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Help is Coming. Have Hope (Heroes, 3/9/09)

Certainly a lot going on in this episode and I may have missed a few points along the way. But I like the direction she show is going. Looks like the new writing team is doing a lot to win back their former audience.

Chapter 6: Shades of Gray

Bennet House, Costa Verde, CA

Clair is confronted in her kitchen by Eric Doyle (the puppetmaster), who has come seeking help. Rebel sent him. Sandra comes in as he begs for Claire’s help. The Puppetmaster pleads his case, telling Claire why he should help him and questions why she isn’t being hunted as well. He tells her he isn’t going to force her to help him, that’s not who he is anymore. With that, he leaves.

Nathan and Danko are discussing the mess that has developed as Danko wonders aloud how many people knew Peter was on the rooftop. Nathan gets a call telling him about Parkman’s predicament – in the nation’s capital with a bomb strapped to his chest. Swat teams surround Matt as Nathan approaches. Matt tells him to stay away as Nathan tells him he didn’t sanction this. It was Danko. Matt searches Nathan’s mind for the truth but can’t because he’s been drugged. Nathan tells Matt he’ll just have to trust him. Meanwhile, as the scene plays out on a tv monitor, an agent arms the bomb worn by Matt, and we see the words “weapon activated.” Danko gives the order: “Do it now! Kill them all!”

A red light is blinking on Matt’s vest. The screen in Danko’s headquarters reads weapon activation blocked. Nathan works with Matt to try to defuse the weapon. Matt says black wire. Nathan pulls the black wire and the wireless receiver is torn off and thrown to the ground. Danko is repeatedly pressing the fire button but to no avail. Nathan and the team of agents take Matt back into custody.

Sylar meanwhile is arriving at his father’s home, where he immediately begins asking questions, before telling him that he was going to kill him. Turns out, Dad has cancer and tells Sylar, go ahead.

Danko and crew are back in the office and are confronted by Nathan. Nathan relieves Danko of his command, but Danko objects, stating he reports only to the President. Nathan wants Noah to take over as head of the operation. Suddenly Tracy’s voice is heard reminding Nathan that he’s one of them. This gets the attention of Danko and Noah.
Tracy is brought out of her cell and is walking down a hallway. She sees a monitor that quickly flashes the message “Help is coming. Have Hope.”

Nathan and Noan are walking together and talking, about to enter a cell where Tracy has just been transferred back. Nathan is trying to convince Tracy that he has been helping her out all along. Tracy calls him on it by claiming that he sacrificed her for his own personal gain. Danko enters the room and states, “That’s my prisoner.” He questions Nathan’s presence who fires back “Knock yourself out.” Danko begins questioning Tracy by asking her to tell him what she knows about Nathan. She says he is lousy in bed. Danko asks if Nathan has an ability. Tracy says she has no idea what he is talking about. A nervous Nathan looks on.

Claire and Sandra are discussing the Doyle (Puppetmaster) situation. Sandra says she can’t take any more surprise guests. Claire suggests taking a cover job, such as Alex’s old job at the comic book shop where she can help people. Sandra says OK. Claire is being interviewed and is asked if she can work Wednesdays. The interviewer continues by asking her point blank what kind of hero is she. She says she doesn’t know and is confused by everything that’s happening and starts to leave before she is offered the job.

Sylar is still at his dad’s house, telling him how pathetic he is. They discuss abilities and Sylar is faced with the knowledge that he is just like his old man, even though he doesn’t want to accept it. Dad tells him that all the power in the world doesn’t matter, if you’ve lived an unsatisfied life. He asks his son if he wants to know more of if he’s going to kill him now. His dad holds up a rabbit and hands his son a knife. Sylar asks what do I do? His dad answers, “Gut him.”

Side note: Zachary Quinto looks the part of Mr Spock in the Star Trek movie preview.

Danko and Noah are discussing lost files and Noah’s knowledge of Nathan. Danko is very suspicious of Nathan and Noah’s not giving him up. Noah turns Danko’s attention to Angela Petrelli. Noah is now discussing the situation on the phone with Angela, who gives her fair warning that Danko is coming.

Clair is leaving work where every male eyeball in the place is following her. She comes outside and sees the van of agents watching her. She takes out her phone and calls daddy Noah. She asks him how she is supposed to handle leading two lives. Noah tells her he honestly doesn’t know. Suddenly, the van takes off.

An agent is following Doyle who tells him to freeze. Doyle says sure, then takes over the agent, forcing her to hold her own gun to her head before slamming her against the wall. Another agent approaches who suddenly falls. Doyle turns around to see Claire standing there.

Danko is meeting with Angela and they discuss Nathan. Angela is preaching Nathan’s “innocence” and Danko isn’t buying it. Angela begins to turn the tables on Danko by questioning his own past. It seems there was a military operation and Danko was the only member of the group to get out alive. He gets up and calls her a very resourceful woman.

Sylar’s reunion with his father continues as they talk about life while they work on the dead rabbit. Sylar cuts his hand with the knife and Papa is amazed as he watches his son heal. He asks where he got it from and Sylar answers from a cheerleader in California. Dad tells him he guesses he’ll just have longer to suffer, as he turns on Sylar and fires two arrows into his son to pin him up against the wall. Dad wants that power and he aims to take it. Sylar is getting all foggy as dad prepares to do the deed. He attempts to slice Sylars head with a knife, but Sylar is too strong for him and removes the arrows holding him back. Sylar decides its time for a little payback and wraps some tubing around his father’s throat. Sylar is prepared to leave as his dad begs him to kill him. Sylar tells him that he will die…slowly and alone. Then he says Sorry. You’re just small game. With that, he leaves.

Nathan is in headquarters as Danko tells him you lose me, you lose the whole team. Nathan is fine with that. Danko leaves. Noah asks Nathan if he’s told the President. Nathan says yes and the President is eager to meet his replacement. Danko confronts Nathan and Noah again as they are leaving. Danko pulls a gun on Nathan, firing two shots into a glass window behind Nathan. Danko then rushes Nathan, pushing him through the glass and looks out to see Nathan floating in the air. Nathan looks around and flies off. Danko turns to Noah and says, “Tell me you didn’t know about this.”

Doyle the puppetmaster is sitting on a park bench as Claire brings him a packet of papers, giving him a new identity. Doyle thanks her and starts to walk away. Claire asks him if he meant the stuff he said about how he changed. Doyle smiles and walks away.

Hiro and Ando are sneaking into a home looking for Matt Parkman, and a woman thinks they are the new babysitters. They try to explain that they are looking for Matt Parkman as the woman hands Hiro a baby. She says, “You’re holding him.”

As the episode prepares to end, we see a rabbit sitting on Danko’s desk as Sylar hides in the shadows and Danko’s armed men barge into the Bennet household looking for Claire. They search and don’t find her, but we see her hovering outside in Nathan’s arms.

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