Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu

Over 64 Million votes cast...

Did enough people show Adam a Whole Lotta Love? Will Danny be left to Dream On? Will Allison become a Cry Baby? Will it all Come Together for Kris? We'll find out tonight because THIS is American Idol!

The Ford commercial is inconsequential anymore so lets dive into the group song as guest Mentor Slash joins the final 4 on stage for their rendition of School's Out by Alice Cooper. (God, now I'm going to have to try to find Rock & Roll High School and watch it again!)

Paula performs on the idol stage for the first time ever. I suppose they could have just played a video again like last year because it seemed to me like she was lipsynching.

No Doubt eats up more time with their performance of Just a Girl. Oh look...Gwen Stefani can do push ups!

Results time...almost. First its a look back at previous top 3 performers making their promo trip back to their respective hometowns. One by one, we'll find out who made the top 3.

First of course, Ryan has to stall by recapping the judges comments for all 4 finalists. With that out of the way, Ryan sends Kris over to the chairs of safety and the Top 3.

Daughtry comes out to perform on the anniversary of his ousting from the competition, singing his new song "It's No Surprise". Good song, I'm betting it will do well. And congrats on his debut album selling over 5 million copies! Nice plaque :)

Back to the results now and Ryan sends Adam over to take a seat in the top 3. As Daughtry had just sang, it's no surprise.

Finally, the 3rd seat is to be filled by....Danny. Allison is sent home.

And so the field is set to determine the two finalists. Only 2 songs next week, the judges' pick and the contestants' pick. No Clive Davis pick this year.

Adam-Danny? Adam-Kris? Danny-Kris?

We shall find out next week...


Jude said...

I personally think Adam should win, but at this point it really doesn't matter they will probably all do well because of this show.

Scott's Evil Twin said...

My girlfriend's daughter says you have to have a vagina to "get" Adam. Meaning a lot of teenage girls will be voting for him. At this point, I think its whoever has the strongest fan base. In my opinion, Adam had one bad week early on but yeah, his overall body of work I think trumps anything any of others has done to this point.