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Heroes Summary (Spoiler Alert!)

Heroes: Fugitives

Volume 5: Exposed

The show opens at the Bennett household, as Claire hands clothes to Alex. She offers him cash to send him to Albuquerque. He suggests that government spy satellites may be watching them right now. She thinks for a moment, then shakes her head, saying No…Sandra confronts Claire about missing money and she confesses. Mr. Muggles (the dog) senses the hiding Alex and pulls a sandwich out from under Claire’s bed. Sandra then discovers the hiding Alex in Claire’s closet.

Noah and Agent Danko are talking and Danko announces that Nathan has declared Matt Parkman as a number 1 priority. Danko says shoot to kill and Nathan asks, on whose authority? Danko says mine. Nathan asks Noah to keep an eye on him. Noah reminds Nathan that Matt and Peter have already held him hostage.

Matt is painting with the glazed eyes as Peter tries to get him to stop. He succeeds, telling Matt he’s painting the same thing over and over. In the loft, a computer screen powers on, with a note from REBEL, giving an address and stating Daphne is there. Another warning comes on screen saying, ”They’re coming. Get out. NOW!”

Matt and Peter run out just before 2 agents enter the loft. The agents send back a picture of the loft floor painting of an exploding Washington DC as Danko says, “I think I know where they’re heading.”

Back in Costa Verde, Claire introduces Alex to her mother, explaining he is her new boyfriend. She asks why he is hiding and Claire lies and says they’re having sex. Mom isn’t buying it so Claire comes clean and says she is hiding him because of his power. Sandra is upset because Claire lied to her.

Sylar is in route towards his dad’s house with his young companion. Sylar seems to enjoy messing with this kid. Suddenly Sylar pulls over to a place called Big Jims’ – an old Franks and Fries restaurant that has long been out of business. Sylar wiggles his fingers and boards come flying off.

Claire and Sandra are still arguing about Alex being there. Sandra tells Claire that she is stronger than she has been given credit for and tells her that a van is watching the house. Claire looks and confirms. Sandra offers Claire help. On Alex’s suggestion Claire accepts.

Matt and Peter find the building supposedly housing Daphne and walk right in as Matt and Peter are controlling minds left and right. Peter uses their Jedi mind tricks on another guy who does as he is told. Nathan, Noah, and Danko are watching on monitors in the hall as Peter hacks into the computer system. Danko runs out into the hall and finds two guards pointing guns at him. Danko walks back into their office and shuts the door. Matt looks up into the surveillance camera, smile’s , and nods as if to say ‘Sup?”

Claire’s brother Lyle is playing with his PSP as Sandra approaches him and asks him about a test score. Lyle lies and says C-, mom is onto him and confiscates Lyle’s drivers license. Sandra begins to work on adapting the license into a fake ID for Alex. Sandra and Claire begin to bond over this covert activity while discussing the situation at hand and Sandra’s relationship with Noah. Claire asks if they are going to get a divorce. Sandra says she doesn’t know, maybe. But it has nothing to do with her, she assures Claire.

Inside the closed cafĂ©, Sylar feels like he’s been there before. Suddenly he starts having memories of the place back in the day. A young Gabriel sits at a table playing with a hot wheel car while his dad goes to talk to someone. The kid asks if he’s sure. Sylar rips open a wall and gets his old toy car back that he had lost in his earlier memory and says, “I’m positive.”

Claire walks back into her bedroom to find a mostly naked Alex as he is changing clothes. They make small talk as they work their way back to the matter at hand. The agents approach the house and Sandra tries to get Alex into a hiding place under the house. The agents start to search but to no avail. The agents leave after their search fails. Alex wants to run for it and Claire says they will catch him. Sandra says not if we give him a head start and all three smile.

Matt and Peter are looking into the computer and Rebel opens a new file…its video of their transfer in a hangar onto an airplane. Peter decides to save the information for media release. Noah sets off an alarm to disrupt Matt’s thoughts. Guards approach and Matt and Peter use their mind tricks again. Nathan approaches and Peter makes his getaway but Matt is captured as the alarm sounds again.

Sylar and his companion discuss Sylar’s memories and Sylar remembers something vital. Something his father did to him. Looks like the proud papa sold his son to another couple, just before slicing his mother’s head open with the magic finger and makes his escape. Sylar returns to the present day and says, “Mommy” as he remembers watching his mother get pushed out of the car.

Angela is talking with Nathan as she asks if he found Peter. Nathan asks Angela if she is helping him. She denies it and Nathan says someone calling themselves Rebel is helping him. Nathan says Peter’s life is in danger, even more so with the stolen files. Peter calls Nathan and tells him what he has. Peter offers a trade: Matt and Daphne for the information he took. Nathan agrees to the deal.

Back to the Bennett household as the agents take off chasing a fleeing vehicle. It’s Sandra and Lyle and by the time the agents catch up to them, Claire and Alex are making their escape out the back and down a hill before they fall and end up in a compromising position. They continue their trek as the agents are hot on their trail. The pair hide in a swimming pool where Alex can breathe under water. Claire is fighting the lack of oxygen until Alex starts making out with her. The agents leave.

Nathan and Danko are discussing the release of Matt and Daphne and Danko says no deal. Nathan insists and Danko persists, telling him that the US Government does not make deals with terrorists. Noah meets with Peter and Peter reads Noah’s mind who warns him it’s a setup. Danko shoots Peter before Peter can get away and Peter falls off the building. Suddenly, there is a streaking through the sky and Peter is flying away to safety. We don’t see if he’s doing it on his own or if he has assistance from Nathan.

Nathan and Angela are sitting on a park bench with Peter. Guess we know how Peter flew out of there so easily now. Peter and Nathan argue about the mess that has been created and Nathan says he is the only one who can fix it. Peter hugs Nathan and takes his power. Angela calms Nathan down by telling him that the game has changed and he needs to be ready.

The video that Peter took from Danko is released to the media and shown on tv.

Sylar and friend are discussing the memories again and Sylar is getting upset discussing Sylar’s father. Sylar throws the youngster against the wall and holds him there. Sylar accuses the child of using him as an escape, a joyride. Sylar tells the kid to go home to his mother while he goes back in search of dear old dad. Sylar wants him to die.

Danko is transporting Matt in a van and they discuss what the future holds. Danko injects Matt with something claiming he looks like a terrorist. Matt is pushed out of the van wearing an explosive vest, now wandering the streets of Washington DC.

Claire and Sandra are discussing Alex’s getaway and offers to make some popcorn and watch a movie – some sappy love story. Claire goes to get the popcorn out of the microwave and its not there. She turns around to see another villain, (I think it was the puppeteer from Volume 3) who tells her he needs her help. He holds up a cellphone, showing a text from Rebel: Claire will save you.

The previews for next week are shown and it looks like things could get a bit dicey. Nathan is with the booby-trapped Matt in DC trying to disarm the vest, while Danko is watching on a monitor. Danko is heard giving the order to detonate.

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