Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh, Snap...(Heroes Summary)

I was going to summarize last night's episode of Heroes, but there was a LOT that happened tonight and quite frankly I was just too tired to type it all out as it happened. So you get the short and sweet condensed version.

SPOILERS APPEAR BELOW! (If you haven't watched yet, you might want to stop reading now...

Chapter 7: Cold Snap


The puppetmaster didn't get far, he was captured by an unknown person (I'm guessing Sylar) and literally gift wrapped and given to Danko.

Noah tried to get on Danko's good side by giving them Angela Petrelli. Multiple capture attempts occur, and thanks to Noah's advance warning, Angela is able to avoid most of them. In the end, however, as the agents are closing in on her, it's Peter who comes to her rescue and flies her away to safety.

With Rebel's help, Tracy, Matt, Mohinder and Daphne all escape Building 26. Matt takes Daphne to a hospital for surgery on her bullet wound.

The release though was a set up, as Noah and Danko orchestrated it in hopes that Tracy would lead them to Rebel. Long story short, it worked, but Rebel's identity remained a secret to the hunters. The viewers however would learn that Rebel is actually the technopath, Micah.

As Tracy and Micah are trying to make their escape from approaching agents, Tracy gets an idea. She had no idea that Micah was Rebel and doesn't want him to be captured, so while making their way through a parking garage, Tracy asks him if he can turn on the overhead water sprinklers. He says yes and does so. She then tells him to run and try to stay ahead of the ice. Tracy walks out into the open as Micah runs off and when the agents get close and have her surrounded, she uses her power to freeze the room. All of the agents are frozen in ice, as is Tracy. Later Danko approaches the scene and seeing the frozen Tracy, he points his gun at her and fires. He then watches as Tracy's body breaks into hundreds of pieces, save for a small piece of her face where we see a tear running out of a blinking eye.

Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando are out to save Matt Parkmann. Little do they realize the person they are saving is Matt Parkmann's infant son (Refer back to season 1, Matt's wife was pregnant and he left her after finding out she had an affair). Anyway, the baby has an ability as well as Hiro refers to the child as Baby Touch and Go - The baby touches things and makes them go. Agents are closing in on them and lo and behold as Hiro is holding the baby, his power of controlling time returns and he is able to arrange for his, Ando's and the baby's escape. Hiro then tries to teach the baby to say "Yatta!"

We see Daphne recovering in a hospital room (Matt made everyone think she was Gwen Stefani) and she tells Matt she doesn't want to be a couple if it means playing surrogate wife. With that, she runs out of the room. Matt pursues and shows up in Paris, finding her. Matt tells her he flew and begins to rise up in the air. As Matt takes her on a flight around Paris, Daphne puts 2 and 2 together and realizes she is actually still in the hospital room. The scene returns to an unconscious Daphne in her bed as Matt sits by her side. We are then apparently lead to believe that Daphne dies. Let's see if it sticks.

There you have it - the closest thing to a Heroes summary from me this week.


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