Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Writing Projects

So last night, I'm laying in bed and it's about 3am...maybe 4, I don't remember. Hell it was probably both...and an idea pops into my head for a new book.

And its not all erotic and sexual - well, maybe just a little...

But the tale of two people and folks that they meet throughout the journey that this story will tell is one of love, lust, heartbreak, and drama. Lots of drama.

And it will be based on a true story. Trust me, when this one is finished you won't want to miss it. But I can't give too many details away...


It was suggested to me that I publish a book with my erotic poetry in it. While I haven't posted much of it over here, readers here have been treated (or perhaps subjected?) to a sample or two of my work. So what say you? I know it can be difficult to judge my abilities based on 2 poems, but yeah, that's all you've got to work with. Oh I'm no where near ready to actually publish it yet. I will need to write more. I'm actually putting together an anthology of my erotic short stories and poetry that I would like to publish sometime this fall - just in time to warm up those cold winter nights! But I likely need close to a dozen or so new poems to put in there before I can do that.


And really, the best way to convince me that I should be publishing more stories and poetry is for people to actually buy copies of my current book, The Erotic Adventures of Steve and Brooke. I made the mistake of giving copies of this one away before it was published so several potential customers now have no need to buy it. So come on guys...what do you think? The women who I know have read this book have absolutely loved it. Just click on the link under recommended reading to get to the book's website and place your order.


And finally, you all know what tomorrow is, right? It will be Thursday and that means you can come back and Ask Me Anything! I'll then post your questions and my answers on Friday in a hopefully somewhat entertaining manner. Come on everyone play along! It's fun and its also a great way to get a free mention of your site as well!

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