Thursday, March 5, 2009

AI Wildcard Night (Spoilers!)

So here we are on Wild Card night...let's round out the top 12...

Jessie – Tell Me Something Good – She got good news last night when informed she made the wild card round and now she’s hoping the judges will give her some good news at the end of the show. I liked her to begin with so I’m glad she made it back in to the mix.

Matt G – Who’s Lovin’ You – Matt is really hoping the judges are loving him tonight. I wasn’t all that impressed with him before, and I’m actually less impressed now. Hate the song, it seems way too self indulgent for me. Judges seemed to like it though – it fit Matt’s “bluesy” style.

Megan – Black Horse and a Cherry Tree – Not bad, but for me she drew an instant comparison to Kat from Season 5, who I thought was better. But the judges liked it. Sounds like they have their work cut out for them tonight.

Von – Sad Situation (I’m not sure, the boys were talking and I missed hearing the title) – I thought it was ok, but the judges just weren’t digging it. It’s not looking good for the Missouri boy.

Jasmine – Reflection – Much better performance than her top 36 performance. The judges also liked it and Paula and Simon had to snipe over who liked it more.

Ricky – Superstition – Honestly, I heard better at the KWCUSA National Finals in 2006 on this song. And the dude that sang it finished 5th among the men.

Tatiana – Saving All My Love For You – Does the curse of Whitney strike again? On top of that, she is repeating songs. Simon called her on it for doing it 3 times! As Simon says, what will she do with it during country week?

Anoop – My Prerogative – It was a hit for him in Hollywood and we only got to hear a few words of it then. He did great with it too. I think this one gets him into the top 12.

And rounding out the top 12 are…

Matt G…

But hold the phone….As the final spot was announced, Simon tells Anoop that this year they decided to make it a Top 13! Noop Dawg is in also!

On to next week and the Top 13 :)

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