 start for Mizzou and an 0-2 start for Nevada (losses against Notre Dame & Colorado State), this game concerns me. First, it's on the road. Second, despite the record, Nevada is a more experienced team (Anyone remember Mizzou @ Troy a few years back?). And 3rd, after this game Mizzou has a bye week before opening the conference with a home game against Nebraska. Can you spell Nevada "T-R-A-P"?? In fact, following Nebraska on the schedule are Oklahoma State (in Stillwater) and Texas (in Columbia).

It may appear that all is well in Tiger Nation for the moment, but how well will be determined over this next stretch of 4 games. Winning 2 of these 4 is a must. Winning 3 of these 4 is possible and would be nice. Winning all 4 would spark - I don't know what. But the Tigers will definitely need to maintain their focus and take one game at a time to get through this stretch.

Where the hell is Spider Burke when you need him?

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