Sunday, May 17, 2009

American Idol Season 8 - Finally...

Today, I will give you my reasons why either finalist can win the title of Season 8 American Idol

Why Adam Lambert Will Win

Let's face it. Adam has many factors in his corner. He has had the support of the judges all season long. He has experience in musical theatre. He is a showman, a true performer. He knows his vocal range, he has power and he can tone it down when he has to. And he is not afraid to take a chance and try something different. I mean, come on...using a sitar during country music week? Really? Depending on who you talk to, it was either brilliant or a descent into the bowels of hell. Adam is not a bad singer, my only complaint about him is that he spends too much time screeching out those powerful high notes of his. When he does that, he reminds me of two people: Axl Rose (Guns & Roses) and the lead singer of Rush (sorry, I'm too lazy to look that up right now). Both of those people have voices that grate on my nerves yet they have had very successful careers. For the life of me, I don't know why Axl would be allowed back in St Louis after his tumultuous appearances there and his now infamous liner notes ("Fuck You, St. Louis!") but they still love him.

Why Kris Allen Will Win

Kris is like a breath of fresh air. He didn't get a lot of air time in the early audition rounds or during hollywood week. In fact, I think when the top 36 was announced I thought he was just another face in the crowd and wouldn't last long. During country week, I claimed that he was "Cookie Cutter Country", meaning that singers like him in country music come a dime a dozen. But Kris has held his own each week, going up against more talented performers and surviving to compete another week. He has met the challenge each and every week, giving us enough to survive. In the top 3 performances, Kris' stripped-down version of Heartless was truly brilliant and reminded me a little of David Cook and a little of Jason Castro from season 7. It was also about as close as we've come to an "Idol Moment" all season long.

But What About the Voters?

According to Yahoo, Kris, a college-student from Conway, Arkansas, is a favorite among teenage girls. So was David Archuleta if you'll remember right, and teenage girls have bedtimes that can interfere with voting time on a Tuesday night. There was a school of thought last year that this may have been what cost Archie the crown. I think there is no middle of the road where Adam is concerned. You either love him or you hate him. With Kris splitting votes last week with Danny Gokey, we have to wonder where Danny's supporters will turn this week? Will Adam pick them up or will they flock to Kris?


Realizing that this is being written and posted prior to Tuesday night's finale, I think that a lot of voters already have their minds made up. Some will wait and let their decision hinge on the Tuesday performances, but I think the truly hardcore fans have decided. Adam is the better performer and entertainer, while Kris is probably the more "parental-pleasing" choice.

Winner: Adam

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