Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Something is gettin funky up in here....(American Idol Spoilers, if you haven't watched tonight's show yet...)

Top 9 Performances…When I Grow Up…

Not much to discuss tonight. Finishing dinner at start of show, not in much of a note taking mood, and still have a brief amount of homework to do later.

So let’s sort these folks out into 3 groups, as I’m sure Ryan will do tomorrow night.

The Good…

Adam has definitely redeemed himself after the disastrous performance he gave during country week. Play That Funky Music was original, funky, fresh, funky-fresh, whatever you want to call it. (Tammy – breathe….come on, you can do it…)

Danny made an interesting observation about Rascal Flatts. He said they are more of a modern country group that most people could like. I like them, and I love this performance of What Hurts the Most.

Allison is going to try and channel her inner Gwen Stefani & No Doubt. Not sure what’s up with that hairstyle though.

The Not too Bad….

Kris. The only reason he’s down here instead of the top 3 tonight is because he is not one of my favorites. He just doesn’t strike me as a great singer. That said…he did a great job with Ain’t No Sunshine tonight.

Scott IS the Piano Man, I’m thinking a Billy Joel song is a good choice. I don’t know how I feel about the performance tonight though. Let’s just call it interesting and leave it at that.

At the risk of getting caught in the crossfire when Tammy tries to nail Lil with a water balloon for choosing that song, I thought Lil had a good performance tonight.

The Ugly (or most in danger of going home)

Anoop wants to be an R&B artist…good luck with that. Wrong song choice, but he was happy with it.

Megan is doing a Bob Marley song? I don’t understand what’s happened to Megan. I liked her in the very beginning but it’s been so long since I’ve heard her do a great job on something that I’m having a hard time remembering what is there to like.

Matt chose a song from the Fray. And I am afraid. Pun intended….Good time for me to take a bathroom break. Please go home now.

Until tomorrow…

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