Friday, June 27, 2008

Ask Me Anything...Answered!

It's time once again for Ask Me Anything!

So first up, a question from someone who couldn't wait until Thursday to ask it, she had to ask it on Wednesday!

I'm on the 7-Year Plan asks, "in english....very plain english please.......explain the whole yuwie thing to me please."

I'm not sure I remember the last time I spoke in plain English!

OK…so let's see if I can do this. Yuwie is a social network, just like MySpace and Facebook. You sign up (It's FREE to sign up), you create profile pages. You post pictures, blogs, comments. You make friends and you invite your real-world friends in so they can keep up with what's happening in your life. Advertisers pay money to MySpace, Facebook, and Yuwie to have their products advertised on those sites. The difference is, Yuwie is willing to share that advertiser money with its members.

The amount that Yuwie will pay you is based upon two things: Page views and Referrals.

The more pages you look at, the more page views you have. The more people that look at your pages, the more page views you have. I've been a member for not quite a week and as of last night I had over 2100 page views. But that alone is not going to get me a lot of money from them. This is where referrals come in.

You need to establish what is known as a downline. Your downline consists of all the referrals you bring to Yuwie. And the referrals those people bring to Yuwie. And the referrals those people bring to Yuwie. The videos at the Yuwie home page do a much better job of explaining it than I do, but the trick to earning the big money is to establish a downline ten levels deep. A "level" is where they are in the downline. For example, if I sign you up, you are my level one downline. If you sign up your daughter, she is my level 2 downline, your level 1. If she signs up someone, that person is my level 3 downline and your level 2. And so on.

When you combine a 10-level downline with all those page views, you're gonna be looking at some serious bucks. Especially if everyone signs up just 3 people each.

I hope that explains it better. Really, the best way to get a grip on what they offer is to just sign up and do what you normally do here. Don't think too much about the money, it will come. Watch your friend count rise and your page views will go up too. There are tons of people over there who are able to answer questions and more than willing to assist with getting friends added to your page and helping to boost your number of page views. I will certainly do anything I can to help as well.

What I would suggest is just going over there and signing up. It's a painless process, you'll get up and running and you can see for yourself how easy it is to set up a page and make friends and get the page views you need. Just click on the link below.

If you still can't get to them, send me your email address and I will send you an invite so you can check things out for yourself.

Next question…

Soogat asks, "What would happen if an unstoppable force met with an immovable object?"

There would be a collision of such magnitude that my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about. Or MySpace would suffer a technical error.

Next question…

Soogat also asks, "whats your favorite chapter in your book (you know the one about Steve and Brooke) and why?"

That's actually a tougher question than the last one. I really liked chapter 12 (Thunder & Lightning) because of the animalistic ways their actions seemed to mimic the forces of nature that were taking over around them. But Chapter 15 (Massage Party) was a lot of fun for me to write because I could just imagine myself in the situations depicted. Plus, who doesn't like massages? And then there is the final chapter, Chapter 20 (A Shot in the Dark) because it unfolds a surprise ending I don't think anyone saw coming. I actually came up with that chapter back when I was still writing chapter 10, and fell in love with the story possibilities it presented.

And finally, Heavensent54 (from Yuwie) asks, "I would like to know what is at least one of you're best (or what you consider best) philosophies in life?"

I think one of my best right now is Be True to Yourself. You have to know what's inside of you and be able to love yourself before you can expect to have any kind of happiness for yourself. Don't live your life to someone else's expectations. Don't let anyone dictate who you are. Life is short. Enjoy it.

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