Monday, June 9, 2008

My Body is Your Playground

So...this weekend I had one line floating around in my head and tonight I finally sat down to see what I could do with it....this is the result.

My Body is Your Playground
SDH - 6/9/08

My body is your playground
Stay as long as you like
I think you'll find its just as fun
As learning to ride a bike

I'll be your very own swingset
And you can swing from dusk til dawn
I'll push as long and high as you want
Until you're ready to move on

A teeter-totter can be fun
And is usually enjoyed by two
But take a solo ride on mine
Trust me - I'll know what to do

If the merry-go-round is your thing
and you like circles that go fast
Then I've got a special treat for you
That will circle as long as you can last

Or perhaps you'd rather slide
down something hard and slick
Check out what I've got for you
I promise it will do the trick

And if while we are playing
you need a bite to eat
I know just what to feed you -
a rather satisfying hunk of meat

But I think its fair to warn you
That I'll get hungry too
And the thing that I'll want most to eat
can only come from you

So I hope that you enjoy yourself
And remember what I say
the sign on the gate might read "closed"
But for you, this playground is open every day.

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