Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yuwie: Day 1

All in all, I have to say that the first 24 hours at Yuwie have been quite successful. 35 friends added, my first referral signed up. And in just two days, my stats look something like this:

Friends: 35 Comments: 12
June Profile Views
Today: 59 Month: 91 Total: 91
June Page Views
Your Views: 448 Referral Views: 30
I googled proof of payment today to see if I could find anything negative about Yuwie, but found nothing. I found several examples however where people were bragging about their payment.
I know, I know..some cases may be extreme. I don't know what the average payout has been in the past (I've been searching) but I'll say this: If I make $5 a month from them, I'll be thrilled. That's $5 more than I ever saw from MySpace.
Anyone feel like coming along for the ride? Click on the Yuwie banner on the left!

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