Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three...is the magic number

Wow, are we really down to the final 3? And Clive Davis did NOT pick a song for the contestants this year? With 2 songs each tonight, should be a quick nite.

I have to admit, I was strangely disappointed by the lack of footage from the contestant's trips back home.

Danny's Judges Choice Dance Little Sister by Terrance Trent Darby, chosen by Paula certainly got off to a great start. Should someone tell Kara this isn't "So You Think You Can Dance"?

I thought Kara might be the odd judge out tonight, but no, she helped Randy pick Kris' song tonight - Apologize by OneRepublic. I didn't recognize this song by name, but once Kris got started I had one of those "lightbulb" moments. You know...where someone flipped the switch inside my brain. Which is probably a good thing because I kinda like the song, and while Kris didn't technically do anything wrong with it, it didn't make me want to applaud as much as the studio audience did. Gotta admit though, I kinda like the way Simon stood up for Kris during the reviews.

Adam is doing One by U2, chosen by Simon. Not posessing a vagina, I don't get a lot of the fuss over Adam Lambert. But, despite a few experiments gone horribly horribly wrong (Ring of Fire), this was another great performance for Adam.

So, it looks like in the race to be Adam's opponent next week in the finale, in my opinion, is currently being lead by Danny by a fraction of a percent. How will round two go tonight? Lets see...

Looks like we couldn't go a whole season without discussing Idol Gives Back. Ryan brings up the fundraising show and how much has been raised and we are shown footage of Exon Mobile sending a past Idol winner to Angola - Carrie Underwood :)

Danny is up again for the Performer's Choice song and Danny has chosen You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker. He's got the chops for this one, can he keep it interesting and turn it into an Idol "moment"? He makes a valiant effort at hitting a high note early. I like this performance for him. It doesn't seem to carry the same pizazz that we felt when Kat McPhee did Somewhere Over the Rainbow a few years ago. The judges liked it as well.

Kris is going to sing Heartless by Kanye West. Oh dear Lord. The arrangement is stripped down, just Kris and the guitar, no vocal synthesizer, no reminders of Gay Fish. I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised with this one. Who gets in tomorrow night now is anybody's guess.

Adam closes things out tonight with Cryin by Aerosmith, says he wants to do Steven Tyler proud. I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm finding that I much prefer Adam's performances when he rocks out and doesn't get all weird on us. This song, in my opinion is better than his earlier song was.

OK...so who's in the top 2? So barring a complete voter breakdown tonight, Adam is in the finals. The real question should be who will join him. Kris and Danny will split a lot of votes, and I think if voters base their vote on the body of work for the season, then Danny will make the finals. If they base their vote on tonight alone, then Kris could sneak in on the merits of Heartless alone.

So...my top 2 is Adam & Danny. But I can live with Adam & Kris.

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