Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We laughed, We Cried....(Alert! American Idol Spoilers Included Here!)

So tonight we find out the next 3 members of the top 12 and stop and consider this – at least one of the three who advance tonight will be on the Idol tour.

Additionally, we should find out who will be in the wild card show tomorrow night.

I do have to agree with Tammy in that there was a better mix of talent this week than either of the past two weeks. Sure, there were some stars the first couple weeks (Danny, Adam, Allison, Alexis), but their competition was a bit overly matched I think. This week, while it’s true Idol’s producers chose to put its star of the week in the “pimp spot” (Hello, Lil) the other performers to advance are not as clear cut. Pick the names out of a hat if you want, but it would be easier to name three who will not advance this week than it is to name three who will.

We were treated to a group song that we probably could have done without – Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold. That gets followed up by an “Idol Extra” – yet another of the auditions featuring a woman singing the theme from The Jeffersons. Seriously – who auditions with a tv theme song??

Like Simon’s comments to Lil last night, let’s just keep this brief. Here is who advanced:

Lil Rounds (we may actually have some suspense tonight, as Lil was probably the only performer last night expected to advance)
Scott MacIntyre
Jorge Nunez

And…the 8 Wild Card contestants to perform tomorrow night are:

Ricky Braddy
Megan Corkery
Tatiana Del Toro
Anoop Desai
Matt Giraud
Jessie Langseth
Jasmine Murray
Von Smith

Who will be the final 3 members of the top 12? That decision will be left up to the four judges, and I think we'll know the answer to that question tomorrow night....

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