Thursday, March 26, 2009

There's always the tour (Idol Results - Spoiler!)

Confession time: I’m having a difficult time holding my interest in the show tonight. Maybe it’s the upcoming Mizzou game later tonight, maybe it’s the fact that there’s a good looking woman sitting next to me of her own free will. Either way, I will do the best I can with this tonight. Motown week comes to a close with a Thursday night elimination. Ryan wants to talk about what Paula & Simon did during recess last night.

Group song is a medley of Motown hits. Yawn. The highlight for me was bringing Tammy back down to earth after Adam Lambert hit those high notes during Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

The Ford commercial is okay, but its not as good as the one Idol did in season 4 when they made muppet characters of all the finalists.

Rueben Studdard (season 2 winner, for those who may have forgotten who won that year) is performing his new song.

Adam is safe, Matt is not, he is in the bottom 3.

Kris falls for Ryan’s psych out, he’s safe. Lil is also safe, Michael is not, he joins Matt in the bottom 3.

Up next, Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone perform a duet on You’re the One for Me. Not bad, I
guess…they didn’t get eliminated at least.

Back to eliminations now and Allison is safe. So is Anoop, Danny and Megan (wtf?). Scott is in the bottom 3. Wow. No matter though, because Scott is sent back to the safety of the couch, leaving Matt and Michael to sweat out the next 15 minutes before finding out which one is leaving.

Stevie Wonder is performing a medley of his hits, with a special tribute to Barack Obama? Where the hell did that come from?

We are back for the final elimination. Is the Judge’s save in play? Michael is eliminated tonight and the judges are debating whether or not to save him while he performs Ain’t Too Proud to Beg. And the judges’ decision is…

No. The oil rig worker is going home.

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