Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alright...who hit the high note?

Before Idol started tonight, I heard about the accident on the stage and like a lot of other idol fans I was searching for information on the net and found it slow in coming. My initial guess was did Adam's high notes shatter all the glass?? All kidding aside, it was learned that one of the towers on stage collapsed and dress rehearsal had to be cancelled. According to some sources, a stage manager was injured in the accident and had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance.

So tonight we have the final 4 performing, PLUS the addition of a pair of duets! Should be an interesting night!

Adam - Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepelin) - I had hoped Adam would do Dream On when this theme was announced, but I think he picked a better one in this song. He's got the range to pull it off, but I can't help but wonder if Simon will use the "K" word? Is Paula holding up a cigarette lighter? Nope, he called it is favorite and said no one can top that and he is performing first tonight!

Allison - Cry Baby (Janis Joplin) - the teen rocker is sporting a new rocker hairstyle courtesy of Adam's hairdresser. As for vocals tonight, Adam seems to have set the bar pretty high, but tonight is also Allison's genre as well, and she seems to be holding her own. The judges weren't too crazy about song choice, but our feisty 17 year old argues back her reasoning.

After the break, its the first duet performance of the night, Kris and Danny sing Renegade by Styx. Love the song, but I wish they had gotten a chance to dress rehearse and clean up the rough edges. Still, it was a pretty good performance. I agree with Randy, the harmony was great.

Kris - Come Together (Beatles) - I guess playing with Slash is enough to make you wet yourself. Sorry Kris, even I think some things are TMI. I don't know about this one though, something just doesn't sound right, its almost if he's messing with the timing or something. Maybe he was still a little "up" from the duet? I don't know.

Danny - Dream On (Aerosmith) - Well, well, well....I thought this would be a good song for Adam, but for Danny - not so much. I fear the trainwreck potential. The session with Slash didn't seem so bad and the actual performance actually starts off quite nice. Can he hit the money note? By George I think he got it! I liked it, despite what the judges said.

Our second duet of the night features Allison and Adam doing Slow Ride by Foghat. Song wise, I prefer the first duet, but performance wise, I think Adam/Allison did a much better job.

So how will the results go? Well, I think we'll have a bottom 3 of Danny, Kris, and Allison. Adam by far was the best of the night. I predict however that the bottom 2 will come down to Kris and Allison and I'll base my choice for who leaves on the final duet performance of the night. Allison is safe, Kris will go home.

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