Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 11 Elimination - I Smell Shocking T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Ryan gives us a brief introduction and did he say shocking? Dial Idol had predicted a shocking elimination tonight, but I’ve a feeling if that happens, the judges’ save will come into play.

A quick review and the group is singing one of my very best karaoke songs! Combined with the return of Carrie Underwood, tonight’s show is already looking very interesting.

BTW, I have no comment on the group performance because I was too busy jamming out myself.

Ford Commercial and a water balloon fight. Tom now hates American Idol for that version of a song he liked. Meanwhile Ryan is throwing a water balloon at Simon and misses, hitting a woman in the audience. Too bad she wasn’t wearing a t-shirt.

And for the first time…we get to see footage of the “kiss-off” dinner! I kinda like seeing the non-competitive side of things and Jorge made a good point. Don’t get too comfortable but most of them will be eliminated too.

Let the revelations begin!

Danny is up first…he is safe and on the tour!

Lil and Anoop are also safe…

Allison and Michael are next…and both are in the bottom 3.

A break from results as we get a performance from Brad Paisley and his new single, “Then”
America voted, and Brad is safe… (but don’t look for him on the Idol tour)

More results…

Scott is safe, Megan is safe, and Matt is safe. Kris is safe.

That leaves Alexis and Adam, Adam is safe, Alexis is in the bottom 3.

Going back to their original chair and safety is…Allison!

Another commercial and then it is time for Carrie’s duet with Randy Travis. But not without a look back at her beginnings on Idol. Wow, what a career in just a few short years. And now she’s the newest member of the Grand Ol’ Opry.

I remember when Randy brought the song “I Told You So” out in 1987. I liked his version then, but I love hers.

OK…so Simon says they would consider using the save on one of these two. Michael is safe…Alexis is out. Damn damn damn.

Alexis is the one they would save, and they will base it on this final performance. The save is in play… and the verdict is…no. Alexis is out. At least we get treated to more Carrie now.

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