Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Who I Am

I've been posting blogs now for a little over 2 years on MySpace and a couple of weeks here and in that time some readers have gotten to know me quite well. Others may just be starting. So to help my new audience catch up, I thought I would tell you a little more about myself and just who I am…

I am….

A goofball who likes to inject a little bit of humor into nearly everything, sometimes even when it is inappropriate.

An 8 year old boy writhing in pain and spending 18 days in the hospital after scalding his back with fresh coffee.

An 11 year old boy who nearly panicked but managed to avoid becoming a kidnap victim by thinking fast.

A high school honor student

A college dropout

A writer with an unlimited number of stories to tell. God bless the imagination – even if it comes from a perverted mind…

A singer who doesn't necessarily care if he is in tune or not. Besides, on my American Idol Karaoke Revolution video game, Simon loved my voice…

Proud to be the father of Kaitie, Tom, and Kenny.

A concerned and loving husband of Nettie

A lover and devoted boyfriend of….sorry…revealing no names here! But they know who they are!

Sabrina and Stefanie's older (but not by much!) brother.

A believer in polyamory

Shirley's (still) grieving son

An exhibitionist (I love my naked time)

An Adult Indigo with empathic abilities

A believer in the spirit world as well as alien life forms

A non-smoker and non-drug user

A diabetic

A former cub scout

A former strip club dj

A karaoke host

Someone who takes trust and honor very seriously. When you trust me with a secret, you can bet I will take it to the grave. Unless lives are at stake…

Someone who likes to laugh and love.

Someone who craves human touch.

Someone who prefers to remain private to most people, but will open up completely to those closest to him.

Someone who needs a break once in a while.

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MamaFlo said...

Hi, just dropped by from Link Referral. You have a nice blog and I'll be back to spend more time and I will drop an EC credit on you tomorrow when I have more to drop.
I'm also originally from Missouri (STL area) and I have a brother in law named Scott that you resemble (aint life funny).
Anyway, didn't want to write a review and not post a comment.
Keep writing, I'll be back!