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Heroes Summary - Strange Bedfellows (Spoiler Alert)

Chapter 8: Into Asylum

NOTE: Action was moving pretty quickly tonight and the boys were being noisier than usual so I may have missed more than a few things tonight. I really need to invest in a DVR.

Patzcuoro, Mexico – Nathan and Claire are checking into a hotel to keep Claire safe from Danko, acknowledging that he’s been exposed. Nathan offers to buy Claire a taco, Claire asks with what money. Nathan explains they should be safe – Danko’s reach doesn’t spread to south of the border. Yet. Clair leaves to go look for food, Nathan says he’ll meet her at the cantina

Peter and Angela are walking outside when a rainstorm opens up. Angela says this is where she’s supposed to be. They are standing outside a cathedral looking building and Angela goes inside.

Danko and his men are looking over a couple of agents’ dead bodies as Noah gets a closer inspection. They discuss the scene before them and debate what may have happened. It appears that the victims were shot in the back. Danko has words with Noah and next we see him in his car listening to the radio – Runaway by Del Shannon. Suddenly Sylar pops up in the backseat and offers Danko a partnership. Danko turns to point a gun at Sylar and just as suddenly, Sylar is gone.

Danko addresses his men telling them they don’t sleep until these people are caught. He tears down a picture of Sylar from the top of the photowall and replaces it with an unknown male. Noah and Danko are talking about procedures and how those with abilities operate. Noah believes Sylar is in DC and says it could be the big win they both need. Danko says or it could be the next chapter in his big book of failures.

Claire and Nathan are at a cantina and Claire plops down some money for Nathan. Claire explains where she got it (sorry, missed it) .

Peter enters the cathedral where Mass is ending. He locates Angela sitting in one of the pews. Angela tells Peter how peaceful it is there, and how she needs peaceful sleep for her dreams to come (her ability is to dream the future). Angela and her husband were married in that church.

Danko is talking with one of his men, who is checking in to see what needs to be done. A phone rings inside a cardboard box and Danko answers it. It’s sylar who says “special delivery”. They talk about the agent killer and Sylar again offers his assistance and tells Danko to look in the box. Inside the box, wrapped in plastic, is a head. Sylar tells him the killer is a shapeshifter. Danko’s agent, who was just in the room talking to him, is seen suddenly running out as Danko gives chase.

Danko locates his man and opens fire. The shape shifter runs off and begins to assume another shape (looks painful). Once done, he runs away again and answers the question why you should never make a fat man run! (should have just asked me, I could have told them, but I digress…)

Back in the cathedral, Peter and Angela are getting ready to leave. Angela tells Peter tales of his younger days and says “You must hate me.” He says no. Whatever happened, she’s still his mother. Angela says unconditional love is no love at all.

Nathan has found himself in the middle of a drinking contest with two other guys and a bottle of tequila. Claire tries to get him to call it off, but he says no. Nathan starts to pass out and the other guys tell her she should get her old man off to bed. Claire shows them Nathan’s watch and offers to join in. The guys accept as Claire chokes down a shot.

Sylar enters an apartment, where Danko is waiting for him, holding a gun on him. Sylar tells him the part of his brain he would have to hit to kill him is microscopic. Danko said he’d take a shot. Again, Sylar is offering his assistance to Danko’s search. Danko considers the offer, still pointing his gun at Sylar.

Angela is saying a prayer as Peter walks back into the cathedral. Peterlights a candle and looking up at a statue of Christ, Peter says his piece, about his life, and how he is angry and how he was suppose to change the world for the better, but now He needs to live up to his end of the bargain. Danko’s men walk into the cathedral. Silently, Peter and Angela try to make their escape.

Sylar and Danko are searching the apartment for an idea of where their prey may have gone. Sylar notices the clothing of doctors, lawyers, priest…and deduces that their man enjoys being a man of power. They find pictures of their guy with some ladies and later a box of matches with the name of a club on them. The pair head out to “Garden of Eden”

Claire and her drinking partners continue on and they guy tells her she doesn’t look drunk. She changes her act and convinces her drinking game opponent until the man falls down. Claire 1, drunk buddies, 0.
Angela and Peter are hiding in a confessional and Angela confesses to Peter what her life has cost her. Noah enters the room and sees Angela and Peter hiding there. He sighs and gives the All Clear.

Danko and Sylar enter the nightclub where Sylar is convinced Danko will spot their target right away. He does, as their man has assumed the form of….Danko. He’s doing very well with a lady it seems. Sylar gets on Danko’s nerves as Sylar tells him he’s a better you than you! The shape shifter (Martin) sees them and tries to make his escape.

Claire gets Nathan back to their room where he asks her how she managed to win. She explained about tissue in her liver and he bought it. Nathan admits he gets a pit in stomach whenever he thinks of her, foolishly thinking that someday they can get together and “catch up.” Nathan promises he’s going to fix this situation for everyone because that’s what he’s supposed to do. Claire listens in silence as he lies back on the bed and falls asleep.

Danko and Sylar are talking and Danko says I lost him. Sylar looks at him and says me too, but Sylar is looking right at Danko. Suddenly, Danko goes to leave and Sylar turns to follow him out, reaching for his gun. Danko turns and fires first as Sylar falls to the ground. Turns out, it wasn’t Sylar, but Martin, their prey. Sylar says, “You killed him.” Danko says no, he’s alive. Sylar starts to move in, but Danko says, “Wait. Can you do it without leaving the “? Pointing to his forehead, Sylar smiles and says yeah…the shapeshifter cries out as Sylar captures the guy’s ability.

Nathan wakes up the next morning and tells Claire she really bailed him out. She asks him if he made any calls and he said no. He doesn’t have any friends on Capitol Hill at the moment. Claire says but last night, you said you’d fix things. Nathan replies, “I was drunk.” Claire is pissed now because Nathan can do anything he wants – except fix this. “You’re supposed to be Superman,” she says teary-eyed before leaving the room.

Angela wakes up sleeping on Peter’s shoulder. She dreamt and says she needs to bring the family together again – Nathan & Claire, then go find her sister. Peter says, sister?

Nathan and Claire are standing on the street and Claire asks what happened to his watch. He hands her a locket and places it around her neck before stepping out into the street. He turns back and asks, coming?

Noah and Danko find a body resembling Sylar lying on the sidewalk with a knife in the back of his head. It was Martin, as the really Sylar was looking like one of Danko’s female agents. Danko says, if wwe do this, you could be the only one left. Sylar replies, “funny how that works.”

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