Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Bad...(American Idol Spoiler Alert!)

Double elimination night.

New Rule.

Maybe this season is all just a dream and hasn’t even begun yet? I don’t know. But dreaming does sound good right now. I’m dragging a bit but I am determined to survive this entire hour.

Here's the Rules Change: The Judges’ Save

Up until the top 5, judges can save a contestant from elimination – Just once. This means if the judges think a performer who gets eliminated shouldn’t be eliminated, they can institute the save and no one would be eliminated. But the following week would be a double elimination week.

Looks like the contestants are back in the mansion. I don’t think we’ve seen that since season 2.

Group song time…Jackson 5 medley. Well, at least we’re not subjected to We are the World or the entire group trying to do the Thriller dance.

Side Note: I want to be a miniature horse.

Recap of last night’s performances then we have the first Ford commercial set to We Will Rock You. Not bad…might have been better if they had been made into muppets like in season 4.

Results time…

Michael and Allison are safe, Jasmine is in the bottom.

Matt and Kris are safe, Megan is in the bottom

Of the 2 girls, Megan is safe and Jasmine is sent home, the judges decline to save her. No surprise there, it’s really too early to use that save right now and there are better singers out there.

Guest appearance from Kanye West. Guess it’s a good time for me to take a bathroom break.

More results…

Scott and Alexis are safe, so is Danny.

Anoop is in the bottom.

Adam and Lil are safe, Jorge is in the bottom.

Anoop and Jorge – results are…after the break and after a performance from Kelly Clarkson. I’m thinking I can really identify with that song!

So back to Anoop and Jorge – Anoop is safe, does Jorge get the save?

Simon says…No, sorry. Rather bluntly too, I might add. One more week till we have the tour participants set!

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